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Kanchana 3 Review

U/A Horror Apr 19, 2019





Kanchana 3 Review & Rating

Kanchana 3 Review:  Lawrence Delivers on Promise But At What Cost?

The premise

Kanchana 3 is Kanchana 2 is Kanchana is Muni. An out and out Raghava Lawrence movie with all his trademark elements sprinkled in right proportions. This formulaic Pei Genre film follows the set template of the franchise. But with a bigger budget and three heroines, and an old getup (a bit of novelty), Lawrence promises to deliver the same thrills and laughs on a bigger scale. Let's see if everything works out fine and entertains you or not with Kanchana 3 review. 

The story we all know

Raghava (isn't Raghava Lawrence not getting narcissistic every passing day?) is your usual timid guy of Lawrence directorials who is afraid if the G word (read: ghost) and does everything to keep them at bay. His mother accompanies him to the bathrooms while he to tish and still girls go gaga over him - three of them this time. 

Now after all these intros that take a few minutes including all the usual Lawrence-style buildups, the film moves on to the spooky scenes of a spirit possessing our hero and the comedy that ensues. An excellent but getting-routine Kovai Sarala, Devadarshini, and Sriman are the main leads in the thread of this comedy where the ghost plays football with the trio. 

The second half thankfully turns a bit serious and the story comes out. That of the flashback of the ghost or rather ghosts - two of them here. How Raghava helps these ghosts possess him and take revenge on the villain with the help of divine power (there's also a dance scene praying to the divine power). 

The performances

First, let's start with the performances. Raghava Lawrence is obviously the biggest highlight among the actors as he is the creator and executor of the films. He played two roles this time that of our medium for the ghosts, Raghava and then one of the ghosts, Kaali (the elderly Lawrence in the promo materials). His antics like pasting lipstick on his lips and walking in a feminine way wearing high heels, and all the other masala things. 

Then there is the dancing and action part. Seriously! As the elderly Kaali who runs an orphanage for physically and mentally challenged or underprivileged children Lawrence is good. Mass buildups aside, he had shown his capable acting talents in the role. Lawrence should concentrate more on these things than the routine comedy as the bumbling guy which is turning stale with each passing film. And age is also not on his side. 

Kovai Sarala and her combination scenes with Raghava Lawrence are the other USP of the film. They didn't disappoint. The versatile senior actress did a fantastic job in the scenes with the ghost nearly driving the living daylights out of her and Devadarshini and Sriman. The other actors delivered decent to mediocre performances. 

But the biggest disappointment lies with the heroines. All three of them are used only for sleazy skin show and to fall head over heels in love with the good for nothing hero. Lawrence's Raghava plays hide and seek with all three of them. Open misogyny. And condemnable. How in the first place the did actresses accept such roles? Lawrence who is otherwise a man of respect on and off the screen need to rethink his strategy of filmmaking. 

Writing and direction

As a director, Lawrence always plays the safe game and he did the same here. The narration goes on smoothly without any bumps. When you feel the graph is falling a bit he ups the ante with a jump scare or a hilarious (and vulgar) setpieces. The dialogues cater to the mass audience and the horror scenes are straight out of Hollywood and world films. 

The crew

The music of the film is loud and lousy. The background score is terrific when it comes to serious scenes and bland in the rest. The songs are a joke. But they are watchable for two reasons for two sections of the audience. The skin show by the heroines and the dance movements by Lawrence. 

The cinematography is okayish. The framing and lighting are apt for the genre but there is nothing new on show. The editing is good but could have chopped off at least half an hour of the film. The production values are grand compared to the previous films in the franchise. The production design is good. 


Kanchana 3 delivers on its promises but gets overboard in everything. Especially the climax which was touted as the best is an irritating bore-fest in reality. Also, the film whose target audiences are children having such vulgarity especially in treating women is not good at all. You can watch it if you know what you'll get. Else, give it a skip and satiate your lust for those special scenes when available on the internet. 


  • Delivers on promise
  • Kovai Sarala 
  • Few good routine but good jumpscares


  • Misogynistic treatment of heroines
  • Loud story
  • We have seen it all 
  • Not at all suitable for kids 

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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Kanchana 3 User Reviews

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    6 May 19 @ 8:26 PM

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    30 Apr 19 @ 9:46 AM

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    27 Apr 19 @ 12:36 PM

Kanchana 3 Live Updates & Public Talk

One of the few successful film franchises in Indian Cinema, the Muni or Kanchana films have a set the box office on fire and are mass hits since the beginning of the series. Raghava Lawrence and Kovai Sarala have been the faces of the series and despite a mixed response from the critics, these movies performed well courtesy their appealing nature to children and family audience apart from the mass. 

Today the fourth film in this Lawrence directorial franchise hits the screens. With the early and morning shows coming to an end, the movie started with a typically mixed response from the critics and enthusiastic talk in the mass circuits. It seems Kanchana 3 works well with the target audience. 

In the first half, Lawrence retains the flavors which worked for him in the first three super hit horror comedies. The interval episode is quite impressive. Kovai Sarala, Sriman, and Devadarshini combo works once again. Director Raghava Lawrence mastered the audience pulse and has delivered exactly what they want. Irrespective of reviews by critics, this is the kind of film which namma mass audience will go and watch, kudumbam kudumbamai, due to the proven franchise, and the Sun Tv factor too. 

The response from the B and C centers is good with the franchise is a proven winner there. The movie has comedy glamour thrill and good background score+ cinematography. It is more massy than in the previous chapters. Horror scenes are amazing. But not all are satisfied with how this particular film turned out. One of the early watchers say Kanchana is an outdated horror-comedy that fails miserably. It irritates in most parts. Every element is either exaggerated or melodramatic. Found it difficult to tolerate after a point.

Keep watching for more Kanchana 3 public talk and live updates. 

Kanchana 3 Preview

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