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Karma Cartel

Drama, Thriller 1 hrs 36 mins Aug 7, 2015
Karma Cartel

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Karma Cartel Poster
Karma Cartel is an award winning film directed by Vinod Bharathan. The film follows 'dogme 95', a filmmaking style set by directors Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. Karma Cartel dwells into the missing of an upcoming actor, Sidh (Vinay Forrt) and the lies surrounded around it. The film looks into the fast culture and growing economy of modern India which has enticed the youth. The story follows a struggling actor and his friend who lands up in trouble. Karma Cartel stars Vinay Forrt, Rone David Raj, Tony Luke, Jinu Joseph, Arjun Chemparathy, Shani, Rohini Miriam Idicula.