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Ishq (Malayalam) Review

U/A Romance 2 hrs 14 mins May 17, 2019





Ishq (Malayalam) Review & Rating


Ishq Review: Go And Watch This Film To Honor Your Ishq For Cinema

The premise

Ishq refers to the irresistible desire to obtain possession of the beloved or rather in the sense of the term passionate love. Love for what? Young sensation Shane Nigam's latest offering Ishq with newcomer Anuraj Manohar breaks all the feelings and ideas associated with the word and comes up with an unbridled meaning of it. In other words, he redefined how Ishq is treated on screen or in the movies. 

The world of Sachi and Vasudha

Sachi is a passionate youngster. He is in love with Vasudha who is from a rural background. The young lady is impressed by his passion, for life and for her, and reciprocates his feelings. But it is not about their love or even their breakup (which immediately strikes in our minds) that is the core point of this film. It is not at all a romance film as we all expected. It's more than that. And even takes the shape of an intense thriller in the second half. 

Coming to our lovers, he proposes to her. His supportive mother blesses his love. His family is also in a jubilation mode as he has found his love and the impending wedding of his sister. During such a blissful period, Sachi and Vasudha go out on a night ride in their car. They exchange sweet nothings, experience a romantic tension, and enjoy the feel of togetherness. Until... that fateful moment. What happened that night forever changes their lives. 

The performances

Shane Nigam is Sachi. Full stop. He is a 21-year-old urban youth with all the aspirations we associate with them. He has a lively presence and is passionate and possessive and protective about his people. Someone comments on his sister, that someone will be kept in his place. With the help of his friends. You stare at Vasudha, you're done away with, in no time. Just like every one of us. With intense emotions. And rightfully so. He is proactive. No aggressive. 

Ann Sheethal is full of life in the role and has delivered a performance matching that of Shane's. But unfortunately, her characterization lacked the depth of Shanes. But you'll easily understand why Sachi is so much in love with her. Shine Tom Chacko is eerily good in a menacing role. Rest of the actors did well enough to make the scenes tick. 

Writing and direction

The film is as much about the love of the lead pair as it is a scorching commentary on moral policing and the crude behavior against women in public. The story quickly takes a turn to become a revenge thriller during the early second half. The change in the mood is carried out in an organic way. The narration is deliberately paced but quickens with each second passes. Right from the first frame, the film grabs your attention. 

The screenplay is good and has several gruelingly powerful moments towards the end. The climax is both shocking and impassionate. The direction by debutant Anuraj is top-notch. By the time the interval comes, you'll forget that this is a film helmed by a newcomer. The taking is fresh and the shot-making has a trendy feel. 

The crew

The music by Jakes Bejoy is out of this world. It elevates the already intense narration with some of the best sounds we come to hear in recent Malayalam films. The cinematography has both an uplifting and claustrophobic feel. Both at once. And both in different moments. The editing is sharp. The production design and the production values are first rate. 


Ishq is not your average romance drama or an intense thriller every now and then you get to watch. It has an intense spiritual feel without spelling it out. The commentary on moral policing is an essential message of these times. Don't miss it. Go and watch to experience cinema at its best. 


  • The lead pair
  • Shine Tom Chacko's creepy good performance
  • Top-notch direction
  • Essential storyline
  • Great music
  • Terrific cinematography


  • Virtually nothing

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Ishq (Malayalam) Live Updates & Public Talk

Slowly but steadily the Shane Nigam starrer Ishq gained traction among the movie buffs as the release date approached. The Anuraj Manohar directorial has Ann Sheethal as the female lead in a love story which has two youngsters from worlds and outlooks on life apart. With a promise of classy romance, the film hits the screen today. The movie opened with overwhelmingly positive reviews and the film is said to be an instant classic. The climax of the film is said to be one of the best in recent times. 

The movie appears to have connected emotionally with the audience. It is an engaging drama with a fusion of emotions. The first half of the film is good and the second half is thrilling. The story, music, and cinematography are top class. The direction of the film is terrific and so are the performances from the lead actors Shane Nigam, Shine Tom Chacko, and Ann Sheetal. 

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Ishq (Malayalam) Preview

What is Ishq About?

Ishq as the title says is a love story. But how many love stories we get to watch? More or less every other week we'll have one or two love stories hitting the screens and so, what's so special about Ishq? Btw, what's so special about premam or any other love stories which resonated with the audience? It is the FEEL that makes love stories special. 

Ishq starring Shane Nigam who made himself a name with films like Kismath and Eeda comes up with another romance film in the direction of the newcomer, Anuraj Manohar. Ann Sheetal who played the role of Rosy to much critical acclaim in the supernatural thriller Ezra plays the female lead in this film. They have struck beautiful chemistry. 

Ishq Promises

An urbane romance catering to modern-day youth

The story of the film concerns with a youngster, Sachi, who is recuperating from a loss and searches for happiness in life. He is a typical urban-bred youngster, 21 years old, and is from Kochi. Ann Sheetal plays the role of a young woman, Vasudha, from rural Kerala and has an opinion on life and enjoys the freedom of the present days. 

They get connected through social media, a friendship grows between them, and may or may not turn into love. From the little teaser where our protagonists travel in a car with a beautiful melody playing in the background, there is a romantic tension in them. Vasudha asks him if he wants to say something. He asks her if she could kiss him. This gives a feeler for how the film will turn out to be.  A classy narration paced deliberately. 

Shane and Ann pair

Apart from the already mentioned romantic films, Shane has made his presence felt among the ensemble cast in the latest blockbuster Kumbalangi Nights as Bobby. He has undergone a complete transformation for Sacha in Ishq. He looks classy and has a relatable in a different way style in this film. 

Ann Sheetal is pretty and has an understated innocence in the role of Vasudha. From what little we have seen in the promos and the teaser, it can be said that their chemistry worked out very well which is an essential feature for a romance film. She also has a great screen presence. 

Anuraj Manohar and Team

Debutant Anuraj Manohar promises a nostalgic and dreamy ride with Ishq. He is backed by the noted AVA Productions. Shaan Rahman and Jakes Bejoycomposes the songs for the film and already the song Parayuvaan has caught up with the music connoisseurs. Jakes also composes the background score. There's always high importance for music in romance films and Ishq has that base covered expertly. The cinematography in the scene shown in the teaser has a dreamy quality and Ansarsha seems to be up to the challenge. 

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