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iSMART Shankar Review

A Action, Sci-fi, Thriller Jul 18, 2019





iSMART Shankar Review & Rating


iSmart Shankar Review: Smart Only In Parts

The premise

iSmart Shankar could well be termed as the expectation-of-a-comeback film for not just director Puri Jagannadh but also to Ram Pothineni. The pots mass movie has created a lot of buzz before its release because of the first time combination of Puri Jagannadh and Ram. And the second trailer has taken the hopes to the next level. 

Another big surprise this film has thrown is music. Manu Sharma has given a chartbuster album. As if it is not enough that he is the best person when it comes to background score, Manu Sharma has stormed back to form in the department of tunes and all the songs went on to become big hits before the release of the film. Let’s see if all this positive buzz turned into a meaningful success for the three with iSmart Shankar review. 

The story

Ustaad iSmart Shankar is a small-scale local goon and he gets released from prison. But he is troubled by a different set of thoughts. Unknown to him, a chip/SIM card is inserted into his head by the police. Why? He’s not a big shot nor is he a dangerous terrorist. But Shankar doesn’t know about this. He is given a chase by not just the police but also a CBI officer. What’s this all about and how he solves the mystery for. The rest of the story. 

The performances

That Ram is at his massy best in this film is in no small way the credit goes to the director Puri Jagannadh. And the theme composed by Mani Sharma enhances the effect to the next level is another matter. But first things first. Ram has moulded himself by putting his heart and soul into playing Shankar in this movie. He has a great screen presence and not just appearance wise but also the way he performed is different from what we have seen recently. 

The six-pack and toned body, the dialogue delivery, and the tone with which he mouthed the dialogues written by Puri and his dance skills. Everything and anything that belongs to iSmart Shankar worked out very well on the big screen. That there is no coherent story to bind all these highlights is another matter. He excelled in the action sequences too. 

Nabha Natesh is another highlight of the film in her mass avatar. Not just she added the oomph factor, she’s a live wire in the role of Shankar’s love interest. But performance-wise she needs a bit of consistency when it comes to histrionics. If this movie works out commercially, it will be a breakthrough role for her. 

Same couldn’t be said for the miscast as a scientist - Niddhi Agerwal. It is a wonder of the year how she managed to play a full-length role in a feature film with mismatched expressions all through and no expressions at all in a few places. Only glamor couldn’t make for a good career and she needs not only a good choice of subjects but also serious improvement in acting skills. The usual suspects like Sayaji Shinde, Punit Issar, Deepak Mishra, and Satyadev all did an okay job. 

Writing and no direction

Puri Jagannadh as usual concentrated more on creating an eccentric hero and making over the image of the lead actor than on the story. Add to that, he himself admitted that the chip part is inspired by a Hollywood film (iBoy). More creatively, the stylised small case ‘i’ is kept intact. So, there is nothing to talk about the story and direction. 

But Puri the writer excelled once again. The dialogues have all the usual pep pertaining to Puri Jagannadh heroes and he freely used expletives thankfully alienating the family audience (already it’s an “A” film). Still, they are terrific to say the least. There’s that undercurrent satirical tone, and a sort of rugged heroic spirit. A feast for his fans. 

Manisharma magic 

The musical score by Manisharma is fantastic. Apart from delivering a chartbuster album (one of the best in recent times and a rare case of all songs being hits), his background score is a lesson to all the current-gen music directors including the top guys. Watch out for the pre-climax and climax scenes. Manu is not back! He conquered the enthusiasm of the audience once again. 

The cinematography is good. The editing is wayward. Though the movie races along at a rapid pace, we get a feeling that we’re watching a lengthy film is thanks to the editor. The production design is okayish. The production values are good. Overall, iSmart Shankar is a well-made film. 


iSmart Shankar works in parts. Aided by some of the best music in recent memory and a stand out performance by Ram and to an extent by Nabha Natesh, the movie can easily be termed a one-time watch. If you get the chance to watch it in a single screen in mass circuits especially, don’t miss the experience. Else, you can skip it if you have other alternatives. Not a comeback for Puri!


