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ISIS: Enemies Of Humanity

A Crime 2 hrs 15 mins Sep 29, 2017
ISIS: Enemies Of Humanity

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Directed and written by Yuvraj Kumar, 'ISIS: Enemies Of Humanity' is a movie that revolves around the life of terrorists and functioning of the major terrorist group, ISIS. It also showcases Islam in its purest form as mentioned in the holy book, which is in contrast to the wrong perception in the minds of the people.

The movie presents to us the suicide bombing carried out by the terrorist in New York and terrorists giving punishment to people and killing them. The movie tells about the training given to terrorists and the way the terrorists enter a group and kill them.

Starring Rahul Dev, Yuvraj Kumar, Harish Bhimani, Manon Faure and Rasheed Naz in the lead roles, this movie is produced by Atlantic Films.



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