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U/A Periodical 2 hrs 6 mins Oct 22, 2015
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Kanche Story

Director: Krish

Cast: Varun Tej as Dhupati Hari Babu, Pragya Jaiswal as Rachakonda Sita Devi, Nikitin Dheer as Rachaonda Eeshwar Prasad, Srinivas Avasarala as Hari Babu's friend Dasu, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao as Hari Babu's grandfather Kondayya, Sowcar Janaki as Sita Devi's grandmother Mahalakshmamma, Anoop Puri as Sita Devi's grandfather Peda Babu, and Satyam Rajesh as Mini Swamy.

Kanche is the story of casteism prevalent in all places which acts as the eponymous Kanche the barrier between the people. 

In 1936, Dhupati Haribabu and Rachakonda Sita Devi meet at the Madras Cultural Club in Madras Presidency. It was Sita Devi's birthday. They realise that they are studying at the same University of Madras College. Sitadevi is the princess of Rachakonda estate. Haribabu belongs to a lower caste who is the grandson of a local barber. 

By the time they graduate, they have fallen in love. They leave to their native place, Devarakonda. Haribabu is introduced to Sitadevi's brother Eeshwar Prasad and they quickly become friends. Eeshwar, and his grandfather Peda Babu, learn of Haribabu and Sitadevi's affair which instigates a fight between people of both castes. 

Hundreds of people from both sides die and a fence (Kanche) is erected to separate the two groups forever. While Eeshwar and Pedababu decide to marry off Sitadevi to a bridegroom of their choice, Haribabu arrives back from town and is severely injured when he is stabbed. 

Sitadevi looks after him secretly in her bedroom, and on the wedding day, a frustrated Haribabu marries Sitadevi, in the presence of her grandmother, and leaves. That evening, Eeshwar and Haribabu duel, and in the process Sitadevi is killed accidentally.

During World War II, as a member of the allied nations, the British Raj send over two and a half million Indian volunteer soldiers to fight under British command against the Axis powers. Haribabu joins them as a captain and Eeshwar, now a colonel, is his commanding officer. 

In May 1944, the Nazis attack the Indian army in the Italian Campaign and capture them. Haribabu, his friend Dasu, and three other soldiers escape. They decide to save the captured troops and follow the Nazis. They take shelter in an Italian baker's house and his granddaughter saves them from the Nazis. She reveals that the Nazis want to kill a little girl whose parents were a German doctor and a Jew. 

How and if Hari babu rescues the little girl and if the differences between Hari and Eeshwar dissolve away and the Kanche in their native place falls down forms the rest of the story.

When the movie was released, it was a profitable venture for the producers and was highly lauded by the critics for the novel subject matter. Krish's deft handling of the subject received widespread critical acclaim and the lead pair performances received a positive response.  

Kanche earned the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu at the 63rd National Film Awards ceremony. Kanche earned the state Nandi Award for Best Film on National Integration and was screened at the 2016 edition of All Lights India International Film Festival in the Indywood Panorama section.

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