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Kanam Review

U/A Horror, Thriller 1 hrs 41 mins Apr 27, 2018





Kanam Review & Rating


Kanam is a horror thriller starring Sai Pallavi and Naga Shourya in the lead roles. The movie is the Telugu version of the bilingual project produced by Lyca Productions. A. L. Vijay directed this movie. The Tamil version of this movie is Diya.

Sai Pallavi is one of the most loved actresses these days with infinite craze among the youth. After a couple of successes in Telugu in the form of Fidaa and MCA, she ventured into Tamil Cinema with Kanam. Interestingly, this movie also marks the Kollywood debut of hero Naga Shourya. With its novel subject matter and an intriguing trailer, Kanam gained the attention of the audience. Let's see if Sai Pallavi scores similar success in Tamil Film Industry and Naga Shourya makes a successful debut in Tamil with Kanam review.

The story of Kanam revolves around Tulasi and her longing for her never born daughter. Tulasi and Krishna are in love. One fine day, they have sex and Tulasi gets pregnancy. This enrages their respective families though they are not completely against their match. Tulasi's parents get her aborted. Their parents separate them for time being. After being separated for five years, they finally tie the knot, and happiness returns into the life of Tulasi. 

But things don't go the same for long. One by one in their families die mysteriously. Tulasi finds that it is her never born daughter who has been longing for her mother she has never seen, and a spirit now killing one by one. Tulasi is also longing for her aborted child. What happens o Tulasi and her family, whether the mother and child reciprocate their love for each other, and Tulasi too gets killed by the spirit  forms the crux of the story.

Rating 3 from  123telugu

On the whole, Kanam is an emotional thriller which does not thrill you to a great extent or disap...

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Sai Pallavi just gave a terrific performance as a woman longing for her never born daughter. Her expressions, minute and very subtle (the director asked her to go subtle than loud in acting), impresses even the toughest of the critics. As expected, she had given a power packed performance. She carried the entire weight of the movie on her shoulders. 

Naga Shourya did a brilliant job as the boyfriend cum husband of Tulasi. s Sai Pallavi commented in the pre-release event of the movie, his gave a memorable performance. Priyadarshi Pulikonda did the role which was enacted by RJ Balaji in Tamil. Despite starting with comic outlook, his role becomes serious as the story moves forward. rest of the cast did well. 

Special mention should be given to Baby Veronika who played the role of Diya. The way she portrayed such role is commendable. Her eyes talk a lot of things. She is both cute and frightening at the same time. Her scenes in the combination of Sai Pallavi forms the backbone of the movie. 

Rating 2.5 from  chitramala

The director has introduced the main point of the movie in the first half itself, but he has fail...

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The director A. L. Vijay conceived a story which is interesting and relevant to present times. The story has the potential to become one of the best thrillers of recent times. But he faltered in execution. Though he is aided by a powerful performance from the lead actors, he failed to make the audience glued to the screen. Dialogues in this movie are good. 

Another highlight of the movie after the performances is music. Sam C. S. musical score for the movie is brilliant. The score elevates the visuals. The cinematography by Nirav Shah is top notch. The lighting scheme highlights the mood of the movie. Editing by Anthony is good. Production values by Lyca Productions are great. Despite smaller budget, the movie never feels like one. 

Rating 2.5 from  indianexpress

It is quite a joy to watch someone who looks beautifully real and emotes with integrity — t...

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Overall, Kanam has a great concept as a base. But the execution finds wanting. The story starts on an interesting note with the brilliant performance of Sai Pallavi and Veronika the story reaches interval. But the second half is miserable and the climax is not for everyone. Great performances, superb musical score, and brilliant cinematography make the movie watchable. 

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Kanam Live Updates & Public Talk

Naga Shourya and Sai Pallavi starrer Kanam hit the screens today. The movie is a horror thriller with a very relevant point at its base. Tamil director a. L. Vijay directed this movie is getting a mixed response. The first half and the acting are praised. The director is said to be confused whether to make it a supernatural thriller or an emotional drama.

But not all reviews are negative. Some of the viewers praised the story and the concept. Sai Pallavi is getting unanimous acclaim. Rest of the cast also got positive response especially the little girl Veronika.

Kanam is getting mixed reviews from the viewers. The narration, especially that of the second half is getting negative comments. But overall the idea of the story and the concept interested the audience. 


Kanam Preview

What is Kanam about?

The sensational heroine Sai Pallavi who got craze among the youth with her performance and for her natural beauty. She made her acting debut with the Malayalam classic Premam, and the youngsters across the states had fallen for her. Her Tollywood debut went the same way and she mesmerized the Telugu audience. It is to be noted that despite being a Tamil girl, she has yet to appear in a Kollywood movie. Now, she makes her Tamil debut with the horror thriller directed by A. L. Vijay. 

The Tamil Telugu bilingual Diya/Kanam stars young hero Naga Shourya in the lead role alongside Sai Pallavi. A. L. Vijay who had directed movies like Madrasapattinam, Abhinetri etc. is coming up with a new sort of story with a strong subject matter of abortions at its base. The movie is produced by Subaskaran Allirajah and Raju Mahalingam under Lyca Productions banner. 

What to expect from Kanam?

Sai Pallavi power-packed performance

Sai Pallavi is playing the role of a mother for the first time. It is said that she was initially hesitant about playing such a role. But her mother who read the script when the director left it there convinced Sai Pallavi to sign the movie. Sai Pallavi is one of the most talented actresses of in this generation. 

Playing an author-backed role like this, Sai Pallavi can be expected to deliver her career best performance. The director has already said that she has done a wonderful job. In what little we have seen in the trailer, Sai Pallavi has singlehandedly lifted the movie above other similar genre movies. 

Naga Shourya in a lead role

Naga Shourya is certainly a hero in good form. His most recent outing Chalo became a big hit for a small movie. He is known for very good acting and timing. He will surely add value to this horror thriller. The heroine Sai Pallavi said in the pre-release event of the movie that Naga Shourya is a phenomenal actor and that the role will be talked about in the coming days even after a long time.

Engrossing theme

As the director A. L. Vijay said in an interview, the basic theme of this movie revolves around abortion. From the trailer, it is evident that this movie revolves around a girl child. The story of this movie is based on a relevant subject. Mixed with a horror element, Kanam makes for an engrossing watch. 

Nirav Shah Cinematography

Nirav Shah is a big name in cinematography. Debuted with the 2004 Bollywood movie, he handled the cinematography for movies like Dhoom, Banaras, Dhoom 2, Salman Khan's Wanted, Pokkiri, Kireedam etc. movies. The atmospheric cinematography in the trailer promises first rate work from Nirav Shah.

Lyca Productions track record 

Though recently formed, Lyca Productions made itself a good name. The first movie from this banner is A. R. Murugadoss directed Kaththi. For a production house that is producing movies of the stature 2.0 (Rajnikanth in Shankar direction), Indian 2 (Kamal Haasan in the direction of Shankar no less), and Chekka Chivantha Vaanam in the direction of Mani Ratnam, Lyca Productions has become a guarantee for intriguing high-quality films. And the production values will be top-notch. Kanam will surely be thrilling watch. 

Watch this space for Kanam review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.