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Kaalakaandi Review

A Comedy, Satire 1 hrs 52 mins Jan 12, 2018





Kaalakaandi Review & Rating


The movie presents three interconnected stories that happen over one single night. Saif Ali Khan plays the role of a banker who is diagnosed with stomach cancer and has few months to live. He is shocked by this news as he always stayed clean i.e. no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, and no fooling around. The doctors break this news to him on the day of the wedding of his brother (Akshya Oberoi) who himself is having cold feet regarding his marriage. The second story revolves around two henchmen Deepak Dobriyal and Vijay Raaz who are planning one last scheme to con their boss. The third story is about a live-in couple Kunaal Roy Kapoor and Shobhita Dhulipala where the guy is dealing with insecurities as his girlfriend is going to the US for further studies.

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

Unfolding through a course of a night in Mumbai, Kaalakaandi showcases three parallel tracks — a ...

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Saif Ali Khan plays a challenging role but portray is very convincingly. Undoubtedly Kaalakandi is Saif’s one of the best performances.  All the cast and the supporting cast gave compelling performances. The plot of the film might not be the audience’s expectations but all the characters played their part unbelievably good. Neil Bhoopalam might be seen in just two scenes but he will make you chuckle the most.

Rating 2 from  hindustantimes

Kaalakaandi, nonetheless, has its moments and Saif Ali Khan’s uninhibited performance tops the li...

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The music, the setting, and the cinematography are the result of a brilliant work. Especially, the part where the Saif Ali Khan’s story is shown is visually stunning and the credit goes to Akshat Verma for such an incredible imagination.

Rating 3 from  livemint

There are many first film issues with Kaalakaandi: it is technically inconsistent and the na...

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If you are a fan of Saif Ali Khan and dark humour then you should watch Kaalakandi. The movie is for those in the mood for distinct Bollywood experience.

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  • Nancy

    13 Jan 18 @ 3:17 PM

    After Delhi Belly, the writer Akshat Verma returns with yet another situational dark comedy which is distinct and trippy at the same time. Kalakaandi is Saif Ali Khan's one of the best performances. The movie will make you laugh to the core if you have a sense of the dark humor. All the actors in the movie blend beautifully with their characters and deliver a high-rated performance. The movie is presented very brilliantly and the way the three sub-stories are interlinked is very impressive. If you appreciate a good cinema with no regular masala then Kalakaandi should be on your list to watch.

  • Dhaval

    21 Jan 18 @ 1:58 PM

  • Vaibhav

    13 Jan 18 @ 11:00 AM

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Saif Ali Khan's dark humor movie Kaalakandi failed to impress audience much. Though critics are appreciating Saif's performances the movie lacks fizz and purpose. Read what critics have to say about Kaalakandi.

Though people are criticising the movie, many appreciated Saif Ali Khan for his performance. Check out the latest tweets about Kaalakandi.

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Kaalakaandi Preview

What is Kaalakaandi about?

Kaalakaandi is a dark comedy written and directed by Delhi Belly writer Akshay Verma. The film stars an ensemble cast that includes Saif Ali Khan, Pankaj Tripathi, Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal, Akshay Oberoi, Shenaz Treasury, Isha Talwar and Kunaal Roy Kapoor. The film tells three different stories that are connected to each other in one form or the other. The CBFC had ordered 70 cuts to the film which resulted in a delay in the film’s release. The makers then took their movie to the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal for certification.

What to expect from kaalakaandi?

  • A quirky film

Just like his previous film Delhi Belly, writer and director Akshat Verma has made another quirky film that is not for family audiences. The film has a different take on the topics of cancer, life, and death and makes fun of it in a blatant way.

  • A Dark Comedy

Akshat Verma has described the film as an insight into people’s minds and a look into what people become when no one is watching. Saif Ali Khan’s character in the film is informed that he has stomach cancer and decides to have fun and break several rules and laws because he doesn’t care anymore. The film also makes fun of how people behave in public compared to how they behave when they are alone.

  • Ensemble Cast

Kaalakaandi features a huge ensemble cast of talented actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Vijay Raaz, Deepak Dobriyal and Kunaal Roy Kapoor, all of whom have proven their acting talents time and time again. Teamed up with a writer like Akshat Verma, they are all set to deliver a hilarious performance in the film.

  • Experimental Storytelling

The film tells three different stories that are connected in a small way with each other. The stories then intertwine and the several characters interact with each other forming a different story.

  • Saif Ali Khan’s performance

Saif Ali Khan has proven his acting chops with films like Dil Chahta Hai, Ek Haseena Thi, and Being Cyrus. Even his last two films, Chef and Rangoon, though box-office flops, were praised by critics for the actor's performance. With this film, Saif is looking for a comeback into comedy.