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Jackpot Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 24 mins Aug 2, 2019





Jackpot Review & Rating


jackpot Review: Partially Entertaining Action Comedy

The premise

Jackpot is promoted as a black comedy with two of the finest actresses of their generation but turned out to be something else. Jyothika and senior actress Revathy joined hands for this buddy comedy. Let's find out if it is as entertaining as we expected with Jackpot review. 

The story

Masha and Akshaya aka Akshu are two con women. Their philosophy of life is to enjoy life to the fullest and we don't get to know much about their relationship till the end. Their day job involves conning people and Jyothika has the over time work as the mass hero of this film - she has to kick asses of the baddies and dance to peppy numbers. She even gets an intro dance number and solid heroine elevations. But unfortunately, she overdid everywhere. Meme creators, alert! 

But Revathy is a different case. She's good in a role where she's cast against type. Though she appeared a bit aged for her role, she pulled it off very well. She's effortless in goofy comedy. Now, coming back to the story, they are obviously nabbed by the police and land in jail. It is where their story takes a drastic turn where they come to know about a mythical vessel in the lines of Akshaya Patra through an inmate. It may solve all their problems and they could settle without further hassles. 

But the vessel is buried deep somewhere in the home of a powerful don (read: businessman and politician, obviously a baddie). We know what happens next including the twists and turns. 

Writing and direction

The USP of the film is not the story or a different premise. It is sold as a unique combination of Jyothika and Revathy. A still in form heroine and a senior actress of the highest class in a buddy comedy where they rule the roost. The narration though entertaining is incoherent. The screenplay is chaotic for the most part as it concentrates more about elevating Jyothika's Akshu as a quintessential mass heroine (why??? Imitation!!!) than on creating engaging situations. The direction is adequate.


Anandaraj who played the don is terrific. Surprisingly he received a dual role and makes a huge impact on the audience with his unique act in several comedy setpieces. Yogi Babu is once again cast in a stereotypical role and is wasted. He needs to rethink his strategy going forward. An actor of Samuthirakani stature is criminally underutilized. We cannot understand why he's in this film even after the end credits roll. But Kingsley as Anandaraj's right-hand man entertains with his antiques. 

The crew

The music of this film has a bubbly vibe and is good. The songs are colourfully picturized. But they could work with Supriya or Vijay in the lead than for Jyothika. She failed to elicit the same response as Nayanthara who is now an expert at playing such roles as the lady superstar. The cinematography is decent. The editing is pretty bad. The production design is great and so are the production values of 2D Entertainment. 


Why should only the heroes enjoy the mass moments? That's the premise of this film. But the answer lies here. It's not the mass moments and heroic elevations. The actors command such scenes. Not the other way round. Jyothika must choose her scripts with caution. Else, she may fade out soon and lose the name she got with films like Kaatrin Moshi and Naachiyaar (where her mass action worked). 


  • Premise
  • Entertainment
  • Anandaraj's surprisingly great performance


  • There's nothing much in the form of the story
  • Too many mass moments spoils the fun

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Jackpot Live Updates & Public Talk

Jyothika post her comeback in the year 2015 has been very choosy about her films and she has been doing more female centric film and this year she has already socred a hit with Raatchasi in which she was seen as a responsible governement teacher who work for the development of poor children. Now, within a gap of a month she has coming up with a fun-filled masala entertainer Jackpot which got released today. The trailer of the film itself has given hints that the makers have focused more on entertainment and as expected the film is full of fun elements. Morning shows for the film have come to an end and there has been a mixed talk on the film as the fun elements are good but there is nothing new in the flim's story.

Jyothika who was seen in the cop role was lauded for her mass appeal in the film and Revathi who had supported her in the film is also getting good apreciations from the audeince. So, far audience on the Twitter are giving full marks for the fun elements and the way the directed has wrote the same old story in an intresting and engaging way. It looks Jackpot is going to be a decent flick to watch with family for this weekend to get some fun ride in this weekend.

Jackpot Preview

What is Jackpot About? 

Buddy comedies were the order of the day back in the 1980s and 1990s but proper films in the genre have gone the way of a dodo bird lately. But now, a variation of the genre is here for us to enjoy, presented by the versatile actor Suriya. The main leads in the film are accomplished actresses themselves. Jyothika who has been doing female centric films since her return to the big screen and veteran actress-director Revathy. And they play cops. So, this can well be termed a buddy cop film. 

The movie will see our senior heroines playing tough cops who can do all the things required of mass heroines and kick the butts of baddies. Even biggest of the biggest dons fear them and pay to the lord that at least in the next life they shouldn’t be born as dons. Apart from their duty as policewomen, Jyothika and Revathy don Robinhood sort of avatars to earn money for some good purposes. But they are averse to resort to stealing. 

Jackpot Promises

Buddy Cop plus black comedy 

The movie is touted to be a black comedy with more humour and less darker elements. But there is going to be plenty of action with Jyothika taking the lead here. What’s the motive behind the characters played by the lead actresses and why they do what they do could only be known once the film hits the screens but what this film hints at is promising. If the film clicks it may happen that a few more films of this genre may come out from our filmmakers with different set of heroes/heroines. 

Jyothika and Revathy

Ever since she made her big screen return, Jyothika is choosing films with different concepts. Though her last outing Raatchasi failed to set the box office on fire, the films before that were successful both with the critics and the audience. Revathy has always been one of the finest actresses in India. That she has played a role with comedic elements after a bit of time, raises the hopes that Jackpot is going to be a proper laugh ride and has a subject that has potential. 

Kalyan and his team

Director Kalyan of Gulaebaghavali fame comes up with a known subject but with a different spin to it. Vishal Chandrasekhar composes the musical score for this film. R. S. Anandakumar’s cinematography has all the vibes of a proper mass film. Suriya’s 2D Entertainment which is known for some fine films bankrolls Jackpot augurs well for the film. Both the previous films produced by 2D Entertainment received high praise and commercially worked out well. 

Keep watching for Jackpot review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!