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Sollividava Review

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Sollividava Review & Rating


Sollividava is an action Romantic movie directed by the ace actor Arjun Sarja starring Aishwarya Arjun and Chandan Kumar. The movie tells the tale of two journalists who are on their mission to cover Kargil War.  The movie set in the backdrop of War lacks enough content to make the audience sit back and enjoy.

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

The first thing one expects in an Arjun film is action, and debutant Chandan pulls off two fight ...

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The movie expected to be an action film was filled with too much of romance in wrong places. The director tries to work ou patriotism and Nationalism through the War sequences and Military Warfield ambience but fails. The director has made scenes to bring out emotions and sentiments toward Kargil War and has succeeded to an extent. Chandan, Kannada actor made a decent debut in the Tamil Industry. His action sequences were interesting. The actor had more to perform when compared to post interval scenes. The Post interval scenes had fight sequences, action and adventure mixed regular slots. 

Rating 1.25 from  cinemaexpress

Sollividava feels like a film that has hit the screens a decade too late.

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Arjun's daughter Aishwarya performed the role very nicely. She had put her efforts into delivering the character at its best. Her performance in romance scene and songs were remarkable. She has improved a lot. Director has given enough space for his lead actors to perform but failed to give enough content to perform. The romance and emotional scenes were filled with cliches and the war portions were stereotypic. The comedy sequences didn't work and it doesn't matter for a serious war-love movie but the movie had nothing much to engage the audience. Even the songs scored by Jassie Gift was disappointing. 

Arjun as a writer had lots of flaws in setting the story and the screenplay. The screenplay was filled with too many cliches and lengthy dialogues trying to create the mood and feel of patriotism. He failed to bring out something interesting in the movie to entertain and engage the audience. The dialogues were felt like boring lectures and unwanted. The expectations on action and adventure in the movie were high but the action king of Kollywood had let loose the action sequences with no thrill.

The Final verdict: The Action King who tries to engage the audience with a romantic thriller set in the backdrop of War has nothing new to offer in Sollivida. The movie filled with Cliche romance sequences and War scene stereotypes is just a watchable flick.

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Sollividava, directed by Kollywood's action King Arjun Sarja featuring  Kannada actor Chandan Kumar and Arjun Sarja's daughter Aishwarya Sarja in the lead roles. Sollividava is an action romantic thriller written and bankrolled by Arjun under the banner Sri Raam Film International. 


The movie Sollividava deals with Patriotism with a sideline of romance, action and adventure. The director brings out the best in the lead actors.

The movie Sollividava has the lead pairs Aishwarya Arjun and Chandan doing the characters of journalists who are out for the mission to cover Kargil War. The tale of their romance begins in the backdrop of war. The chemistry between the lead pairs are evident and has succeeded to an extent.

Arjun has tried to recreate the war sequence and has crafted the scenes to bring out emotions and feeling for nation and respect for the war heroes and soldiers through Sollividava.

Sollividava Preview

What Is Sollividava About?

Arjun Sarja's daughter Aishwarya Arjun made her debut with Pattathu Yaanai opposite Vishal but the movie has turned out to be an average fare at the box office. Now, she is making a comeback with Sollividava, the Tamil-Kannada bilingual written and directed by her father Arjun. Sollividava is about two reporters who face a challenging situation and it is said to be a proper love story with commercial elements. Arjun took the challenge of relaunching his daughter with Sollividava and apart from writing and directing the movie he has also bankrolled it under his own production house. The trailer looked promising with good visuals and great chemistry between the lead pair.

What To Expect From Arjun's Sollividava?

  • A Proper Commercial Entertainer

Arjun Sarja was one of the best commercial heroes of his time and he surely knows the pulse of the mass audience. With an experienced actor like him directing a film aiming to relaunch his daughter, we can expect a proper commercial entertainer which would attract all sections of the audience. Sollividava is set in the backdrop of war which gives ample scope for the director Arjun and the actors Chandan Kumar and Aishwarya Arjun. The movie is about two journalists who fall in love during Kargil War. The storyline itself sounds pretty interesting and if executed properly, it can turn out to be a neat commercial entertainer that can shatter box office records for sure.

  • Great Combination Of Action and Romance

Chandan Kumar who worked as a Television actor and in a couple of films will be romancing Aishwarya Arjun in this flick. They both look adorable together in the trailer and their on-screen chemistry is touted to be one of the major highlights of Sollividava. The trailer has few romantic moments which are dealt with great finesse without being so vulgar. One can expect more of such moments in the first half of the movie. As the movie is based on war backdrop, there is a great scope for action sequences, especially during the latter part of the film. Arjun Sarja himself is known as action king who can effortlessly perform toughest of the action sequences. With his presence in the movie and as he is directing the movie, there seems to be enough dose of well-choreographed action sequences.

  • Good Performances

Sollividava has less experienced actors like Chandan Kumar and Aishwarya Arjun in the lead roles but it is well supported by versatile actors like Prakash Raj, Arjun Sarja, Suhasini Manirathnam, Vishwanath etc. Prakash Raj seems to have a crucial role in the movie and he has been very selective with the roles he is playing these days. It would be great to see the talented actor on the big screen after a while and same is the case with Suhasini as well. Arjun is playing one more crucial role himself and nothing much has been revealed about that role until this point of time. It would be exciting to see which role he plays in the movie, but we have to wait for a few more days to see that.

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