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Konttho Review

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Konttho Review & Rating

Konttho Review: A New Voice To The Tale of Triumph of Human-Will Power

The premise

What happens the world you have built with skill and passion collapses on your own shoulders? How do you feel when have lost the means of your living all of a sudden not because of lack of skill or sudden loss of relevance but because of an ailment which may prove to be incurable? The same happened to Arjun Mallik and it is his battle with life and life-threatening demons that form the basis for this latest offering from Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy. 

Inspired from the life of the Bibhuti Chakraborty a laryngeal cancer survivor who developed an alternative way of speaking once his vocal cords are removed through surgery. He did not just confine himself for his own fight with cancer, he took up the task of offering speech therapy classes to patients. His seminal work gave many people a new ray of hope. 

He motivated hundreds to speak after a critical laryngeal surgery and brought light into their lives. Konttho is said to be one of the dream projects of Shibo and Nandita. Let's see how this inspirational tale is narrated on the big screen by these acclaimed directing duo with Konttho review. 

The tale of Arjun Mallik

As the adage goes in the Hollywood screenwriting classes - enter the scene late and leave it early - the narrators didn't take much time to come to the core point of the film. After brief flashes of the daily routine of Arjun Mallik's life, an RJ played Shibo himself, the shattering revelation is made. before that a word on his life. 

Arjun is a Radio Jockey as already revealed earlier and has a positive outlook on life. He, apart from playing songs asked by the listeners, helps a teenager to come out of suicidal thoughts. Her mother was too busy to spend time with her, the teen says. All good deeds are rewarded as our ancient wise men say. And this helps him in the future in a hopeless situation. 

Arjun is leading a life which is flowing through time like a well-oiled machine. Machine it is. When a repair is needed, it may cost a life. Well, except for an aberration. He is a compulsive smoker. We are shown a couple of times ( a cinematic way of the impending illness) he's coughing. With all the intros quickly out of the way, we find that he needs serious medical care when he spits blood one day. The doctors decide it is laryngeal cancer and he needs surgery. 

It's not just cancer that shatters his world. It is the fact that he will lose his voice that makes it all the more tough for him. His wife Pritha finds it tough to deal with but stands beside him as rock-solid support. It is the end of the world for Arjun. He goes through the five stages of grief. For the uninitiated - denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally, acceptance. When he is about to fall into the rut of depression, he comes across the news that there is a speech therapist who could help him regain his voice. How!!!

Romilla, the busy mother from the beginning comes to his rescue. She is the therapist. But initially, she is hesitant of taking him for the sessions. Once his indirect connection is known to her, she gives him hope. He could communicate with his esophagus (colloquially the food pipe). Instead of his lost vocal cords. How will it turn out for him? How his relationship with his wife evolves? And how he helps out others with similar problems form the rest of the story. 


Shiboprosad is natural in the role of an RJ turned cancer survivor to the living inspiration for many. He exuded charm as a radio jockey and his voice is an asset for the role. It also makes it a painful watch when he loses his ability to speak. Without overdoing anything, he has showcased, joyous exuberance, in the beginning, the depressed and sorry state later, and the spirit of a fighter in the end. Paoli Dam as Pritha Mallik is good in her expressions. Both of them shared understated chemistry that is quite natural for a man and his wife. 

But it is Jaya Ahsan who steals the show as the speech therapist who helps Arjun through his most difficult times. The evolution of their relationship over time is all the more believable because of her pitch-perfect histrionics. Her screen presence is also good and she looked and behaved like a professional in her field rather than someone trying to put on a show for the sake of a film. 

Writing and direction

Known for their intense narrations and dramatic scene compositions, Shibo-Nandita duo is restrained in narrating the story of Arjun Mallik. The way one scene after another flows is exemplary and the screenplay is just right for the genre of the film despite the predictable plot. They brought the best out of their actors and the crew. One more successful feather in their cap. And it is a commendable effort from the filmmaking duo for bringing out a tale everybody must know. 

As Shibo said in an interview: Back in 1999, I was working with a private television channel. He shared his life’s journey in a segment, Aloye Phera, which was part of a non-fiction programme. The show was extremely inspiring and a hit with viewers. It was then that we decided to make a film on it, so thousands of others could draw inspiration from his story. The film also draws inspiration from survivors. 

The crew

The music of the film is good. It went hand in hand with the cinematography and the narration to elevate and capture the mood of the life of Arjun Mallik. The cinematography is effective without being spectacular. The editing work is smooth without any bells and whistles. The production design is adequate and the production values are apt for the film. 


Konttho is a must watch for every film buff. Not every time we come across a plainly but effectively narrated story of such proportions which gives inspiration not only to the unfortunate but also to those who neglect their lives. Konttho is like a ray of hope for all who are under the sky. Shibo-Nandita duo strikes it big once again. 


  • The story (inspired by the life of Bibhuti da)
  • Shibo-Nandita duo's direction
  • Plain and simple but effective narration
  • Jaya Ahsan performance


  • A few cinematic scenes
  • Predictable screenplay towards the end

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Konttho Preview

What is  Konttho all about?

Konttho, directed by Bengali hitmakers Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy is an inspiring tale of a cancer survivor's struggle. Inspired by a true story, the film revolves around Arjun, an RJ who was diagnosed with cancer and had to get rid of his voice box. A depressed and dejected Arjun again started to see the ray of hope as he regains his voice with the help of speech therapy. 

What to expect from the film?

A story to touch the audience's heart

The film revolving around the struggle of a person, a RJ, who has lost his voice to the worst ailment and struggling to get over the depression and finding his voice has to be one of the most humane tales told in recent cinemas. The pain, dejection, and effort of a man who has just lost everything to stay alive can be heart-wrenching, hard-hitting, yet extremely emotional. The audiences may come out with teary eyes this time.

The Shiboprosad-Nandita magic

Konttho is an emotional story and who doesn't know that Shiboprosad and Nandita are masters of making emotional movies. The director duo certainly knows how to strike the right note to make the audience root for the characters and connect with them emotionally. They have never failed to make the needed connection with the viewers. The same is expected from Konttho.

The performances 

The trailer has already shown the sign of amazing performances from the leading trio. Shiborposad Mukherjee as the protagonist. Paoli Dam as his wife and Jaya Ahan as his speech therapist may deliver the best performances. Who steals the light will be interesting to see. Koneenica Banerjee in the supporting cast looks promising as well.


Composed by Anupam Roy, Anindya Chatterjee, and Prasen the songs of the film is already topping the charts. Sobai Chup and Alote Alote Bhora have been loved by all. No wonder, the music will attract more audience in the theatre.

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