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June (Malayalam) Full Movie

U Drama, Family 2 hrs 21 mins Feb 15, 2019
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June Story 

Director: Ahammed Khabeer

Cast: Rajisha Vijayan as June Sara Joy, Joju George as Panama Joy (June's father), Aswathi Menon as Mini Joy (June's mother), and Sarjano Khalid as Noel. 

June tells the coming of age tale of a young girl in Kerala how she dwells through her high school days through to her wedding and the incidents that shaped her personality. The film starts with June Sarah Joy getting ready for her first day in Class 11 which is generally considered the first big turning point in one's life. 

June shares an amicable and warm friendly relationship with her father who even lets her taste beer so that she can enjoy the moments like that with him. But her mother is a strict disciplinarian. Her first day at school ends up on a mixed note. She comes across a handsome guy named Noel and alongside whom she is made the class leader. But she finds herself to be lacking in a few skills like failing to introduce herself properly when the teacher asks her to. 

Slowly but steadily she and Noel make their class win the championship during the School Youth Festival. Noel also gets closer to her and they reciprocate each other's love. But when her parents come to know about Noel, June ends her relationship with Noel. They part away further when she joins a nearby college for further studies and he moves to Mumbai where his parents reside. How and if June and Noel get united again, and how June cope with the loss of her first love form the basis for this film. 

June received highly positive reviews and went on to become a commercial success. Rajisha Vijayan's performance in the eponymous role received high critical acclaim. Joju George and Aswathy also received praise from the critics. 

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