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Ittymaani-Made In China Review

U Comedy 2 hrs 38 mins Sep 6, 2019





Ittymaani-Made In China Review & Rating


Ittymaani Made in China Review: Lalettan Deserves Better

Mr. Made in China
He is called Made in China in a derisive fashion for he is a man who doesn’t spare anyone with his demand for a commission when he does something for him. He is Ittymaani and he is made in China. Yes. He was born and brought up till he’s 10 years old in the dragon country. He’s an ageing bachelor but doesn’t care much. All he cares for is money, and good name for which he enacts set-pieces which lead him into more trouble.

His father was in China. He was a businessman there. Ittymaani is proud of this fact and speaks with his mother in Mandarin. He has a different sort of friendship with his neighbouring elderly lady named Annamma. She is sort of abandoned by her children. Among his several attempts to earn good name are his trials to help Annamma. In between he has a love-hate relationship with his mother Theyyamma.

One of his attempts to help Annamma leads to her getting hospitalised and this lands him in soup. How he comes out of this all and if he comes out of it and get good name among his fellows form the rest of the story.

Writing and direction
Remember Drama? One of the most forgettable films in Lalettan’s career which released around the same time last year. That film too talks about parents abandoned by or not much cared about by the children. Mohanlal plays a businessman. And there are few speeches about treating adults well. And Ittymaani also met the similar fate this time round. Despite all his attempts (Mohanlal looked so good on the screen and his wink is as charming as Priya Varrier’s) the character is undercooked.

Alas all the references made to his previous films irritate best of the Mohanlal’s fans than making them happy. Ittymaani is not at all lovable and doesn’t serve neither the superstar nor his fans. A colossal waste of opportunity for the directors duo - Jibu and Joju. The movie starts on a lethargic note and though it picks up pace towards the interval, the second half is a big mess. The climax is another speech fest. All in all, Ittymaani is really made in China and doesn’t deserve an Onam release.

Mohanlal looked plastic for the most part but a legend himself he lifted the film with his screen presence itself. He played a perfunctory dual role - Ittymaani’s father Ittymaathaan - and is good in showing variations. The Chinese addition could have been an added value if it’s not for bland writing. Now it has just become an ornament. Coming to ornaments, Honey Rose is one on the film. She received a clumsily written role. Feels like a sixth finger.

Radhika who played Annamma is good in her own way but she overacted a bit. Her scenes with Laletta are nearly written. But the way the other characters address her is cringeworthy. Too bad in taste to be in a superstar’s film. KPAC Lalitha who played Itty’s mother is sparkling in combination with Mohanlal. So are the scenes between Siddique who played the newly arrived pastor. Rest of the actors go unnoticed and wasted in undercooked roles.

The crew
The music of the film is too good and the much talked about Margamkali episode is an eye candy. You can bookmark the YouTube page it would be uploaded for sure in the future. The background score is neat too. The cinematography is vibrant for the most part and has a festive look. The editing is boorish. A good half an hour could be chopped off without affecting the flow of the film. All of Honey Rose’s scenes. The production design is grand and the production values are rich. The film is resplendent with spectacular visuals.

Ittymaani Made in China is a disservice to Mohanlal and his fans and an opportunity lost. Mohanlal’s comic timing is not at all utilised well by the filmmakers. Better skip it and spared of seeing Lalettan in an insipid film.

• Mohanlal and the scenes with KPAC Lalitha and Raadhika.
• Music
• The list is endless. So better read the section Finally.

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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Ittymaani-Made In China Live Updates & Public Talk

Audience response

Debut directors Jibi and Joju got the superstar of the industry Mohanlal for their maiden film Ittymaani Made In China. And they have the backing of the most popular production banner Aashirvas Cinemas.

Mohanlal essays the role of Ittymaani who frequently lands into trouble and this role must have been a cake walk for an actor of Mohanlal's stature. He is back to one of his strengths-comedy. It has a fun filled first half and is a complete Lalettan show.

The perfect blend of humor and emotions are sufficient to make the family audiences happy and Ittymaani is doing just that. With a series of serious roles from Mohanlal, this is a welcome change from Lalettan. 


Ittymaani can be a perfect film to celebrate the festivities. 

Ittymaani-Made In China Preview


Ittymaani: Made In China is one more shot at out and out comedy genre by superstar Mohanlal after last year’s ill-fated Drama. Directed by Jibi and Joju duo this Aashirvad Cinemas production is said to be set in China and we have our star hero speaking a few lines in Mandarin. Ittymaani also features the traditional Margamkali moments with Laletta sporting the trado dress and will be seen with more than 500 dancers. 

Wow moment it’s going to be!

After shattering every box office record imaginable and achieving unlimited craze with Lucifer, Mohanlal has taken a different route with Ittymaani. though this film is a biggie among the Onam releases this year, it has the biggest star among all. Interestingly, all the films releasing this year have comedic touch. This family entertainer of a comedy drama has Honey Rose and KPAC Lalitha, Anu Varghese, Siddique and Raadhika in the crucial roles. 

Ittymaani Promises

Big-ticket comic caper 

True-blue comedy capers are few and far between but they click like anything if big stars act in them. If the star hero is the biggest of them all, we cannot guess the range of the film. The filmmakers duo have waited at least a couple of years to have Laletta playing the lead role in this film. Interestingly, he was not the actor who was in the minds of the directors when the idea for the film was conceived. 

But when Mohanlal suggested a few changes and the duo who also wrote the film perfected the script, Mohanlal got bust with other big budget ventures. Still, not one to miss out on great roles, he advised the filmmakers to approach Antony Perumbavoor who finally set the things in motion. And now we have a perfect entertainer to enjoy with entire family this Onam. As one of the directors Joju said, Ittymaani is a total fun movie that would remind the audience of Lalettan’s yesteryear superhits such as Vellanakalude Naadu, Chithram and Kilukkam.

The team assembled by Antony Perumbavoor

As said earlier the directing duo was recommended to the producer by Mohanlal himself. Boasting of some of the highly talented cast members, this film has its musical score composed by 4 Musics and Kailas Menon. The film is set in Kunnamkulam in Thrissur district and China. The Chinese landscape lends a different feel for the film and Shaji Kumar’s cinematography has a festival mood. 

Keep watching for Ittymaani - Made in China review rating and complete analysis. Be right back!