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Dev Review & Rating

Dev Review: Corporal Punishment In The Theatres

The premise

What do you expect of a film when it was advertised as an action adventure with romance in the backdrop? An exhilarating ride. Right? Dev was promised to be one such film starting Karthi which came out in the theatres hit in the heels of the biggest hit in his career, Kadaikutty Singam. When a new director who put every effort possible to make the film a visual feast, the expectations hit the top of the sealing. Let’s see if the promised thrills delivered with Dev review. 

The story

Dev is not just your ordinary guy. He is the stuff of dreams for girls with his handsomeness and the benchmark for boys with his daredevilry. He always seeks adventure. Or so the director tried to establish. After a few customary intro scenes, we get to know Meghana played by Rakul Preet Singh who maintained the same serious demeanour till the end for no apparent reason. She is introduced as a businesswoman. Whatever. We don’t get much time for her business too. 

As a tribute for the modern day internet age youngsters, Dev falls in love at first click when he happens to come across Meghana, of all places on Facebook, and tries to reach out for her. Few more scenes and a couple of songs later, the film comes to interval point just like that. The theatre owners or the vendors in the multiplexes need to make some money, no? Or the audience need to escape midway from this torture of incoherent scenes. Then, all these guys (read: hero, heroine, and a few friends) go on an adventurous trip (I don’t know what it is) and we get to see few bike rides and stunts. 

In between the hero and heroine do nothing but interact in an endless circle. Finally, Dev makes her fall for him or so we think. They break up all of a sudden. The director needs to add a conflict point after all. And how the lead pair reunite and what has Mt. Everest got to do in this film form the rest of the film if anybody read to this point or sit through the end in theatres. 


Karthik looked handsome and always talk about having adventures as a fulfilled life. Prakash Raj is his father and we know how he behaves in such roles. He is sure to be a man with some liberal doses of big money. Rakul Preet Singh has no father which is explained as the reason for her being not into romance much. Aha! She doesn’t even ooze glamor at least for the sake of B and C centre audience. Rest of the actors just roam aimlessly on the screen because the director doesn’t know what to make with all these characters. 


Rajat Ravishankar promised Mt. Everest and delivered half blasted small hill for real estate use. Okay. Leave it. If you think the writing is bad, the narration is worse. I don’t want to spell the word for direction. 

The crew

The music by Harris Jairaj is Harris Jairaj level (read: we have listed it all sometime in the past already). The background score is soulless. The cinematography is the biggest plus point for the film apart from the locations. But the director's inability to blurt out his vision to the crew made it look plain and flat. The art department did a tremendous job. The editor seems to have run away sometime after the shoot completed. And the production values are grand from Prince Pictures. 


We have to feel sorry for Karthi for not consolidating his position and success after Kadaikutty Singam. How he was convinced by the director to act in this film is a big mystery. It will be more interesting to decide than watching this film. The lead pair sleepwalked through the roles. What can we tell about others? Avoid it at all costs. We have warned you.


  • The film finally ends


  • Everything

Pycker Rating: 1 out of 5

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    super most people want to this movie

Dev Live Updates & Public Talk

Karthi is probably in the best phase of his career. With Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru and Kadaikutty Singham, he has scored two superhits. After playing two diverse characters in those films, he came with a free-spirited character Dev in the film Dev. The film's trailer and music have received a good response from the movie lovers and the film is carrying a decent buzz. Dev has hit the screens today and the audience are taking it to social media to express their reactions, check them out.

The first half of Dev is said to be pretty entertaining and fun with cool visuals, music and contrast characters. The actors who play the friends of Karthi in the film seem to have done an awesome job and they are getting a good response from the audience. Apart from them, Karthi is said to have performed well in a role which is quite new for him. Overall, the first half of Dev is said to be decent with some breezy moments and simple narration.

Dev second half is getting a decent response from the audience. Although the performances are good, the screenplay is said to be lacking enough depth for the audience to connect. However, Rakul Preet has got a meaty role for the first time in her Kollywood career and she is said to have nailed it. Harris Jayaraj is said to have done an awesome job with the background score and the camera team is being appreciated for the supercool visuals especially during the road trip sequences in the film. Check out below what the audience are saying about Dev.

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