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Jiivi Review

U Mystery, Thriller Jun 28, 2019





Jiivi Review & Rating

Jiivi Review: A Little Gem Of A Thriller You Should Not Miss

The premise

Tamil Cinema is blessed with directors who are quite adept at churning out one thriller after another without the fear of ideas drying out. Just in the last couple of years, there are more than a dozen good to great thrillers. Intelligent thrillers always give the audience a kick that cannot be experienced elsewhere. This week, we have the movie Jiivi to join this illustrious list. 

Story of Saravanan the School-dropout Genius

Saravanan is a guy who leads a life which is a dream for most of the modern youngsters. No, he’s not a software engineer or has a job in a big MNC to the delight of his parents. Rather he’s a school dropout. Left his formal education when he was studying class 8 as he understands that he could live without a hitch if he has hands-on and practical knowledge. 

And knowledge! He is bordering on genius in his practical intellect. He is well read. Read a lot of books. The advent of internet added even more scope for him. YouTube is a gold mine for him. He can do virtually anything and at any moment. But parents being parents pressure him to settle in life (read: get a job so that we can search for matches). He then moves from his hometown to Chennai. 

There he does odd jobs to earn enough to keep him in comfort but his girlfriend leaves him as he is not desirably good economically. In the meantime, he understands that his landlady has a lot of gold for the purpose of marry off her visually challenged daughter. Saravanan thinks that he will be settled in a real sense if he vanishes with her gold. 

He hatches a master plan with his buddy Mani and steals the gold. He takes every care that he couldn’t be caught. But Karma bites (or is it?). His father dies and his sister’s wedding plans go awry as she elopes with some anonymous person. Then he understands that there is something... a connection between his family and his landlady’s. Synchronicity. There’s a strange coincidence between things happening in his family and the landlady’s family. What turn his life takes after that is all the film Jiivi about. 

{Synchronicity: An experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally un-related.}


Vetri improved considerably from his previous outing in 8 Thottakkal. His deadpan expressions and languid body language help the character of Saravanan. Karunakaran who played Mani is excellent and he generates superb humour without going the route of a stereotypical comedian. Mime Gopi, Rohini, and Rama are neat in their respective roles. But this film is not an acting powerhouse. 


All the credit for the success of this movie goes to the director-writer duo of VJ Gopinath and Babu Tamizh who have come up with an engaging storyline and used the concept of Synchronicity and Triangle Effect to take the film a notch above the regular crime thrillers. The dialogues are spot on and have a philosophical base without sounding heavy. The protagonist’s acts are grounded in his own philosophical moral values and the dialogues are apt for that. The narration is free-flowing. 

The crew

The music of the film is good. Background score is neat. The direction of the movie is excellent. The cinematography is atmospheric and captures the vision of the director. Praveen KL has come up with the best editing work for a Tamil film this year. Kudos. The cuts are sharp and he did everything to keep the flow of the film. The production of the movie is decent. 

Recommendation: Go and watch this little gem. You won’t be disappointed. 


  • Engaging story
  • Novel concept
  • Neat work by actors
  • Surprise twists
  • Cinematography and music


  • The morality of the protagonist is ambiguous which may not go well with a section of audience

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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