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Kalki (Malayalam) Review

U/A Action 2 hrs 21 mins Aug 8, 2019





Kalki (Malayalam) Review & Rating


Kalki Review: Tovino's Star Vehicle Works On Predictable Lines

The Premise

Kalki is what every star hero does once in their career at least and every younger generation hero wants to play such a role in such film. A mass hero role who can do virtually anything and rules the roost against the system even when the character is bound by the system. Maybe that is the reason, the director himself compared the film to Mammukka's CI Balram. And now you might have gotten it, what we're talking about. 

The Tovino Thomas star vehicle is a quintessential masala film with all the ingredients are added. Whether those ingredients are mixed in the right proportions? Let's see that with Kalki review. 


There is this fictitious village Nanjankode. As per the scheme of this sort of films it is ruled by goons and politicians who lord over them. And the police are marginalized as much as the citizens, or shall we say villagers, and the police station is just another building in the village. 

Obviously, there is a sincere police officer who is not the hero and so he has to be dispatched as early as possible to make way for our hero. That unfortunately sincere guy is SI Vyshakan of Nanjankode. Instead of being killed by the villains (Oh, thanks!), he commits suicide. The reason being his failure to control the unlawful elements in the village. 

It is in this situation that our Kalki arrives as Mr. K. Dravida Yopjana party which rules the village with an iron fist understands that their greatest rival has arrived. They had the history of evacuating the Tamilians who used to live there. And they can do anything to advance their cause. It is led by Amarnath. A politician. Obviously, he's the villain. We know what happens next. 

Tovino all the way

Tovino Thomas as the ultimate Kalki avatar for the village is terrific as expected and mouthed loud and powerful dialogues and flexed his muscles despite a few comparisons to Dwayne The Rock Johnson. His rugged looks are good and his screen presence is starry. An excellent outing for Tovino the star. And as an actor too, he shined in the histrionics department. 

Shivajith Padmanabhan as Amarnath is a powerful villain worthy of giving the hero a tough fight to make proceedings interesting. He also has a great screen presence. But the biggest disappointment is Samyuktha Menon. She did well obviously. But has very little screen time and her character was not given a logical conclusion. The way her role was set up as a young doctor with a shrewd brain and political ambitions give hopes for fireworks but... 

The rest

Sudheesh, Saiju Kurup, Samyuktha Menon, Hareesh Uthaman and Jospeh Alia makes their presence felt but this is a Tovino Thomas star vehicle through and through. The writing of the film served the purpose of establishing Tovino as a mass hero. The screenplay followed the template of the genre and we can say it's fine. 

The crew

The musical score is good and the cinematography is neat. Gautham Shankar cleverly used the angles to elevate both the hero and villain to superheroic proportions. The editing is a bit chaotic. The action choreography is of high standards. The production design is okayish. The production values are good. 


All in all, Kalki will satisfy mass movie lovers and Tovino's fans who want to see him play such a role. Rest? There's streaming, no?


  • Neat template execution
  • Tovino Thomas
  • Shivajith Padmanabhan as Amarnath is a powerful villain


  • Not every character that is set up paid off well
  • Routine narration
  • We have seen all this many times

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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Kalki (Malayalam) Live Updates & Public Talk

Kalki has been one of the movies which developed a buzz in the lead up to its release. The Tovino Thomas starrer cop thriller has hit the screens today and it opened to a mixed response with the praise generally given to Tovino Thomas' performance as a fiery cop who is almost superhumanly in his stature. The first half of the film is said to be solid while the second half is ordinary. If the screenwriters concentrated a bit on the second half, the movie would have become an excellent mass entertainer. 

It feels more like a loud typical mass potboiler..focussing on style rather than content. But the problem is that Kalki falls somewhere short. The second half is highly predictable and not much engaging. Ends up as an average entertainer. The movie shows Tovino in a mass avatar, unlike his most recent films. The major plot of the film runs between the hero and the villain and other actors have nothing much to do including Samyuktha Menon. 

Stay tuned for more Kalki public talk and live updates. 

Kalki (Malayalam) Preview

What is Kalki About? 

Tovino Thomas has been on a roll this year what with being a part of the blockbuster film like Lucifer and a host of other releases. He plays the role of a fiery cop in the action thriller Kalki where he once again teams up with his Theevandi co-stars Samyukta Menon and Saiju Kurup. These are not the only people from Theevandi team joining together, cinematographer Goutham Shankar is also part of Team Kalki. 

The story of the film is set in an interior Kerala area where Kalki is the Inspector who doesn’t spare any wrong doer. He faces several bad men and also makes enemies with those against the system. Saiju Kurup plays the role of a local revolutionary who fights for the people and with happening actress Samyukta Menon apparently playing a negative role, the movie is shaping up to be an intriguing watch this weekend. 

Kalki Promises

An intense action thriller 

Kalki revolves around the acts of a daredevil cop played by Tovino Thomas and how he corrects the corruption around him. His role is that of an inspector. The story of the film has a host of interesting characters. A leader who works for the benefit of the people but is that a mask he wears to propel his prospects for power? A comrade who fights for the people. The movie is sure to be high on action as proved by the prologue teaser where Tovino’s Kalki prepares to fight a bunch of weapon-wielding goons. 

Tovino and Samyuktha 

Theevandi lead pair Tovino and Samyuktha teams up for the second time but this time they are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. There is no romantic thread and by all means we gather from the promos and trailers that they face off each other at a point in the film. Tovino was seen in a couple of possible cult films which failed to set the box office on fire and Samyuktha Menon too needs a box office success after Lilli. 

Praveen Prabharam and team 

Debutant Praveen Prabharam comes up with an intense action film with a cop and politicians pulling the strings against each other. He himself has written the film alongside Sujin Sujathan. Happening music director Jakes Bejoy composes the musical score for this film. Theevandi fame Goutham Shankar wields the camera for this film. The cinematography is atmospheric, pertaining to the genre of the film. 

Keep watching for Kalki review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!