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Kanaa Review & Rating

Kanaa Review: A Crowd-Pleasing Sports Drama With Its Heart At Right Place

The premise

Dreams Unlimited might have been the now-defunct production banner of Shah Rukh Khan, but having unlimited dreams is no sin. If you act upon them and do your best to fulfill them, at least some of the legible dreams turn out to be true and make you an inspiring figure among your peers. This is exactly what Sivakarthikeyan's first production, Kanaa, is about.

Aishwarya Rajesh who has been part of some of the best films in recent memory joined hands with senior actor Sathyaraj in this sports drama about a girl who dreams of making it big in cricket and play for Indian cricket team and her farmer father who struggles with drought and loans. Sivakarthikeyan is one of the most successful actors in recent times who has yet to taste a complete failure. Let's see if he tasted the same success as a producer with kanaa review.

The story of Kausalya and her dream

Kausalya aka Kausi is an adolescent girl in a village in interior Tamil Nadu. The movie starts with the scenes of a cricket match played by a few village youngsters who start to quarrel in no time. The scene then shifts to Kausi and how she gets interested in cricket. Kausalya decides to play cricket for India and win a match so that it will make her father happy. The girl who played the role of adolescent Kausalya is terrific be it with her body language or with her expressions. She is innocent and fiery. Both at once. 

A note on her father. Kausalya's father, Murugesan, is a farmer who loves cricket. He gives importance to cricket so much so that he get oblivious to the tragedy in the house. That is... the death of his father. One day Kausalya watches him overcome with tears when India loses a cricket match. Sathyaraj in this elderly role is an asset for this film with his brilliant acting and natural humor. The father-daughter chemistry he shared with both the young actress and Aishwarya Rajesh is the backbone of the film. 

Coming to the decision taken by Kausi, it is never easy for a village girl to play sports beyond a certain age, let alone a still male-dominated field like cricket. Obviously, Kausi's mother (played with aplomb by Rama) objects. She even resorts to beating a teen Kausalya in a scene. That particular scene takes the cake. The dramatic tension at its best. 

Around the same time, Kausalya's farmer father encounters the real world problems of farmers. Drought. Ever increasing loans. Insults as his daughter plays cricket. Add to all these the salivating villagers who makes it all the more tough for Kausalya with their antics. How the father and daughter overcome all the obstacles and achieve relief from troubles and success in the field of cricket form the rest of Kanaa story. 

The filmmaker

The movie starts with a bang. The director grabs your hand and takes you along for a ride in the village of Kausalya. You feel like all the action unfolds before your own eyes. Such was the brilliant imagery conjured by Arunaja Kamaraj. There are several smaller details taken care of well by the filmmaker which adds to the experience of watching the film. 

The first half ends in a breeze. The parallel stories of the daughter and her father (both our protagonists) and interlaced in an organic narration. The screenplay is slick. But the second half falls prey for the regular tropes of a sports drama we have witnessed time and again. There is an unnecessary romance between Darshan and Aishwarya (of course we agree that life is like that but we want a tightly made film, no?) and the character played by Sivakarthikeyan Nelson Dilipkumar slightly overshadows the story of Kausalya. 

But by the final 40 minutes, the director comes back on the right track and the Kanaa Express reaches its destination with rare panache. The cricket match, in the end, is very well crafted. The cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan is innovative. The color schemes used for various stages of the movie are great. The way the lighting used to tell the anguish and happiness experienced by Sathyaraj's character is first rate. The ending pay tribute not only to the women empowerment but also to the farmers in this land of farmers. All this leaves on a high. Inspiring. very inspiring filmmaking. 

The crew

The music by Dhibu Ninan Thomas is good when it comes to the songs. Especially both Oonjala Oonjala and Savaal remain with you long after you leave the theatres. But what makes the difference to the film is his background score which makes even the ordinary scenes intriguing with the sounds he conjured up. The editing by Ruben needs special mention. The intercuts he used for both the tracks of Kausi and her father turned out quite well. 


Sivakarthikeyan deserves several pats on his back for coming up with such a film which is both inspiring and feels contemporary with a timeless message. The dialogue If someone says 'you can't' you don't have to believe them. It is just their belief - the dialogue in this is not applicable just for the movie, it's a real-life lesson everyone must heed to. His extended cameo as the coach is another high point of the film. 

The supporting cast did in varying degrees of good to ordinary. The production design of the movie is excellent. The locations have an authentic feel. Kanaa is a well made film with some terrific performances. The sound design and the visuals go hand in hand and make for a sumptuous watch. 


Kanaa is a movie not to be missed despite a few glaring flaws. The performances, the filmmaking, the narration, the high of awe-inspiring scenes, the social commentary on how young women face discrimination not only in the village life but also as sportspersons, and then the lives of farmers all make it a genuine cinematic experience. Go and watch it. You will feel proud of Tamil Cinema once again. 


  • Aishwarya Rajesh
  • The filmmaking by Arunaja Kamaraj
  • Sathyaraj as the cricket-loving farmer
  • The final 40 minutes
  • A commentary on the plight of farmers and women empowerment


  • Regular sports drama tropes in the second half
  • Unnecessary romantic track

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

- Reviewed by GitacharYa

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    Two true story in one line

Kanaa Live Updates & Public Talk

Star hero in-form Sivakarthikeyan's own production Kanaa has been in the news for a long time and all the buzz is very positive. The movie which stars Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead role with Sathyaraj in a crucial role is about the dream of a young girl who wants to play cricket for India. The movie will hit the screens on 21 December 2018 but as the press shows and previews are done, the response from the major critics and fans is overwhelmingly positive. 

Kanaa is said to be a highly engaging sports drama with strong performances by Aishwarya Rajesh and Sathyaraj. The director Arunaja Kamaraj rightly mixed the hurdles in today's farming and women empowerment with the characterizations of Sathyaraj and Aishwarya Rajesh. The first half is entertaining. Aishwarya Rajesh who played the role of aspiring cricketer nailed the character with her expressions. The cinematography captured the rustic beauty very well. 

The second half of the movie is very intense and gives us a feeling like watching a world cup final with India in contention. The early watchers say that they cannot imagine any other actress in the role other than Aishwarya Rajesh. Arunaja Kamaraj makes a confident debut. Sivakarthikeyan should be commended for producing such a brilliant film. Technically too the film is very strong. Arunaja Kamaraj hits a massive sixer with this movie. 

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