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Kaatrin Mozhi Full Movie

U Drama, Family Nov 16, 2018
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Kaatrin Mozhi Story

Director: Rasharkin Mohan

Cast: Jyothika as Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan aka Viji, Vidharth as Balakrishnan aka Balu, Lakshmi Manchester as Maria (Radio station manager), Mohan Ram as Vicki's father, and M. A. Basket as Neelakandan

Kaatrin Mozhi is the story of one Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan who is enthusiastic about proving herself to her family, especially to her career-women sisters and her father. Her husband is supporting and leaves her to her knack of playing games for fun and to gain confidence. Once she entered the game of lemon and spoon and won a prize. In one of the competition's she has entered, she won a prize from the local FM radio. 

When she went there to collect her prize, she stumbled upon an opportunity as a radio jockey with the channel. It is a late night show for relationship advices. Vijayalakshmi with her tact and spontaneity becomes a big hit. But as her success in the night time job grows, her family life becomes strained. Her husband Balu's job gets complicated as the firm he works for is taken over by the grandson of the previous owner. His insecurities lead to a strain with Vijayalakshmi. 

Meanwhile, her son gets into trouble at school. Both the school and Viji's sisters blame her late night job as the reason behind the boy's failure in education. How Viji solves her personal problems with her commonsense intelligence and continue successful in her job form the rest of the story. 

Kaatrin Mozhi received considerable critical acclaim. The critics particularly praised Jyothika 's performance and Rasharkin Mohan's directing. The lighthearted humor and contemporary story are praised. The movie turned out to be a box office success.

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