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Ishq (Malayalam) Full Movie

U/A Romance 2 hrs 14 mins May 17, 2019
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Director: Anuraj Manohar

Cast: Shane Nigam as Sachi, Ann Sheethal as Vasudha, Shine Tom Chacko as Alwin,Jaffer Idukki as Mukundan

Ishq tells the story of a young pair of lovers and how one long drive on her birthday night changed their lives forever. Sachi is a modern day youngster who is protective of his family. He’s hotblooded too. When someone insulted his sister he with the help of his friends taught that someone an unforgettable lesson. He’s in love with Vasudha who comes from Kottayam. 

Sachi is currently on leave, he’s an IT professional by the way, for the wedding of his sister. As his love for Vasudha has the blessings of his family, Sachi goes to celebrate the birthday of Vasudha by taking a night long drive with her. All goes well for sometime that night but they’re encountered by Alwin and Mukundan. The rough looking men intercept their journey and start to torture the pair. When Sachi is out of the scene for a few minutes, Alwin advances on Vasudha. 

Fed up with Alwin’s ways, Mukundan leaves them. When he comes to know of what Alwin did to Vasudha, Sachi fights with Alwin. Driving back home, Sachi asks Vasudha about what had happened between her and Alwin which makes Vasudha leave him in anger. Sachi decides to make Alwin pay for his crime. He goes to Alwin’s home and try to return the favour. What happened after that and if Sachi is justified in his vengeance mission form the rest of the story. 

Ishq received rave reviews for its theme of moral policing and human frailties. Ratheesh Ravi’s writing and Anuraj Manohar’s direction are praised. The performances of the lead pair and Shine Tom Chacko’s portrayal of Alwin are acclaimed by the critics. Ishq was a box office success and was also Pycker India’s Best Movie of the Week.

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