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Jalebi Review

U/A Drama, Musicals, Romance 1 hrs 52 mins Oct 12, 2018





Jalebi Review & Rating

Jalebi Review: Better Eat Jalebi Than Watch This Jalebi

He calls her his Jalebi. And she is an independent woman who displays her freedom authentically. Will get to that in a bit. Jalebi is the official Bollywood remake of the Bengali hit film Praktan means (Ex or Former). It is the story of Aysha and Dev, an estranged couple who accidentally meets in a 30-hour-long train journey and goes down the memory lane. 

As this is a train journey, we have to come across some other characters who are the obligatory co-passengers. But their presence does no good or bad to the plot of the film. Rhea Chakraborty played the role of Aysha with a bit of artificial ease. She is a career-minded woman who becomes the youngest partner in her firm and is a copywriter. Over time, she becomes an author. To give more hints that she is an independent woman, she smokes cigarettes. No. Nothing wrong with that. But the makers are getting too stereotypical in sketching such characters. 

Dev played by the debutant Varun Mitra settles down in his life with his wife and a child when he happens upon Aysha. We are then treated to some flashback scenes which show how these two guys met and married and finally broke up with each other. Their love is impulsive. A Mumbai girl, Aysha goes to Delhi and her tour guide there, Dev who has an interest in the architecture appears like a like-minded person for her. They marry and find themselves in a fix. 

Aysha is impulsive and is shown as a confused soul who doesn't know what she knows. She leads a no-compromise life. Or she thinks so. Dev is a sort of domestic person who wants to live in his haveli and wants to look after his mother. There is no career woman restrained by her husband as hinted at in the trailer. It appears like the heroine dumped him when he fails to comply when she asked him to leave his home and mother so that she can be in the place that is helpful for advancing her life. 

Rhea Chakraborty is barely bearable in the role of Aysha while Varun Mitra is wooden in few scenes. He has a charming smile and the scenes that wanted to convey the chemistry between them are better censored. No. Not for their crassness. But they are not needed to drive home point. The train they have boarded may have an aim: that is to reach Delhi. But unfortunately the narration of the film doesn't have such a luxury. Pushpdeep Bhardwaj pathetically failed in keeping the audience engaged. 

The co-passengers have their own stories but do we need to talk about them when the story of the main leads fails to engage us? Well, a couple of songs in the film are quite good but they are nothing special. The music director tried his best to give context to the romance and pathos with some good work. The cinematography tried to make things better but... all wasted in the barren land of the dull narration. All in all, Jalebi is not a film to give your precious time even if you have hours of time to kill. Better spend the time and money on Jalebi, give your friends a treat with it. Will be more enjoyable than watching this film. 

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Jalebi Preview

What is Jalebi about?

He calls her his Jalebi. She wants him to be beside her during the days and nights of her life. But they have to part ways because of contrasting viewpoints on life. She is Aysha. He is Dev. They were brought together by their love for Purani Delhi (Old Delhi) and its architecture. It is the tale of Aysha and Dev and their unwavering love for each other. 

Rhea Chakraborty plays the main lead in the film whereas the debutant Varun Mitra essays the role of Dev. Jalebi is the official Bollywood remake of Bengali classic Praktan directed by the duo of Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy. And it involves a train journey. 

Aysha boards a train where she meets a woman and her daughter. The same compartment is boarded by several others. But the focus will be on the interactions between Aysha and the woman. Suddenly, she comes to know that the woman is the wife of her love, Dev. Strong emotions. Interspersed with the train journey is the love, marriage, and the disintegrating relationship between Asha and Dev. 

What to expect from Jalebi?

Strong base story

The film is mostly about how the human relations pan out once the initial attractions wear down. The Bengali original discussed this in a heartening way and interspersed it with the stories of the other co-passengers who have their own troubles and emotions. With such a story at its base, Jalebi is surely going to be loved by the audience if properly executed. After all, it has universal emotions at its core. 

Discussion of modern human relations

Aysha is on cloud nine as she the job she loves, that of a copywriter, and being the youngest partner in the firm she is working in. But Dev wants her to apply to Reliance. She doesn't relent in the quest for her independence and living the life on her own terms. Slowly but steadily their relation disintegrates. But their love for each other doesn't. 

It remains in the depths and the deepest alleys of their hearts. She is a career woman. They both have a common interest, that of the Architecture. But their ways of leading life are as different as chalk and cheese. It is this discussion of the modern day life and human relations through the love story of Aysha and Dev form the backbone of the film Jalebi. 

Music and cinematography

Jeet Gannguli, Tanishk Bagchi, Javed-Mohsin, Abhishek Mishra and Samuel–Akanksha composed the soundtrack of the film. The music plays an important role in the film. As we have already known from the trailer, a haunting melody plays in the background. The background score and the songs are excellent in the film. 

The cinematography by Manoj Soni appears to be quite good in the trailer and it has to as the film is not just a love story and human relations but also about architecture. The architecture of human relations. Vishesh Films' productions are always marked by tight control of budget and top quality visuals. All this makes Jalebi one hell of a watch this weekend. 

The lead actors

Despite being a debutant, Varun appears to have nailed the role of Dev. Rhea Chakraborty is quite good from what little we have seen through the trailers in the lead up to the release of the film. It is lead actors' chemistry that makes or breaks films of this kind. But with their assured performances, Jalebi promises to be a good watch. 

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