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Iyobinte Pusthakam Full Movie

U Action, Drama 2 hrs 39 mins Nov 7, 2014
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Iyobinte Pusthakam Story

Director: Amal Neerad

Cast: Fahadh Faasil as Aloshy, Lal as Iyob, Jayasurya as Angoor Rawther, Padmapriya as Rahel, Isha Sharvani as Martha, Chemban Vinod Jose as Dimitri, Lena as Kazhali, Vinayakan as Chemban

Harrison, a British businessman, starts a tea estate in Munnar. He picks Iyob from his workers and he helps him to get married Annamma. Harrison's wife leaves him and goes back to England. Later he finds Kazhali and gets her to be his mistress by killing her lover Thacho. When the business gets affected by the First World War, Harrison decides to leave for England. However, he dies on the way to Cochin. Iyob throws the pregnant Kazhali out of the house and takes over the assets of Harrison.

Iyob has three sons; Dmitri, Ivan, and Aloshy. Dmitri and Iyob are ruthless like their father Iyob while Aloshy grows up to be a man of great compassion. He is friends with Kazhali's daughter Martha and Chemban whose family was killed by Iyob. Aloshy runs away from home after he sees his brothers rape and kills a servant girl.  He eventually joins Navy and comes back home to Iyob many years later. He reunites with Chemban and falls in love with Martha. Upon finding out Aloshy has communist leanings, Iyob orders him to leave the house. While on the way he is attacked by his brothers Dmitri and Ivan and is saved by Chemban.

Despite the opposition from Iyob, Ivan and Dmitri make a pact with Angoor Rawther, a rich Tamil merchant. Later, Dmitri gets killed by Ivan who has been in an illicit affair with Dmitri's wife Rahel. Iyob leaves home and ends up under Aloshy's shelter. Fearing that all the assets will go to Martha, who is Kazhali's daughter. Ivan determines to kill Aloshy and Martha. Meanwhile, Rawther also makes a pact with Rahel to Iyob's family. In the end, Aloshy kills Angoor and Ivan gets killed by Chemban while trying to kill Aloshy. Desperate Rahel kills herself. Aloshy, along with Martha, leaves Munnar. 

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