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Jhummandi Naadam

Drama, Musicals, Romance 2 hrs 25 mins Jul 1, 2010
Jhummandi Naadam

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Jhummandi Naadam Poster
A young man who is an aspiring singer wants to become as great as famous singer S P Balasubramanyam. He lands in the city challenging his rival village head with all the blessings from parents. He resides exactly opposite to the house of Captain Rao a very old fashioned man who has no interest in music. The rest of the story is all about how the young man pursues and wins the career of music and a woman but then Captain Rao hols the key in both.

Jhummandi Naadam Cast & Crew

  • Tapsee Pannu


  • Manchu Manoj


  • Manchu Lakshmi