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Imaikkaa Nodigal Review

U/A Romance, Thriller 2 hrs 50 mins Aug 30, 2018





Imaikkaa Nodigal Review & Rating

Imaikkaa Nodigal Review: Watch It Without Blinking

The blinkless moments

Imaikkaa Nodigal means blinkless seconds as the wiki page says or to put it in apt cinematic terms, without blinking. A very apt title for a thriller which is touted to have a psychopathic killer at the center. Talking about Psychos, who's better than getting a director who is known for his bleak films? Yes. Acclaimed Bollywood director, Anurag Kashyap. Facing him is the lady superstar Nayanthara whose task is cut out. Or is it?

Imaikkaa Nodigal is the sort of movie which has been narrated a few times convincingly on the big screen. If anything goes a bit off the road, it becomes a b-grade exploitation flick. But the director R. Ajay Gnanamuthu has taken care of that thing with his script which has a blend of thrills and romance. Atharvaa and Raashi Khanna are used for romance while the cat and mouse game between the heavyweights Nayan and Anurag Kashyap thrills the audience to the core. But one of the two elements comes as a speed-breaker for the narration. 

Imaikka Nodigal is another film which joins the bandwagon of thriller flicks released in Kollywood in the recent times. But it isn't just another attempt, as it has its own moments, thrills, suspense, action and emotions. Though the movie is just short of three hours, the plot kicks off right from the word go. There are no establishing scenes. We know about the characters as the story progresses rather than in the beginning and then the story. That's where we feel the thrill when the psychopathic serial killer is after the heroine, Anjali Vikramadityan's family. Nayanthara as the suave CBI officer is terrific in the role. 

No nonsense proceedings

The very first scene conveys the mood and premise of this thriller flick - set against the backdrop of Bengalurue, a psycho killer is having a Godzilla sized time by finishing off the people in his list. Anjali Vikramadityan is introduced quickly and her first shot has her in a serious mission. We hardly know her details or plans behind the mission, but this fast-paced narration lights up the mood interestingly. 

In no time, the killer's case becomes a sensational one in the city as it should have been. In a press meet organised by a few top CBI officials, he himself sends messages to them and the reporters that he is Rudhra, the notorious killer, who the police department claimed to have finished off five years ago. The cat and mouse game between Anjali and Rudhra officially begins from that point. 

Apart from Rudhra's threat, she also has to deal with her senior officer Narayan's, Devan in a very good role, ego. Meanwhile, the love story between Arjun played by the dependable Atharvaa and Kritika (Raashi Khanna is too cute in the role) becomes a turning point in the case. As the story moves forward intriguingly Anjali, Rudhra, Arjun, and Kritika get involved in it. 

The players

Anurag Kashyap is at his menacing best as expected and should have been. Nayanthara matches him toe to toe. She delivered a much-nuanced performance in an arresting flashback sequence. Atharvaa's role is also neatly conceived, and he impresses with his fights and in the emotional scenes. Raashi Khanna is apt in her role and delivered a critical performance. Vijay Sethupathi, in a cameo, ensures that he makes an impact even in a small role. 

The director

The director who previously delivered a film like Demonte Colony has come up with a time-tested story as the base and the narration is a mixed bag. The love story and the couple of songs in the first half make the narration look sluggish. They should have been trimmed by the editor who had otherwise did a first rate job. But the screenplay and the overall scheme of the film take the film a plane above with similar genre films in recent times. 

Though the villain is super powerful, the director made sure that he doesn't unnecessarily dominate the protagonist (are you listening, A. R. Murugadoss?). It's a fight between two heavyweights and is treated so. The interval block is terrific and the unexpected twists make the audience want more. The execution of the violence of the villain is done in an exemplary manner. The dialogues are added value for the film. But, the romance portions in the first half involving Atharvaa and Raashi Khanna seems to be purely a commercial padding. 

Terrific Score and Cinematography

Music by Hiphop Tamizha is top-notch. The songs are excellent (though speed breakers to the narration, we can say it's the director's fault) and the background score is exhilarating. His elevating score and Magizh Thirumeni's dubbing for Anurag Kashyap go hand-in-hand. The cinematography by R. D. Rajasekhar is as good as it gets for such a film. The production values are grand and the artwork is superb.


Imaikkaa Nodigal is an unmissable thriller not just for Anurag Kashyap and lady superstar Anurag Kashyap's power-packed performances but also for a nuanced storytelling and a fantastic example for a teamwork both in the story and in the making of the film. Go and enjoy an almost blinkless experience if you can bear with speed breakers the likes between Bengaluru and Mysuru. 

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Imaikkaa Nodigal User Reviews

  • mohamed

    3 Oct 18 @ 7:27 AM

    Anurag sir ... excellent 

  • Harish Hari

    7 Sep 18 @ 11:21 AM

Imaikkaa Nodigal Live Updates & Public Talk

Imaikkaa Nodigal is a special movie. It has an ensemble cast with names known across India as some of the best in their fields. Lasy superstar Nayanthara! prominent director Anurag Kashyap! Raashi Khanna! Atharvaa. This R. Ajay Gnanamuthu directorial created a lot of buzz among the audience with its highly talented cast and big names. Atharvaa is one of the lead actors in the movie. Vijay Sethupathi has a cameo as Nayanthara's husband. A promise of a strong female protagonist.

The movie is received generally positively by the early watchers. The pre-interval sequence is said to be terrific as are the performances of Nayan and Anurag Kashyap. Ajay Gnanamuthu's direction also gets special applause. The cat and mouse game between Nayanthara and Anurag Kashyap is riveting. The interval block is absolutely stunning. 

With all the praise going to Nayanthara and Anurag Kashyap's acting and the director, we can safely assume that within a couple of weeks, Nayanthara established her superstardom further. Imaikkaa Nodigal is another feather in Nayan's cap. But there are few things that draw criticism for the movie. Atharvaa's love story and two songs are said to be the speed-breakers for an otherwise captivating narration. 

Watch this space for more Imaikkaa Nodigal public talk and live updates. 

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Watch this space for Imaikkaa Nodigal Preview