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Iblis Review

U Adventure, Comedy 2 hrs 0 mins Aug 3, 2018





Iblis Review & Rating


Iblis, the second venture of Adventure Of Omanakuttan director Rohith VS starring Asif Ali, Madonna Sebastian and Lal in pivotal roles, is touted to be a musical adventure-comedy. The film which is touted to revolve around the central characters Fida and Vaisakhan and their love is set in the backdrop of a utopian village in the 1980s.

The film opens in a peculiar village which is run by superstitions and affected by a death curse. Everything about the place is pretty much intriguing including its bizarre people and their traditions. People don't mourn deaths; they celebrate it. Dead ones don't leave the village; they co-exist with the living. It is in this eerie yet picturesque village Vaisakhan lives. He is in love with the beautiful Fida who sells sweet. With the help of his grandfather, Vyasakhan tries to win her heart. 

Asif Ali as Vysakhan comes across wonderful. The actor's maker over for the film is worth a special mention and it should be said that he has complete justice to his role. Madonna Sebastian who appears in the role of the leading lady Fida has also done an equally impressive job. However, the true show stealer of Iblis none other than Lal who with his silver hair and easeful performance walks into the heart of the audience. The rest of the cast including Siddique, Saiju Kurup, and master Adish Praveen also come up with strong and engaging performances in their respective roles.

Rohith VS's Iblis does live up to its promises. It is not entirely flawless. There are certain portions in the film which are left vague. But for a fantasy film, Iblis is indeed a good one. And the care that the young director and his writer Sameer Abdul have put in o bring out this film which instinctively reminds one of the folklore we have heard as children deserve to be appreciated. Cinematographer Akil and music director Dawn have also done their job just well that you wouldn't take your eyes off the alluring and magical frames of Iblis until it ends.

Final Verdict: Iblis is an engaging watch which takes your for a trip to a fabulous and fairy world and still makes you contemplate the meaning of life.

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  • Satya

    3 Aug 18 @ 6:26 PM

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Iblis marks the second directorial venture of Adventures Of Omanakuttan director Rohith VS. As he made a very promising debut which won considerable critical favor, it is with high expectation Malayalam movie buffs are looking forward to Iblis. The film which stars Asif Ali, Maradona Sebastian, Lal, and Siddique in the pivotal roles, is touted to be a musical adventure-comedy set in a utopian village. Check out here the audience reaction to the film.

The initial response from the audience is quite positive. Going by the reviews and reaction from the audience who finds Iblis to be a heartening watch, the film is a wonderfully made fantasy story which is filled with humor and colors. While Lal is said to have delivered one of his best performance in the film, the lead pair of the cast Asif and Madona also seem to have done a good job. Overall, good reports are pouring in for Iblis. 

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What Is Iblis About?

Iblis which stars Asif Ali and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles is touted to be a musical adventure-comedy set against the backdrop of a utopian village of the 1980s where the main profession of the people are puppet making. Lal, Saiju Kurup, Adeesh Praveen, Sreenath Bhasi, and Siddique also appear in the prominent roles of Iblis which marks the second directorial venture of Rohith VS.

What To Expect from Iblis?

Iblis comes with a lot of uniqueness. A musical adventure-comedy which is set in an eerie fictional village of the 1980s isn't something we have seen in Malayalam cinema. And it should be said that in a time when everybody is relentlessly trying to clasp the reality on to the silver screen, Iblis looks quite promising and refreshing. The expectations are on the higher side as it comes from Rohith VS who made his debut last year with Adventures Of Omanakuttan which was a quite impressive attempt.

Asif Ali and Madonna Sebastian essay the central characters of the film Vaisakhan and Fida. It is after a short gap the much-loved Premam girl is making an outing in Mollywood and it is the first time she is sharing the screen space with Asif Ali who has a natural flair for striking up a chemistry with the co-stars. While their combination is something to watch out for in the film, one shouldn't miss out veteran actor Lal and Siddique who have piqued curiosity with their catchy and intriguing attires and looks.

Rohith has retained screenwriter Sameer Abdul, music director  Dawn Vincent and cinematographer Akhil George from the crew of his debut directorial. Editor Shameer Muhammed known for his work in movies such as Charlie, Villain and Angamaly Diaries is pretty much the only new addition to the crew of Iblis. In a nut short, it is very likely that Iblis beckon crowds to the cinemas.

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