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iSMART Shankar Full Movie

A Action, Sci-fi, Thriller Jul 18, 2019
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iSmart Shankar Story

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Cast: Ram Pothineni as Shankar, Nabha Natesh as Chandini, Niddhi Agerwal as Sarah, Satya Dev Kancharana as Arun, and Puneet Issar as Kasi Vishwanath

iSmart Shankar tells the story of a rugged youngster named Shankar and how his life turns out when a memory chip is inserted into his brain by the police. Shankar is a goon who makes money through settlements. He is a rough and tough youngster who doesn't give a damn about anything. He also falls in love with Chandini who is a daredevil on her own. Once he kills a man for the sake of his godfather (a contract killing). 

The man he killed is a political bigshot and Shankar is duly attacked by the men of that person. He is later imprisoned and released after some time.  A CBI officer named Arun tracks the case of the politician and finds that there is a lot more to the case than it meets the eye. When he is about to unlock the mystery, he gets killed. 

Arun’s girlfriend Sara who is a neuroscientist is asked with transferring his memories into the mind of Shankar to find out the real culprit. This lands Shankar in a soup with conflicting thoughts in his mind. What happens to the case, and if Shankar comes out of it and meet his girlfriend form the rest of the story. 

iSmart Shankar received generally mixed critical reviews but went on to become the biggest success of Ram Pothineni's career. The movie clicked like never before in recent times with the mass audience and collected a record distributor share of more than 40 crores. Ram's performance, Puri Jagannadh's dialogues, Mani Sharma's thumping music, and the glamor quotient of the heroines all contributed to such a roaring success of the film as per the analysts. 

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