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Kaala (Telugu) Full Movie

Action Jun 7, 2018
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Kaala Story

Director: Pa. Ranjith

Cast:  Rajinikanth as Kaala, Nana Patekar as Haridev Abhayankar aka Hari Dada, Huma Qureshi as Zareena, Eswari Rao as Kaala's wife, and Samuthirakani as Kaala's right hand. 

In Mumbai, the people who had migrated from South India are living in the Dharavi slum. Union minister Haridev Abhayankar who is also known as Hari Dada, previously a gangster who had carried out attacks in Dharavi, tries to evict the people and seize the vast land.

Over the years he becomes a minister in the government and increases his political power. He plans to clear the area to construct buildings using his construction company. He makes it look like a government scheme with the help of his supporter Vishnu Bhai. But, Karikaalan aka Kaala, living in Dharavi, opposes it to protect the area and the people. 

Kaala's ex-lover Zareen returns to her native Dharavi as a representative non-governmental organization that hopes to improve the living standards in Dharavi unbeknownst to Hari Dhadha’s intentions. Hari Dada goes to Dharavi to threaten by is overpowered by the imposing Kaala. He then resorts to direct attack and in the fight, Kaala's wife gets killed alongside their first son. Kaala vows revenge and fights with all his might against the powerful minister. 

Hari Dada uses all his power to nab the Dharavis by eliminating Kaala. What is the outcome of the two men and how Kaala keeps Dharavi lands to its rightful owners, the slum dwellers form the rest of the story.

Kaala was released to mostly negative reviews from the reviewers and the audience. But Rajinikanth's performance is hailed as one of his best of all time. Rest of the cast members are praised for their work. Kaala Tamil Full Movie was also released by the makers.

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