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Idhi Naa Love Story Review

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Idhi Naa Love Story Review & Rating


Tarun pinned his hopes of making a strong comeback with the film, Idi Naa Love Story. Directed by Ramesh Gopi, this film is a remake of the Kannada cult classic, Simple Agi Ondh Love Story. Tamil sensation Oviya Helen played the lead lady in this film. With a strong base, and co-star in limelight, can Tarun score the much needed success and make a comeback as a successful hero in Telugu Film Industry? We can see it in Idi Naa Love Story review.

The story of the film deals with two youngsters who meet up and fall in love. The story is mainly about mistaken identity. Tarun played Abhiram, an ad filmmaker.  His sister makes him go on a trip to Araku Valley with hopes that he will find love with her fiancé’s sister, Shruthi. Shruthi lives in Araku Valley and Abhi goes there. He meets Abhinaya (Oviya) and he falls for her as they share their past love stories with each other when they both are together. But she is not the girl he was asked to meet. What happens when he knows that and how Abhiram fulfills his love and who is Abhinaya forms the rest of the story.

Rating 1.5 from  123telugu

On the whole, Idhi Na Love Story has absolutely no story at all. The simple things which are expe...

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Tarun was not new to films. He got the National Award as a child artist. After making his debut as a young adult in Nuvve Kaavali, Tarun proved himself to be an actor of substance. He attained critical and commercial success with the films that followed. Unfortunately, wrong choice of subjects, and lackluster films made him fade away, and his previous film came about four years ago. In Idi Naa Love Story, it can be seen that acting prowess has not deserted Tarun. He is as good as when he was at the top of his career. He is as handsome as when he mesmerised audience with Nuvve Kavali. He single handedly carried the film, and the only reason for audience to sit through till the end.

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Idi Naa Love Story is a combination of three love stories: First one being the story between lead...

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Lot of hype surrounded Oviya Helen’s Tollywood debut, but both her styling and performance have not met expectations. Character played by her has lot of potential and gained following for the actress who played it in Kannada original. But bad writing and direction might have marred her debut in Telugu. Res of the character do not have much to do in a story where only hero and heroine characters fill the screen.

Directing and writing of this film are nothing to write about. Every scene is filled with uncountable dialogues. They are not up to patch. Many dialogues are made fun of by Twitterati, and it is no wonder. Direction by Ramesh Gopi is mediocre. Editing should have been better. A good 20 minutes can be chopped.Music of this film is good, and two songs were done very well on screen. Background score is decent. The Cinematography is excellent but wasted in a disappointing movie. Production values are good. Visuals are great.

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There is a scope for good story telling in the film but the director has failed to do that and of...

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On a whole, Idi Naa Love Story is not a comeback film for Tarun. He may be seen in future on screen. But this is not what he expected when he agreed to act in this film. The Only positives of the film are Tarun's acting and beautiful locations. Lack of proper story (Kannada original is a character-driven drama, and the main point of the film was novel at that time. That film was made on shoestring budget) and mediocre direction made Idi Naa Love Story a forgettable affair.

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Idhi Naa Love Story Live Updates & Public Talk

We are here with Idi Naa Love Story which is a comeback film for Tarun. Based on the Kannada cult classic Simple Agi Ondh Love Story, this film is directed by Ramesh Gopi, who also provided screenplay and few lyrics. Very underrated from the beginning, Idi Naa Love Story morning shows are underway. The talk is interesting, especially for dialogues. One dialogue is making rounds with interesting comments

Morning shows completed and with the Matinees underway, Idi Naa Love Story is getting negative talk from both the audience and critics. Tarun's performance is praised, but lack of story, and lacklustre direction is criticised


Idhi Naa Love Story Preview

What is Idhi Naa Love Story about?

Idhi Naa Love story is an Indian Telugu language film directed by Ramesh Gopi. Tarun Kumar and Oviya Helen played the lead roles in this film. This film is produced by debutant producer S. V. Prakash on the production banner Ram Entertainments. Music for this film is scored by Srinath Vijay. Idhi Naa Love Story is an official remake of the Kannada cult classic, Simple Agi Ondh Love Story.

Idi Naa Love Story is about mistaken identity and romantic liaisons between complete strangers. Abhiram meets a girl recommended by his sister, but the girl he meets is not the one he has to meet. She tells him a lot of stories, and by the time he comes to know that she is not the one his sister asked him to meet, he falls neck deep in love with her.

What to expect from Idhi Naa Love Story?

  • The Kannada original

The Kannada original of Idi Naa Love Story, Simple Agi Ondh Love Story is a new age romance. The film was a trendsetter and made the director of the film a star. Released with much hype and anticipation, the film received tremendous response from both the critics and audience. The movie justified the hype from its trailer with a good a story line, noteworthy camera work and memorable dialogues. The movie has set new standards in the Kannada Film Industry where witty dialogues take center stage and carry the film forward. It is one of the milestones of changes in Kannada film industry, be in its making, narration or the technical aspects. Such a classic is remade into Telugu itself is a reason to watch this film.

  • Tarun’s comeback

Idi Naa Love Story has Tarun in the lead role. Despite setbacks to his career in recent times, Tarun remains one of the most talented Telugu actors post-2000. He won National Award as a child artist and his debut as an adult actor was a blockbuster. At one time, he had craze as a romantic lead. Idi Naa Love Story which has a classic film as its base can be a comeback film for him.

  • Oviya Helen

Oviya Helen’s appearance on the Television reality show, Big Boss Tamil, during 2017 garnered her significant media attention and a cult-like following amongst audiences. Now she is making her debut in Telugu with Idi Naa Love Story. The heroine character in the original was the main highlight of the film. This film can make Oviya a big star in Telugu.

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