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Jathi Ratnalu Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 28 mins Mar 11, 2021





Jathi Ratnalu Review & Rating

Jathi Ratnalu Review: Gem Of A Comic Caper

First you have to know what it is. Then you have to to understand what you’re getting. Then you’ll be mesmerised.

But knowing and understanding are the two important components when it comes to watching and appreciating Jathi Ratnalu. The Naveen Polishetty starrer has created an amazing buzz among the youth with on and on promotions and the wild publicity it has been given by the lead actors, the production team and the fans made it to the lists of must-watch films for many of the movie buffs. It’s released today amidst huge competition from two more Tollywood films with buzz, Gaali Sampath and Sreekaram. Add to that there’s the Telugu dubbed Kannada movie Roberrt.

Making a comedy film is too tough these days. We already know, comedy is the toughest job as the actors and filmmakers themselves stated so many times it had become a cliche a long time ago. With several comedy shows on television, Facebook and WhatsApp have become treasure troves for anonymous talents to create witty and fun oneliners or punches, it has become tougher for writers to not get influenced by one joke or another from the available literature (read: internet or television shows).

But Jathi Ratnalu tries to be an original by creating its own world. But any comedy thread needs the padding up of a story so that it hooks the audience interest and make them invest in the proceedings. Else, the audience could well be watching YouTube comedy videos (featuring great scenes from several past movies). So, what’s the story here?

The Jathi Ratnalu

Srikanthl’s father runs a ladies emporium in Jogipet. Like every youngster from small town, our guy is ashamed of people calling him Ladies Emporium Srikanth because his friends laugh and make fun of that epithet. To escape the image and impression, he dreams of getting a job in a big city and moves to Hyderabad. He wants to settle there. Tags along with him are his two close friends Sekhar and Ravi. But their actual troubles start when they land in Hyderabad.

Circumstances lead them to occupy a vacant flat in a rich gated community. Our Jathi Ratnalu are obviously oblivious to the way of living there. Meanwhile, age and hormones conspire so that Srikanth falls for the charm of Chitti (Faria), as he’s the lead actor and is played by Naveen Polishetty (can’t think of a better reason for the other two guys not having a heroine). Chitti is the daughter of their neighbor in that posh locality.

One of the residents of the complex is a politician - aptly named - Chanakya.

SPOILER: As that politician is played by Murli Sharma, he must cause our Jathi Ratnalu trouble. ENDS

One day, he throws a party. Srikanth, Ravi, and Sekhar land in a trouble due to an incident at the party, and they are sent to jail as we know who frames them. To keep the plot afloat only our Ratnalu don’t get who framed them.

And we all know what happens next.

It's A Team work

A routine but good enough story to to be the backbone of the film as our heroes and their misadventures require the screenplay to be strong. The narration is terrific. The screenplay is neat right from the word go. There is a lot of situational humour enhanced by witty dialogues. It is as much the work of the writer and director as it is Naveen Polishetty’s. The way he ad libbed has helped the film go to the next level. His funny yet heroic screen presence, endearingly familiar appearance all make him a darling of the audience.

Add to that Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna are all round actors. Their bromance with Naveen added more depth to the comedy. The situations are silly. The plot looks convoluted for any other film. The comedy is over the top. The plot elements are downright laugh worthy. But it is what the film is meant to be. Our protagonist trio makes everything tick on the screen with their magic. The screenplay is smooth flowing.

The first half starts on an urgent note and the same is continued through out the film. The first half is more about the fun generated courtesy our Ratnalu. One comical bang after another rolls out on the screen and we don’t get much time to think about the faults in the film. Everything is covered very well by the magic of humour. The second half lacks the punch of the first half but it is where the actual conflict gets established.

Other actors

The court scenes are laugh riots thanks to the presence of Brahmanandam. It’s a lot of fun a.. a. And nostalgia to watch Brahmanandam in such a comic role after along time. Naveen should be commended for going toe to toe with Brahmi in every scene they are in and the entire theatre comes down with laughter every time one of them serves a punch dialogue. Brahmanandam brought out his experience to stand firm alongside the young actor.

Faria Abdulla appeared more like an elder sister to Naveen than a love interest. But she’s a beauty and makes sure we appreciate the fact. She gets some importance in the second half of the film and she did well. She has a great screen presence. Brahmaji played a routine role and is routinely terrific in the plot turning role. Others did well as per the demands of the script.

The crew

The music of the film is superb. The songs are beautiful. The background score is chaotically good pertaining to the genre of the film. The cinematography is good enough. The editing should have been sharp in the second half. The art department did a fine job. Jathi Ratnalu production values are top notch and Swapna Cinema has done a great job by presenting us with such a clean comedy.


If you understand what to expect from the film and the genre, you'll be sure that Naveen Polishetty makes sure he delivers it. Jathi Ratnalu is a gem of a film if your expectations are right. 2 hour runtime and a bit sharper climactic block would have made this an instant classic. Jathi Ratnalu as it is presented now is a great weekend fun watch which will be more effective if you watch with your friends gang.

Highly recommended!!

A sequel cannot be ruled out.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

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