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Iravukku Aayiram Kangal Full Movie

U/A Thriller May 11, 2018
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Iravukku Ayiram Kangal Story

Director: Mu Maran

Cast: Arulnithi Tamilarasan as Bharath, Mahima Nambiar as Suseela, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan as writer Vyjayanthi, Ajmal as Ganesh, Adukalam Naren as Vaidyanathan, Vidya Pradeep as Anitha, Suja Varunee as Maya.

Iravukk Aayiram Kangal revolves around a mysterious murder that happens on a particular night. Bharath is a cab driver is in love with Suseela, a nurse and a caretaker. Suseela when returning home after a wedding reception gets kidnapped by a cab driver but Ganesh comes to the rescue of her. Suseela thanks him and goes to her home and she finds that Ganesh has left a pen drive and she tries to return it to him. Suseela soon finds out that Ganesh is not a gentleman. Ganesh finds out that Suseela is in love with Bharath.

Suseela informs everything to Bharath and an incident will lead the couple to understand that Ganesh is a conman who tricks girls into relationships and exploit them. Bharath follows Ganesh and finds out that he along with two girls Anitha and Maya have cheated many and lured their money. Bharath finds out Ganesh's house and enters it to get the video of Suseela's friend Roopala and at the same time, Murugesan who was conned by Ganesh also arrives at the spot. A neighbour notices their movements and reports to Police. Police arrive at the scene and find out that Ganesh's partner is dead and immediately arrests Bharath as the suspect. Bharath escapes from the station and goes behind Murugesan to find out the truth.

Bharath experience a turn of events that leads from one clue to many others. The core of Iravukk Aayiram Kangal lies in the suspense and twists, Bharath explores when trying to find the real killer. The movie ends with finding the killer and Bharath gets relieved from the case and marries Suseela. 

The movie released early this year garnered great response critically and at the box office. Actor Arulnithi was praised for having selected a movie with such strong content and lively screenplay. Iravukk Aaayiram Kangal turned out to be Mu Maran's and Arulnithi's biggest film till date.

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