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U Drama 2 hrs 36 mins Feb 9, 2018





Kaly Review & Rating


Screenwriter Najeem Koya's debut directorial Kali is one of those movies which hit theatres with very limited hype and hoopla. Touted to be a full-on entertainer, the movie features a bevy of newcomers in the lead backed by a mature and strong supporting cast which lines up actors like Joju George, Shammi Thilakan, Baburaj, Tini Tom and Sona Nair among others. Jointly scripted by Najeem Koya and Arouz Irfan based on the story by himself, Kaly is presented by the prestigious banner August Cinema. Here is what it's all about. 

Kaly opens to the life of a gang of chill friends who comes from lower-middle-class families but dress up and live like spoilt posh kids. To pursue the stylish and fancy life they aspire to live, these guys occasionally escort to small theft and thievery. Kaly lavishly takes its first half to establish these boys, their friendship, romance and what not, offering the viewer nothing novel or exciting. The movie is a barely enjoyable watch till the second half of the movie where one of the robberies by the youngsters goes out of their hand. That is when Kaly really begins. Post the interval, the movie gathers momentum and with some interesting twists and turns, lands to an applausable climax. 

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Najeem Koya has opted a plot that looks peculiar and is really different from the kind of stories...

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Newcomers Anil K Reji, Shebin Benson, Shalu Rahim, Aishwarya Vijay, and Vidhya Vijay has delivered a starry-eyed performance throughout the movie. They manage to look believable and carry their roles with a certain originality while all the exceptional performances come from the supporting cast. It is JoJu George who steals the show with his amazing acting which is one of the major highlights of Kaly. He appears as SI Thilakan who is cunning, smart and easily provokable. Shammi Thilakan, Tini Tom, and Baiju have also done a good job.

Najeem Koya's Kaly is not like any of the movies he has written till date. He could have made his debut an exceptional one if the first half of the movie had been handled with some care. Nevertheless, Kaly makes an impressive debut. Cinematography by Sajith Purushan is charming fine while editing could have been done with more wariness. Rahul Raj's tunes get along just fine with the total mood of the movie. 
Final Verdict: Kaly is doubtlessly a promising debut and a deserving watch!

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Kaly marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Najeem Koyan known for penning movies like Apoorvaragam and Friday. Kaly, presented by the prestigious banner August Cinema, stars a bevy of debutants on the lead roles while actors like Joju George, Shammi Thilakan, Babu Raj and many others form a strong supporting cast. Although the movie has very little pre-release hype, the trailer, teasers and the video songs were highly intriguing and impressive and managed to grab the attention of the viewers and movie buffs successfully. Here is what the audience has to say to about Kaly.

It looks like Kaly is one of those movies which keeps you hooked with promises. It is apparent from the audience reactions that the first half of the movie is not a very interesting one. Like most movies, it takes its own time to establish the premise and the characters, often tumbling over cliches. However, from the looks of it, Kaly manages to entertain the audience and clearly builds up a strong and necessary anticipation for the second half. 

From what we can garner, the second half of Kaly clearly keeps the promises it gives in the first half. Post the interval,  the story seems to gather momentum and move towards a thrilling climax with enough twists and turns which keeps the audience involved. The newcomers seem to have impressed the audience with their starry-eyed vibrant performance while Joju George is the one who appears to be the show stealer. Baburaj and Tini Tom also have struck a chord in their roles. In short, looking at the reports from the audience, Kaly turns out to be a good watch, apparently. 

Kaly Preview

What is Kaly about?

Kaly directed by Najeem Koya will be fun drama entertainer. The director along with Arouz Irfan has penned the script for Kali. Kali is reaching out to the audience with a long line of young actors like Shebin Benson, Aswathy Suresh, Shalu Rahim, Anil K Regi. The movie revolves around four friends. Kaly tells the tale of love affairs of two friends and how they try to make it successful.

What to expect?

The trailer of Kali which was released recently got a warm acceptance among the youngsters. The trailer opens with a punchline which is striking and apt for the title Kaly. The movie will be a fun entertainer with friendship and romance as its core theme. Another important speciality for the movie is its Production banner August cinemas, with Arya, Santhosh Sivan and Shaji Nadeshan. This is August Cinema's latest venture after Prithviraj left the Production.

Kaly will entertain everyone

The movie is certified with a clean U certificate. Kaly will satisfy youngsters as well as families at the same time. The lead young actors Shalu, Shebin, Anil are very familiar to the Malayali audience. Shalu is noted for his role in Kammattipaadam and Shebin and Anil are Idukki Gold fame actors. Kaly has an amazing lineup of supporting actors like Joju, Baburaj, Shammi Thilakan and Sona Nair who is making a comeback from mini screen to silver screen. Rahul Raj has scored music for the movie and the songs are really engaging and have come out with nice visuals and beautiful frames crafted by the cinematographer Sajith Purushan. Kaly which is hitting the cinemas near you will surely make you enjoy and keep you entertained and engaged.

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