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A Realistic 1 hrs 50 mins Apr 13, 2018
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Kabir Story

Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay

Cast: Dev as Abir Chatterjee AKA DSP Altaf Kabir, Rukmini Maitra as Yasmin Khatun, Shataf Figar as Parvez

Kabir is inspired by the apprehension of notorious Yasin Bhatkal co-founder of Indian Mujahideen, who was behind multiple terrorist attacks and blasts in India, by National Investigation Agency near Indo-Nepal border. The movie starts with a terrific bomb blast in Mumbai. In the next scene, we see a burkha-clad young lady named Yasmin (Rukmini) took a cab from Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai to go to VT station from where she will start her journey towards Kolkata. She saw ambulances, police vehicles on her way to VT. The taxi suddenly stopped as the driver refused to go forward. Yasmin tries to get a lift but nobody would help her in that lesser populated area. Finally, a car stopped and agreed to give her a lift. The person introduced himself as Abir Chatterjee (Dev). He revealed he was also going to VT station to catch a train. 

On the way, Yasmin receives a phone call from his paralyzed father. She assured her father, who came to know about the Mumbai blast from TV news. The car reached VT and Yasmin rushed to the station. She was relieved finding out Duronto Express was late for 2hrs. She headed towards the waiting room where she met Abir again. The journey started and the train journey unveiled a series of chilling incidents. Soon, the real identities of these two started to reveal in front of the audience. The film tries to dig out the root of Terrorism and the causes behind it. 

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