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Junglee Review

U/A Action, Adventure, Thriller 1 hrs 55 mins Mar 29, 2019





Junglee Review & Rating

Junglee Review: Vidyut Jamwal Rescues The Elephants And The Movie

The premise

What can you say when you get to watch cute animals on the screens? Yes. Yes. I want it. No? Add breathtaking martial arts to that? It’s gonna be high on fun and an ultimate adventure ride for the audience who are kids at their hearts. This premise only brought interest in this reviewer when he came across Junglee. Boy! How much fun it is to leave logics and trash talk inside the cloakroom and just enjoy the fun. 

But there is a catch. You just shouldn’t think about anything. Keep your thoughts aside for about 115 minutes and enjoy the spectacle. You’ll fall in love with Bhola the elephant with majestic tusks and Raj Nair’s (Ah! The name is as routine as the story of this film) daredevilry. Chuck Russell who is known for high on action adventure fun films like Scorpion King, Eraser (with none other than Mr.  Terminator Arnold) makes his Bollywood debut with his signature film. 

The story

Junglee has a wafer-thin story like in the case with all the high concept Hollywood adventure films aimed mostly at kids. The movie is marketed as such and if you look at it like that you’ll have no problem with the fact that you have heard this story since the days you’re in your nappies (Huggies). Raj Nair is a veterinary doctor (or to use the fancy term in the movie, an animal healer). When he comes across the news that his mother died, and leaves for his elephant sanctuary which is maintained by his father. 

Like all good heroes from adventure films do, he hasn’t been to his place for about a decade. And like in the case with everything nowadays, much has changed... except a few of his people. Bhola is Bhola, now the king of his pack, his childhood friends. He also rekindles his friendship with Shankara the mahoot. But he immediately smells a problem. The animals (read: elephants) are hounded by international smugglers, with their eyes specifically on the majestic Bhola. And we know the rest. 

The performances

Chuck Norris... sorry sorry... Vidyut Jamaal is a live wire. Much has been said about his martial art skills and they are in full on display throughout the movie except for about 20 minutes. His stunts are spectacular especially the Kalariyapattu (remember, he’s Raj Nair). His toned body gives goals to boys and okay. Leave at it. As for his acting skills, he is passable and his chemistry with Bhola is terrific. The same is true with the lead lady Pooja Sawant. But she’s more of an ornament to the film. There are no meaty roles for others except Atul Kulkarni and Makrand Deshpande. 

Writing and direction

The writing by Akshat Ghildhial, Suman Adhikary, Adam Prince, and Raghav Dar is flat at best. The story is generic all right. But the narration is way too convenient. The screenplay has its high points but their concentration is comparatively low. Fortunately, spectacular stunts and animals covered for it. What disappoints most is the direction. He may not be in the class of Spielberg or Michael Bay, Chuck Russell is known for well-crafted films with interesting storylines. 

But he failed here on every note. He failed to bring out the acting capabilities of none of the main characters. It is a crime to underutilise the likes of Atul Kulkarni and Makrand Deshpande. While Vidyut is not known for his acting chops, the story could have been properly woven around the aura of his action hero. Who in their right brain expects performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger? But the stories were and are woven around his USP. That is... heavy duty action. 

The crew

The music has nothing to write about and the background score is plain okayish. The cinematography is top notch from Mark Irwin and Sachin Gadankush. The framing and visuals are nothing short of wonderful. The editing is also slick with the intercuts done well. The production team did a great job. The production values are grand. All in all, Junglee may not have a great story or stand out points, but it’s a well-made film. 


You can give it a try alongside your kids if you like fun action adventures. But if you’re a serious film lover, better look elsewhere. The promise of Vidyut Jamwal’s stunts is fulfilled. And that’s that.


  • Vidyut Jamwal
  • Bhola the elephant
  • The background set up of animals
  • Electrifying stunt work


  • Way too generic storyline
  • Pathetic execution
  • Average writing

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Tailpiece: Junglee is sure to appeal to smaller kids. 

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Junglee User Reviews

  • G

    29 Mar 19 @ 10:23 AM

    Not a bad movie but could have been better. Action scenes and the scenes with the elephants are so good

  • G

    29 Mar 19 @ 10:23 AM

    Not a bad movie but could have been better. Action scenes and the scenes with the elephants are so good

  • G

    13 Apr 19 @ 12:32 AM

    Movie have good potential but poor executive 

Junglee Live Updates & Public Talk

Action adventure film Junglee is a tribute to animals saying that this world is not only for human beings. Based on the concept of the infamous animal poaching, Junglee is a treat to those who love being close to nature. The film is directed by Chuck Russell, an American filmmaker who earlier launched the careers of global stars like Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Lee. And who could be the best action hero that our very own Vidyut Jammwal? Vidyut has given his till date's best performance in Junglee. As the title of the film, Vidyut's character is wild who stands against the illegal poaching of elephants. The elephants are the stars of the film which add treats to the visuals of the film. Look what stars are saying about the film. 

Since it is Chuck Russell's directed film, the expectation from the film was way too high. Though the narration of Junglee could have been better, one cannot deny the fact that Vidyut's stands tall alone in the film. Vidyut has already established himself as an action hero and Junglee only adds more stars to his name. Since the film is winning big hearts, check what audiences have to say about Junglee. 

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