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Jawker Dhan Review

U Action, Adventure, Thriller 1 hrs 47 mins Aug 4, 2017





Jawker Dhan Review & Rating


Hemendra Kumar Roy's 'Jawker Dhan' is a distant memory even to the 90's kids. Probably their parents will be nostalgic about the movie. Making a film adaption of such an old story, setting it in this Internet-savvy era keeping its real flavor intact is a difficult task. But, the debutant filmmaker Sayantan Ghosal has passed with flying marks in this section.

Rating 3 from  timesofindia

Hemendra Kumar Roy's 'Jawker Dhan' is a distant memory even to the 90's kids. Probably their pare...

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  • S

    11 Mar 20 @ 6:03 PM


    25 Aug 17 @ 2:52 PM

    Very good cinematography .

  • Subhashis

    20 Aug 17 @ 4:34 PM

    Well made movie, keeps up the suspense, fast paced. liked it

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Jawker Dhan Preview

'Jawker Dhan', directed by Sayantan Ghoshal, is an adventure drama which revolves around a thrilling journey to find a hidden treasure with the help of two encrypted Sculls. Starring Parambrata and Rahul as Kumar and Bimal, the film is set to release at the end of July.

The trailer of the movie looked promising and have grabbed the attention of the Bengali audience who enjoys the adventure stories. Especially, being based on Hemendrakuram Ray's story it will attract both kids and adults in the theatres. Many have some memories regarding the original book, who would be interested to see its screen adaptation. The stellar cast including Sabyasachi, Kaushik Sen, and Priyanka is a plus.