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Inba Twinkle Lilly (Itly)

U/A Comedy Jun 29, 2018
Inba Twinkle Lilly (Itly)

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Inba Twinkle Lilly (Itly) Poster

Inba Twinkle Lilly is a Tamil comedy film directed by RK Vidhyadaran. The movie features late-actor Kalpana Priyadarshini, Kovai Sarala and Saranya Ponvannan in the lead roles while actors such as Manobala, Chitra Lakshmanan, and Imman Annachi appear in the supporting cast. Director RK Vidhyadaran also appears in a cameo role in the film.

The film revolves around the heroics of three women named Inba, Twinkle, and Lilly who plan to loot a bank to meet their needs. The untimely death of actress Kalpana affected the completion of Inba, Twinkle, and Lilly which was in production for a long time. The makers have used graphic effects in the climactic stages for Kalpana’s portions.

Inba Twinkle Lilly (Itly) Cast & Crew

  • Kalpana


  • Kovai Sarala


  • Saranya Ponvannan


  • Manobala


  • RK Vidhyadaran


  • Parris Jeyaraj
  • Kutty Story
  • Kalathil Sandhippom