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Kaatrin Mozhi Review

U Drama, Family Nov 16, 2018





Kaatrin Mozhi Review & Rating


Kaatrin Mozhi Review: Jyothika's Viji is Subtly Inspiring

The premise

Women have better common sense than men. Some of the ongoing researches come to this conclusion. Jyothika's character Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan aka Viji in Kaatrin Mozhi stands as an example for this statement. She is sprightly. She faces the daily problems in life by singing a song, dreams of making it big in life and carve herself an identity despite her failure in clearing Class 12. 

The way she handles the situation when men try to talk dirty to her in the late night radio shows is very inspiring. By the way, what's all this about? Who is Viji?

The world of Vijayalakshmi

Radha Mohan's directorial kaatrin Mozhi is the official Tamil remake of the highly acclaimed 2017 Bollywood movie Tumhari Sulu. It is the story of a homemaker named Vijayalakshmi who leads a happy go lucky life. She is lucky in conventional terms. She has a doting husband. Her son adores her. She overcomes the depression of the routine and regular life as a housewife in Chennai by various means like observing the lives of her neighbors or by participating in the contests held by radio stations. 

She is mistreated by her career women of sisters and her father for living a nothing life. Her failure to live a successful life, her husband is a manager in a garment factory and her son is facing problems in his school, irks them. But she is successful in winning prizes in the lemon-spoon race conducted by her colony, she wins many gifts from the radio show contests. But she dreams of having a job of her own and to prove her ability to her sisters. 

Viji's dream comes true

Her luck turns for better one day. When she goes to the radio station to collect her gift, a pressure cooker, Viji chances upon a job requirement in the radio station for a late night show for relationship advice. She impresses the show producer (played by the excellent Kumaravel) and the studio head Maryam (Lakshmi Manchu in an authentic performance). Her unique voice and the ability to sing vintage songs lands her in the job. 

She becomes a big hit with lonely men. She overcomes the hurdles using her common sense. But her success in career creates problems in her personal life. The job pressures take a toll on her husband Balu. Her son is threatened to be expelled from the school. Her sisters declare that her newfound unrespectable job is the reason behind her neglecting her son's studies. She is forced to choose between her career and family happiness. How Viji solves these issues using the same methods that helped her become successful as an RJ, and prove herself to her family form the rest of the story.

Jyothika is adorable

Jyothika is adorable in the role of Vijayalakshmi. She started her second innings with a bang and is choosing roles with substance. Her expressions and body language suited the role to the T. Vidharth is good in the role of Viji's husband. His performance when he has to fire at his wife because of work pressures is excellent. Manchu Lakshmi excelled in the role of an inspiring studio head. She is authoritative in the role. Kumaravel as Kumki is brilliant. 

We have to talk about the cameos played by Simbu and Yogi Babu. Simbu is all class in the few minutes he appears on the screen. With a salt and pepper look, he reminds us of Ajith's cameo in English Vinglish. Though his role has nothing to add to the story, he gives a little bit of kick to the audience. Yogi Babu shines as a man with a lonely heart. Others added value to the film with competent performances. 

Excellent team work

The A. H. Kaashif's background score is superb. Though we get a feeling that the songs should have been better, the blend well with the flow of the narration. The cinematography by Mahesh Muthuswami is lively. It captured the middle-class atmosphere of the film quite well. The editing work is crisp and the production values are great. The locations selected by the art department needs special mention.

Radha Mohan leaves his mark

Now, its time to give a pat to the director Radha Mohan. Known for his creation of strong and realistic women characters and clean family entertainers, he once again proved his worth. He closely followed the spirit of the original and transported the story to the middle-class Chennai lives. Though the story of the film has a universal appeal, Radha Mohan owned it and left his own mark. 


All in all, Kaatrin Mozhi is a breath of fresh air with its light-hearted humor and the brilliant performance of Jyothika. Keeping close to the spirit of the source material, the director Radha Mohan delivered a must watch family entertainer. Go and watch it. You won't be disappointed even with high expectations. Now, the final question. Who is better? Vidya Balan or Jyothika? Okay, leave the comparisons and enjoy the movie. Chimple. 

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    27 Feb 19 @ 2:49 PM

Kaatrin Mozhi Live Updates & Public Talk

Kaatrin Mozhi starring Jyothika has hit the screens today and the general consensus for the film is very positive. The official Tamil remake of the Bollywood movie, Tumhari Sulu, the movie is released amidst high expectations. As the reviews are already done and the morning shows are underway Kaatrin Mozhi is getting a near unanimous positive response. Jyothika's performance as a housewife and the general outlook of the movie are praised.

Jyothika is said to have delivered one of her career-best performances. The movie is funny and emotional. Jyothika is dependably feisty yet achingly vulnerable, breathing life into the conflicted Vijayalakshmi aka Viji. The movie is an entertaining family drama and the director Radha Mohan has done a commendable job. Simbu's cameo is also appreciated by the audience. The movie is entertaining and engaging. 

Kaatrin Mozhi saw Jyothika giving one of her finest performances pulling off the supposedly stereotyped reactions of her in a different meter this time. stamp all over it. A must watch for all family audiences. The movie is about carving one's identity. The movie is going to work big time with the family audience. The movie has a heart-warming story. 

Keep watching this space for more Kaatrin Mozhi public talk and live updates. 

Kaatrin Mozhi Preview

What is Kaatrin Mozhi about?

Kaatrin Mozhi is the story of an ambitious housewife who wants to make her mark in life by pursuing a career. The official Tamil remake of the hugely popular Bollywood movie, Tumhari Sulu, features Jyothika reprising the role of Vidya Balan. The Radha Mohan directorial has a lot to offer. 

Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan aka Viji played by Jyothika is interested in participating in various contests. Jyothika who is known for her expressive style of acting is a perfect fit for the role of Viji who becomes a Radio Jockey who gives relationship advice. After a serious role in her previous film Naachiyaar, Jyothika in Kaatrin Mozhi is ready to make the audience split with laughter. 

Kaatrin Mozhi Promises

The story of a housewife who dreams big

Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan is leading a normal and routine life. But that doesn't stop her from dreaming big. When an unexpected opportunity crops up in the form of a Radio Jockey job for a nighttime relationship advice show, her life takes a drastic turn. She has to manage both her family duties and the new found freedom as a working woman. A typically hilarious take on the life and dreams of a modern day woman who lacks opportunities to shine, Kaatrin Mozhi is surely a breath of fresh air amidst several serious films of late. 


Music plays an important role in Kaatrin Mozhi. It is, in fact, Viji's singing that brings her the chance to be a radio jockey. The songs composed by A. H. Kaashif (nephew of A. R. Rahman) are relatively well received. Viji's ability to sing form a major plot point in the film tells the importance of the songs in this movie. From what is evidenced by the trailer, the background score is going to be good. 

Radha Mohan's direction

Director Radha Mohan is the perfect choice to helm a movie like Kaatrin Mozhi with his knack for a realistic and sensible portrayal of women in cinema. He is also known for delivering clean family entertainers. The family relations which form the central point of this film are expected to be realistic. 

And Jyothika

Jyothika was one of the top heroines of the late 1990s and the early 2000s. She had acted in both mass entertainers and was equally at home in performance-oriented roles. She has a knack to play comedic roles. With humor at the heart of her character in Kaatrin Mozhi, Jyothika is sure to excel. 

Watch this space for Kaatrin Mozhi review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!.