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U/A Horror Apr 19, 2019
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Kanchana 3 Story

Director: Raghava Lawrence 

Cast: Raghava Lawrence as Raghava and Kali, Kovai Sara as Ghana's mother, Vedhika as Divya, Oviya Helen as Kaviya, and Arun Ahora as Minister Shankar.

Kaanchana 3 follows the same template as the previous films in the Mini/Kaanchana franchise. It tells the story of a certain Raghava who is a young man with a big heart but is fearful about ghosts and evil spirits. Kaanchana 3 starts with someone named Kali killing a man named Bhavani. The scene then shifts to an exorcism happening at the house of Minister Shankar. Two ghosts are exorcised off a girl and are attached to nails and hung to a tree. 

Raghava and his family who are going to Coimbatore to attend  his grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. Enroute they are forced to stay at the ground where the above said tree situated. one of the nails gets dropped into their picnic basket. The ghosts attached to the nails enter their house and try to make their presence felt. Meanwhile Raghava is wooed by his three paternal cousins.

One day when the family goes to the temple, an Aghora gives them a Trishoolam and tells the family to keep it with a Tulasi tree. But that night three of the family members along with the Trishoolam are thrown out of the house forcefully which leads them to believe that the ghost is more powerful than they initially believed. How Raghava and family come out if the clutches of the evil spirits? What is Minister Shankar's relationship with the spirits? And who was the man Kali that appeared in the beginning? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

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