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India Pakistan (Tamil Movie) Full Movie

May 8, 2015
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India Pakistan Story

Director: N Anand

Cast: Vijay Antony Karthik, Sushma Raj as Melina, Urvasi as Karthik's mother, Pasupathi as Kaattamuthu, Yogi Babu as Amai Kunju, MS Bhaskar as Marudhumuthu.

Karthik and Melina are two aspiring advocates. Melina and Karthik are rivals and hates each other. Two of them starts to compete against each other. Melina goes in search of a home for rent. Meanwhile, Karthik also is in the run for an accommodation. Celine gets a room for rent and she gets settled there and makes a portion as her office. Later on She finds out that she has to share the apartment with another. She is revealed that the house owner has bought the advance amount from Karthik and she has to share the home with Karthik whom she hates to the core. 

Then the story takes the audience for a fun ride. Karthik and Melina encounter many issues which are essayed lined with many humorous situations. They counter lots of arguments, leg pulls each other. Both in hurry to settle and become good lawyers go in search for cases and appoints people to get clients for them. Karthik learns that Melina is getting more clients than him, he feels jealous and tries to overshadow her clients with his assistants. 

Melina and Karthik get assigned to a Village dispute case and both of them travel from place to place. Melina finds out that the dispute has been created by the villain and she meets two young lovers of the village and she comes to know about the real reason behind the dispute. Melina decides to face the villain for the sake of the young lovers but she is trapped by the Villain. Karthik, on knowing that she is trapped comes in the rescue of her along with his friends. They trick the villain and escape with Melina and solves the issues. Two of them happily reunite and confess their love to each other. 

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