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Kaasi Review

U Action, Drama 2 hrs 13 mins May 18, 2018





Kaasi Review & Rating


The theme

Imagine that one day your mother is in serious health trouble and need an organ donation in order to survive. You want to donate one of your healthy functional organs. Then, quite unexpectedly your organ doesn't match your mother's. Or maybe father's. How do you feel? How do you react when you understand that the parents you thought who begat you are not your biological parents but they adopted you? Don't you go in searching for your real parents?

What created curiosity around Kaasi?

Vijay Antony like his name suggests selects powerful subjects. This Tamil music director turned actor has carefully built his on-screen personality with movies that suit his body language and facial expressions. Right from his first lead role in Naan (Nakili in Telugu) and Salim (Dr. Salim in Telugu) to Yaman (Bethaludu in Telugu) and Anna Dhurai (Indrasena in Telugu) he preferred story based films with intense emotional play. 

Antony's Bichagadu created wonders for its producers in Telugu. The movie pushed him to stardom in both Telugu and Tamil, and the actor who plays characters with grey shades became an overnight care of address for the so-called different subjects. All these movies created him a considerable market for Vijay Antony. Now, he is coming up with Kaasi in the direction of Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi.

The story

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Dr. Bharath (it seems doctor characters suit Vijay Antony) is a distinguished medical practitioner in the US (New York City). When he found that the organ donated by him hadn't suited his mother, and when he came to know that the persons he thought were is biological parents are in reality his adoptive parents. He goes to Kancharapalem in Andhra Pradesh. 

There he sets up a clinic and in the process of finding his identity meets another doctor Srivalli (played by Anjali), an ayurvedic one, and later finds that his mother died long ago. Then the search for parents turns into his search for his father. Who is his father? Why he was abandoned by his biological parents? How he ended up with those in America? All these questions will be answered if you watch the movie Kaasi. Let's find out if you need to watch the movie in the first place with Kaasi review. 

The positives

Vijay Antony did a sincere job is an understatement. He obeyed the director and did what was asked of him by the director. We, and of course he, know that he is a limited actor with only a few emotions suit him. He stuck to his strengths and delivered another intense performance, or rather performances, in Kaasi. He played three different roles, and they are not differentiated in personality in any way. The way he moves and the way he carries himself in action sequences make us wonder what would have been the result of the movie if the director has come up with a tight script.

Wasted talent

Anjali, Sunaina, Yogi Babu, and Nassar. All answered to the attendance call by saying, present madam. Nothing of anything like a proper role is given to them. But being experienced and talented actors they are, the delivered decent expressions in order to make the scenes bearable. 

Yogi generated few laughs in the theatre while Nassar's entry towards the interval makes for an intriguing watch. Anjali's role has no meat, and we can consider it as an extended cameo. Rest of the cast members are there to fill the screen and to talk to the hero when he needs information.

Where the things have gone wrong?

Kiruthiga's debut directorial venture (Kaasi is her second film as a director and first movie to be released in multiple languages) Vanakkam Chennai didn't set the box office on fire and the cash registers ringing. This is a sort of a big movie for her as the movie to be made with Telugu audience in the mind. The story she selected is intriguing. She banked on Vijay Antony's mother sentiment sentiment with Bichagadu. That is where the positives end. 

The movie in the first ten minutes is as good as it gets from any other director. The visions of the hero and the way the main character is introduced make for an intriguing watch. That may be the reason why the first seven minutes of the movie is released on the Internet. the tone and style of the movie changes and fall down drastically once the scenery shifts to India. Kiruthiga failed to writer proper characterisations. Adding to that, the multiple flashbacks irritate the audience. 

The root of the movie

Vijay Antony's fascination for mother sentiment finds its roots in his real life as his mother brought him and his sister up by working very hard after his father's death when he was seven. That may be the reason he had put his soul into making this film. But the director miserably failed to recreate the magic of Bichagadu. 

The crew

The music by Vijay Antony is below average when it comes to songs. But the background score well complemented the visuals. he sounds he selected for certain scenes prove his mastery in music direction. The cinematography by Richard M. Nathan is good. The lighting scheme for various flashbacks is excellent. Editing could have been better. A good 30 minutes can be chopped off to save the audience from the misery.

Production values by Vijay Antony Film Corporation are great. The visuals show the money is well spent. The Telugu version dubbing is superb. Hemachandra's voice suited Vijay Antony to the T. If only the screenplay is as good, the results will have been different.  


Overall an intriguing storyline and some good performances failed to lift the movie which suffers endlessly from the script with multiple flashbacks. Vijay Antony's screen presence and the basic concept make the movie barely bearable. You can avoid it if you want to spend your hard earned money on something worthwhile. 

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Kaasi Live Updates & Public Talk

When Vijay Antony's Kaasi was announced, everyone thought of a different story and an intense emotional movie. The actor-music director himself promised that the movie will have emotions and thrills. Today the movie is released and the morning shows are underway. Vijay Antony's portrayal of multiple characters and his intense performance are praised. 

The talk for the movie and the direction of Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi are panned by the audience. Yogi Babu comedy, especially the one-liners as the compounder received positive feedback, but only to some extent the movie is good. 

Watch this space for more public talk, live updates of Vijay Antony Kaasi. 

Kaasi Preview

What to expect from Kaasi?

Vijay Antony has created a market for himself with movies like Bichagadu and Bethaludu. Both the movies are known for their novel subject matter and intense storytelling. He also proved himself to be adept at portraying characters with gray shades and emotional turmoil. 

He is now coming up with Kaasi, in the direction of Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi. Kaasi is a family action thriller set in a village. Uday Harsha Vaddella, Ganesh Penubothu, and Pradyumna Chandrabati present the movie to the Telugu audience on Legend Cinema. Anjali and Sunaina play the female leads in this movie. The movie is expected to portray two shades of the character played by Vijay Antony. Amritha and Shilpa Manjunath will be seen in other important roles.

Kashi is all about the story of an NRI doctor, who gets the shock of his life when his mother falls ill. He wants to donate his kidney to his mother but his kidney does not match. What happens next? Form the rest of the story.

What to expect from Kaasi?

Vijay Antony Intense performance

The multi-talented person Antony who had made all his acting ventures reach a wide range of audience like other big stars. He is known for portraying intense roles with an emotional arc. From the trailer, it can be evidenced that Vijay Antony did another emotional roller coaster of a role. We can assume that he is playing three roles or a character with three shades. Kaasi promises to be a sure shot success for Vijay with his powerhouse performance. 

Vijay Antony heroines

Vijay Antony not only portrays intense roles which pack an emotional ride but also makes sure that his heroines have substantial roles with in-depth characterisation. Anjali who has already great fan base in Tamil Nadu with her performances in movies like Angadi Theru and known in Telugu as Seethamma in Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. Sunaina is also a competent actress. Despite her popularity with Tamil audience, she is a known face in Teluguland with movies like  10th Class. 

Technical crew and production values

Kiruthika Udhayanidhi and Vijay Antony have roped in some of the finest technicians on board for Kaasi. As this is Vijay Antony's own production in Tamil, he has taken every care to deliver a stunning visual extravaganza. Richard M Nathan, the man behind the lens of Kaali is noted for his amazing composition of frames in the movies like Angadi Theru, Vishal’s Savar and Naan Sigappu Manithan, Vanakkam Chennai.

The music side of the film is in the secure hands of Vijay Antony himself who is known for complimenting the visuals on the screens with his sounds. With all this, we can expect a visual treat from Vijay Antony and Kiruthika Udhayanidhi in the movie Kaali.