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Adanga Maru Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 15 mins Dec 21, 2018





Adanga Maru Review & Rating


Adanga Maru Review: A Well-Made Cop Thriller With A Timely Message

The premise

Jayam Ravi is an interesting actor in Tamil Cinema. He has been juggling between commercial potboilers and concept-based films. He also has the rare knack of doing both at the same time. Now, in Adanga Maru, he plays the role of a police officer who feels wronged by the department. With a role that perfectly suits him, let's see if Jayam Ravi continued his success streak with Adanga maru review.

The story

Subhash is a sincere cop. He is not just a cinematic sincere cop. He means business. As a youngster for an eye for innovation, he uses technology in a constructive manner. As usual with every modern day youngster, despite his aspirations, here Subhash wants to crack IPS, this young inspector gives importance to his family. After all, a family is a building block of society. Subhash believes that if police work with honesty and stand for people, the police stations will be treated as temples. he has a girlfriend, played by Raashi Khanna. 

One day, Subhash comes across a dead young girl. He senses something fishy in it and tries to crack the case. One of his higher officials asks him to close the case quickly by writing that it is nothing more than a suicide. Despite this, Subhash nabs four youngsters and puts them behind the bars. As usual with such stories, the four youngsters belong to higher class families. When Subhash doesn't relent to serve justice for the young lady, he is suspended. 

As we have understood from the trailer, Subhash's family gets into trouble. How Subhash fight his way out of the corruption and solve the case? How he joins the ranks of common men and achieve his dream of making the police revered and how and if he saves his dear ones form the rest of the story. 

Jayam Ravi looked the part

Jayam Ravi is terrific in the role of a tech-savvy cop. He excelled in the serious scenes and showed a bit of variation in his portrayal from his previous cop film Thani Oruvan. He looked the part and appeared intelligent as the character demands. Adanga maru can easily be one of his top five films when it comes to performance. The hard work he has put in paid off very well. 

Raashi Khanna has a limited role. She looked gorgeous in the role. Sampath as one of the higher officials is good. The four guys who involved in the crime are decent. Rest of the cast did a good job of doing looking the part. But the movie entirely belongs to Ravi. And rightfully, he carried the film on his broad shoulders. 

Very good direction

Director Karthik Thangavel has come up with a routine/regular commercial revenge drama with a policeman as the protagonist. But the treatment he has given the story stands out. The inserted the message in a very subtle way in the narration and the proceedings looked organic. Some of the questions he raised and the answers he has given through Subhash are quite good. His handling of the final half hour is exemplary. he never lost the pace throughout the runtime. 

But at certain places, the logic is left in thin air. Like one of the villains points the gun in the court itself and Spyder style using of common people in punishing one of the youngsters who killed the girl look artificial and doesn't gell with the rest of the narration. They are interesting nevertheless. 

The crew

The music by Sam CS. is okayish in the songs but the background score went hand in hand with the narration. It helped make the proceedings intriguing. The cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan stands out. The color and lighting scheme he used went well with the mood of the film. The editing is excellent. Production values by Home Movie Makers are top-notch. The action choreography by Stn Siva and his son Kevin Kumar are first class. 


Adanga maru which starts and runs like a regular cop and revenge drama stands out for its timely message and well-packaged setpieces. If only the antagonists are a bit more powerful and certain logics are not left in the air, it would have become a great film it deserves to be. But still, it is a well made and racy thriller that doesn't disappoint even when you go to the threatres with expectations. Another good choice for the weekend. 


  • Concept
  • Jayam ravi Performance
  • Slick narration
  • Technical brilliance


  • Routine story
  • Certain cinematic liberties

Pycker rating: 3.25 out of 5

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Adanga Maru User Reviews

  • sagar Uddin

    24 Dec 18 @ 2:05 AM

    Nice movie every thing was nice story Acton and thalier
  • Hari

    27 Feb 19 @ 2:47 PM

Adanga Maru Live Updates & Public Talk

After the phenomenal success of Thani Oruvan, we get to see Jayam Ravi as a cop once again in Adanga Maru. The trailer of the film which was very gripping and intense has drew the attention of the movie lovers. The film has released today competing with 4 other Tamil movies. The makers of Adanga Maru have held a special screening for the press and the reports from the show are very positive.

Adanga Maru is being said as a racy action entertainer with revenge as its core subject. The performances of Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna are being appreciated and the background score of Sam CS is being termed as the major highlight of Adanga Maru. The first half is said to be very racy and engaging as Jayam Ravi perfectly plays the angry cop.

The plotline of Adanga Maru is said to be routine but the well researched writing and execution seems to have done the trick in making it a must watch thriller. Director Karthik is said to have done a fantastic job in executing crucial scenes, especially in the second half. The reports are pretty positive and Adanga Maru has the chances of ending up as a huge hit at the box office.

Stay tuned for Adanga Maru review and live updates.

Adanga Maru Preview

What is Adanga Maru about?

Jayam Ravi has scored his biggest hit as a cop in the form of Thani Oruvan. Now, he returns to the character that suits him well with Adanga Maru. In the movie, the hero says if the justice is served, police stations will equally be revered as the temples by people. Sujatha Vijayakumar produces this action drama on Clap Board Production. Raashi Khanna plays the female lead in this Karthik Thangavel directorial. 

The story of Adanga maru revolves around Subhash who stands for justice at any cost. The movie involves the right mix of action and mind games and promises to be an engaging entertainer. 

Adanga Maru Promises

Jayam Ravi in full flow

Jayam Ravi is an intense actor. As the action choreographer Stun Siva said in a media chitchat, he maintains consistency in his emotions during the action sequences. As an upright cop who doesn't want to back down when fighting the negative forces, Jayam Ravi's character as officer Subhash is a treat for action film lovers. We can surely get to watch him in full flow during the action scenes. His character takes side with people rather than the supposedly wise heads in the department. 

An intense action drama

The movie promises to be an intense action drama. From what is evidenced by the trailer, the movie is high on both action and emotions. The hero who is a sincere and justice serving policeman has a family to look after and it is the family the baddies target. Debutant Karthik Thangavel seems to have come up with an intriguing story.

Music and cinematography

Anyone who watched the trailer can say that the music director Sam CS. has given his all for this film. The score is intriguing. It helped up the ante in the trailer and if it does the same in the movie, it will surely help make the film a memorable experience. As this is an action-packed film, the cinematography must be slick. From the trailer, it is evident that Sathyan Sooryan has done justice for the genre of this film. 

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