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Kanne Kalaimaane Review

U Drama, Family Feb 22, 2019





Kanne Kalaimaane Review & Rating


Kanne Kalaimaane Review: Good Intentions Without A Direction

Seenu Ramasamy bagged the National Award for the best feature film in Tamil just with his second film and that stands as a testimony to his talent. He is known for setting up his stories in rural areas with well-written characters and unusual conflict points. He has teamed up with Udayanidhi Stalin who has mostly acted in commercial flicks and Tamanna who is known for glamorous roles. This unusual combination has grabbed the attention of movie lovers and the trailer took the expectations a notch higher. Will Kanne Kalaimaane manage to reach them or falls short of them? Let's see.

Kanne Kalaimaane revolves about two characters Kamalakannan (Udayanidhi Stalin) and Bharathi (Tamanna). Kamalakannan does organic farming and encourages his fellow farmers to opt for organic farming and stop using chemicals filled fertilizers. He is a good Samaritan in his village and makes sure his fellow farmers get farm loans by being their guaranteer. But that lands him in trouble when the new co-operative bank manager finds out about him. Bharati initially thinks that he is a defaulter but later comes to know about his intentions. They both later fall in love and how they get married etc forms the rest of the story.

Unlike most of the Seenu Ramasamy movies, this film lacks a proper conflict point. Though the film is just over 2 hours long, it feels a lot longer because the film goes nowhere. Whether it is intentional or not, it feels like Udayanidhi's act is like promoting the political party DMK. Keeping that aside, he delivers decent performance in his first ever political film. However, it is Tamanna who shines the most as an independent woman with a lot of clarity on her work and personal life. Bharathi is arguably the best role she has played in her career and she delivers a noteworthy performance.

Seenu Ramasamy has designed the female characters that stay close to reality and strong. But as he has no conflicting point in the story, he tries to raise a conflict between Bharathi and Kamalakannan's grandmother (played superbly by Vadivukkarasi). She doesn't agree to the marriage of Kamalakannan and Bharathi as the latter belongs to a different caste and wants to work post her marriage. The whole movie at this point almost becomes close to the terrible TV serials but thankfully there is another serious conflict which deviates the topic.

But by the time the movie reaches that point things look forced and hurried. It is not that the movie is horrible. It has lots of feel-good moments, meaningful conversations, well-written characters but with all of these, it still doesn't make us connect with the film which shows the lack of focus. If you are okay with subtle films which move at their own pace, you might like this one.


  • Visuals
  • Well Written Roles
  • Yuvan's Background Score
  • Performances


  • Narration
  • No Depth and Emotional Connect

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Kanne Kalaimaane Live Updates & Public Talk

Among the Tamil movie releases this week, Kanne Kalaimaane is one film which looks very unique and interesting. The trailer promised of a heartwarming drama with some feel good moments. The movie had a special screening for the press and media and the response from them is moderately positive. The first half is said to be decent with the pre-interval sequence setting up the mood for a serious second half. The performances of Udayanidhi Stalin and Tamanna are said to be extremely natural and impactful.

Director Seenu Ramasamy is being appreciated for beautifully portraying the village backdrop and capturing the scenic visuals of Madurai villages. The last 30 minutes are said to be very intense with great performances from Udayanidhi Stalin, Tamanna and Vadivukkarasi. Her role is said to be very well written and also performed exceptionally well by the vetaran actress. The subject of Kanne Kalaimaane is said to be very relevant and various conflicts are discussed subtly by Seenu Ramasamy.

All the female characters in Kanne Kalaimaane are said to be written very carefully and perfectly performed by the actress like Tamanna and Vadivukkarasi. Especially, Tamanna seems to have impressed the audience with a performance which is arguably her career's best. For the audience who've seen her as a glam doll, this role seems to have come like a sweet surprise. Check out the latest Tweets on Kanne Kalaimaane below.

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Kanne Kalaimaane Preview

What is Kanne Kalaimaane About?

Kanne Kalaimaane which is Tamanna’s 50th film in her career is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin on his own Red Giant Movies. The movie is said to have paid tribute to love and womanhood. National Award winner Seenu Ramasamy who is known for intense drama in his films helms this film which is set in the backdrop of a village. The movie lends its title from a song from the famous film Moondram Pirai starring Kamal Haasan and Sridevi which incidentally was directed by Seenu Ramasamy’s Guru Balu Mahendra. 

Kanne Kalaimaane Promises

A tender story about human emotions

The movie was shot in a village nearer to Madurai with lush green fields and rustic charm. It is all about tender emotions and human relationships. Udhayanidhi comes up as a sophisticated youth and Tamannaah appears to be playing a high ranked government official. The obvious romance between the lead pair is handled in a classy way with warmth. The peace of the village is disturbed by a few baddies played by Bobby Simha, Nedumudi Venu, Guru Somasundaram and others. It all adds to the intense drama.

Udhayanidhi and Tamannaah’s pairing

Udhayanidhi Stalin might not have set the screen on fire like some of the others in his age group but he proved himself to be a solid performer as a lead man. He plays the role of Kamalakannan who is from a huge family. Tamannaah will be seen as the lead woman. Makkal Selvam Vijay Sethupathi who was introduced by Seenu Ramasamy recently talked about the film and has great words for the emotional drama and termed the film as a tribute to love and womanhood. Tamannaah also was part of the director’s previous blockbuster Dharmadurai has received a meaty part.

Seenu Ramasamy and his team

Seenu Ramasamy is one of the highly rated filmmakers in Tamil Cinema and his films won multiple national awards. He has roped in Yuvan Shankar Raja to compose the musical score for this film who is adept at giving an apt score for the intense dramas. The music is very good from what little we have seen during the promos.

Cinematographer Jalandhar Vasan is from Balu Mahendra school and who can be better at handling rural dramas? The atmosphere he created with his clean frames for the film is good. And Vairamuthu rounds off the top of the line technicians of the team.

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