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Jyothi Lakshmi

U/A Drama, Romance Jun 12, 2015
Jyothi Lakshmi

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Jyothi Lakshmi Poster

Charmi plays the title role in this Puri Jagannadh directed action drama. Charmi plays a hooker who earns well from her customers. She eventual falls in love with one of her customers and elopes to get married. The brothel owners cannot tolerate this and decide to search for her and force her to get back to the brothel. Charmi rebels and fights back as she wants to lead a normal family life with respect. In an act fury she hits back and eliminates the people who want her back. This makes the society people respect and take notice of her as she fights back single-handedly.

Jyothi Lakshmi Cast & Crew

  • Charmy Kaur


  • Satya Dev


  • Sunil Kashyap

    Music Director

  • Puri Jagannadh