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Karutha Joothan Review

U Drama, Historical 2 hrs 0 mins Aug 18, 2017





Karutha Joothan Review & Rating

'Karutha Joothan' is written and directed by National Award winning actor Salim Kumar. The director, who has also produced the movie along with Madhavan Chettikkal, also plays the titular role in the movie. The movie is a story about a man who lost his home and his identity to time, despite his struggles to hold onto it. 'Karutha Joothan' turns out to be a more or less an informative film, sketching an almost forgotten tale in the canvas of history, in a sublime and poetical language.

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Karutha Joothan is one of the most melodramatic and overwhelmingly tragic films I’ve seen in...

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Yet the film seems to inspire some positive reviews. The theme and politics 'Karutha Joothan' put across the screen is something Malayala cinema haven't known or explored yet. Salim Kumar has undoubtedly written a great movie which got pathetically lost in cinematization. 

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While watching the film, one can’t help shake off the feeling that Karutha Joodhan would hav...

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Salim Kumar as an actor has done his best in the movie. But even he seems to be in a struggle to deliver a more convincing performance because of the excessive drama in the writing of the movie. So are other actors like Pisharody and Sivaji Guruvayoor. When Salim Kumar has done a remarkable job as the writer and actor, he couldn't live up to the movie as a director. The film would have been a much better one if he could procure a more engaging cinematic language. 

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As a director Salim Kumar isn’t an expert in getting the most natural performance from his actors...

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Final Verdict: A film lost in cinematization, stained by excessive drama. Nevertheless, a good one time watch.

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Karutha Joothan Preview

'Karutha Joothan' is written and directed by National Award winning actor Salim Kumar. The movie which is rooted in the history of the native Jews of Mala, Kerala, is also an intense take on the stigma around the color black and how it has affected and altered the lives and history of mankind. Salim Kumar himself play the titular role in 'Karutha Joothan' which also features Ramesh Pisharody, Sudeesh Sudhi, Sivaji Guruvayur and Usha in prominent roles. The movie is bankrolled by Salim Kumar and Madhavan Chettikkal under the banner of Laughing Buddha. 

Major highlights 
> 'Karutha Joothan' won Kerala State Film Award for the Best Story in 2016. The teaser for the movie which released recently had the cue that 'Karutha Joothan' is an intense drama. The movie would be a good watch for the lovers of serious drama with a good story.
> Major highlights of the movie would be a stunning performance by Salim Kumar who plays the title role.
> Going by the trailer, 'Karutha Joothan' is also a visual spectacle.

What to expect?
'Karutha Joothan' is sure to make some critical acclaims. Salim Kumar might go on bag some accolades for his performance. When it comes to the box office, 'Karutha Joothan' has very slim chances of success. 

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