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Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo Review

U/A Comedy, Thriller 2 hrs 1 mins Apr 6, 2018





Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo Review & Rating

Nandu is one of the recognisable young heroes in Telugu. He is known for his roles in films like 100% Love where he played the role of Ajith, and Ram Gopal Varma movies Ice Cream 2 and 365 Days etc. After a string of unsuccessful movies in lead roles, he is coming up with comedy thriller Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo in the direction of debutant Varikooti Varaprasad. Vinod Yajamanya composed music for this movie.

Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo is produced by Ippili Ram Mohan Rao and Srikanth Reddy on Hari Hara Chalana Chitra banner. Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo has Pooja Ramachandran, Sowmya Venugopal and Gagan Vihari in the lead roles. Let's see if Nandu scores success with this film in Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo review.

The story of Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo revolves around four friends and their misadventures a day before one of them, Vishnu's wedding. Vishnu, played by Nandu, is a guy next door sort of responsible youngster. After completing his studies, he gets a job and helps his parents and friends. One day, he posts in OLX an ad for his treadmill.

The ad is seen by the heroine played by Sowmya Venu Gopal. She talks to him and goes to his house to make a deal. When she is there, Vishnu and his family make a great impression on her. She falls in love with Vishnu and after few more incidents, he reciprocates her feelings and their respective families arrange their marriage. One caveat is except for this Muhurat, their horoscopes have no other Muhurats until 51 years later.

The day before their wedding, friends of Vishnu pester him for the bachelor party. During their party, few incidents happen and they encounter Nagole Nani. By the next morning, the four friends find themselves in four different places. What happened there in the party, why and how they find themselves in unknown places, and what is Nagole Nani's role in all this forms the crux of the story. 

Nandu did a fine job in the role of the protagonist. He is relatable and his expressions are apt for the character. But the director made the character overly preachy and lengthy dialogues prevented the character from being effective. Nevertheless, Nandu as Vishnu is impressive. Gagan Vihari as the antagonist Nagole Nani competed well with Nandu. His performance is decent. Dialogue delivery is where he scores well. Surprisingly, his character has an arc and ends on a great note. Another fine young actor for Tollywood in making. 

Sowmya Venu Gopal as Nandu's beloved didn't have much to do. She did a decent job. Pooja Ramachandran had a meaty role and her character has a little bit scope for performance. She did well. The guys who played hero's friends are good to average in varying degrees. Rest of the characters did what is given in the roles. The actress who played hero's mother is impressive among them. 

The direction of Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo by Varaprasad Varikooti is average. Initial scenes in the movie are handled like in a Television serial. The screenplay is not effective in the first half though the moment where the hero finds himself in a dilapidated house unable to go down is intriguing. The comedy scenes could have been handled well. The premise of the story has the potential for being a potboiler. Dialogues by KV Rajamahi, Madhu Srinivas are good. But few of the dialogues are preachy and lengthy. 

The music by Yajamanya is pretty average. The cinematography by S Muralimohan Reddy is fine. The colours and frames are pleasant. The editor has done a good job and is without any jerks. Production values are decent. 

Overall, Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo is decent work for a first time director.  Fine performances of Nandu and Gagan Vihari are impressive and made the movie watchable. The basic premise of this movie is intriguing. The first half is below average. The second half has few high points. With gripping screenplay in the second half, Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo is a decent film to watch this weekend.

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  • Satya

    6 Apr 18 @ 3:57 PM

    Nandu and Gagan's show with interesting narration makes this one a must watch

    Tollywood is known for its high budget commercial entertainers but when made perfectly, small budget films have worked wonders at the box office. Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo which has two of the young and underrated actors Nandu and Gagan Vihari is one such film which is a well made small budget film. The film starts shakily with uneven narration but after the initial 20 minutes picks up the pace. From then there's no looking back as the director successfully manages to grab your attention by throwing twists and unimaginable situations which lead to a mind-boggling interval. The second half begins on a promising note and the climax is perfect.

    The actors' performances are top class and each and every character has its own importance and they did justice to their roles. Nandu proves his mettle once again and carries the entire film on his shoulders. Gagan Vihari surprises with his menacing look and act. The technical departments did an okay job considering the budget of the film. Finally, if you are a movie lover looking for a good movie, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

  • S

    6 Apr 18 @ 4:17 PM

    Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo...though the movie was a small budgeted film the makers had delivered a great content within the low budget. The storyline of the film is good and the director succeeded in keeping the plot interesting with some humor. Coming to the actors, Nandu, no need to say about this actor as he is one of the finest actors of Tollywood and he already proved it with the films like 100% Love and Jaya Janaki Nayaka, and the Nandu friend's gang did a good job for their roles which had created a lot of fun in the film. 

    Special mentions for Gagan Vihari who had played the antagonist role in the film, he just lived in that Nani character and made justice to the role. Female leads Sowmya Venugopal and Pooja Ramachandran were good. Coming to the technical department background score is one of the major pluses for the film, music director Vinod Yajamanya had given a fantastic music for the film. Production values are also good, on a whole a decent film to watch for this weekend. 

    Rating: 3/5

  • Srinivas

    6 Apr 18 @ 11:55 AM

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