  • Ram's transformation
  • Manisharma music
  • Dialogues (for the most part)


  • No story
  • Incoherent narration

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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iSMART Shankar User Reviews

  • Manikanta

    19 Jul 19 @ 3:36 PM

  • Bharath

    19 Jul 19 @ 9:31 AM

    Wow what a movie it was... Ma... ma... mass....hit for Puri and Ram...!!  Enjoyed a lot bro's.

  • Sahil

    4 Aug 19 @ 3:51 PM

iSMART Shankar Live Updates & Public Talk

iSmart Shankar is one movie which gained surprisingly high buzz among the audience. The Ram starrer directed by Puri Jagannadh has hit the screens today and with the premiere and the early morning shows underway, the talk for the movie has come out. The general critic, and audience consensus is mixed to positive with Ram's performance and Mani Sharma's music receiving great applause. The movie is said to be appealing for the mass audience, especially in the B & C centers. 

The background score in the pre-climax and climax is said to be one of the best in recent times. Such response and enthusiasm from the audience are expected as the songs have already gone crazy hit before the release of the film with comments like mani Sharma is back. Ram has given 100% per this role and the heroines Niddhi Agerwal and Nabha Natesh have added the required oomph factor. Puri Jagannadh dialogues are good. But the direct usage of expletives in a few scenes received criticism though. 

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iSMART Shankar Preview

What is iSmart Shankar About?

Hero Ram Pothineni has been facing failures since the stupendous success of Nenu Shailaja. When he tried to experiment, the films backfired. If he went in the tried and tested route, people questioned if he lacked novelty factor. The same has happened with Puri Jagannadh. His last legitimate hit was Businessman and he failed with some of the projects he had pinned his hopes on like Jyothi Lakshmi and Mehabooba. Joining hands for iSmart Shankar, Ram and Puri's duo has created an interesting buzz. 

The movie is mostly about a rugged youngster who had a SIM card inserted into his head by the police. There’s even a dialogue in the movie which goes like this: is there a dual sim in my head? Why’s spinning like this? As is the case with Puri Jagannadh films, the director etched a rugged and loud talking protagonist. The difference the nice this time is: Ram talks in Telangana accent. By going through the trailer Anne other promo materials, he has done a nice job. 

iSmart Shankar

Ram is the quintessential Puri Jagannadh hero

It is surprising that a highly energetic young hero like Ram hasn’t teamed up with a dynamic director like Puri Jagannadh who can create memorable hero roles. Now that the combination has happened at last, Puri has created a special character to enhance the strengths of Ram. Apart from the Telangana accent for the hero, Puri has mixed all the right ingredients for Ustaad iSmart Shankar. 

The character is aggressive, loud, talkative, and rugged in many ways. Though there is a controversy about the Chip (sim) element of hero’s characterisation, the movie appears to have packed a punch. The dialogues are different and still have Puri Jagannadh mark. Of course, there are those mandatory violent action sequences. 

Mani Sharma back with a bang

Senior music director Mani Sharma has been lying low these days and it was not long ago that he delivered one hit album after another. But his ability to compose the background score never diminished and he is better than any of the youngsters out there. But it is the songs that need to shine some way or the other. He is back to form with Devadas (Nag-Nani) but he is in complete flow with iSmart Shankar. It is one of the best mass albums in the recent times and he seems to have hit the bullseye. 

Puri Jagannadh and his team

Literally, Puri Jagannadh is everything for the movie as he himself produced it alongside actress Charmi. He also provided the story as usual and e dialogues have packed punch. Two most happening young beauties like Niddhi Agerwal and Nabha Natesh in ultra-glamorous roles. Talented young actor Satyadev Kancharana has a crucial role in the film. Raj Thota handles the cinematography. 

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