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Hushaaru Review

A 2 hrs 27 mins Dec 14, 2018





Hushaaru Review & Rating


Hushaaru Review: Scintillating Youthful Entertainer

The premise

Hushaaru is as much about the youth and the celebration of bad behavior as it is about friendship. The movie which starts as a satire about the modern day relationships or the lack of any commitment. The pressures to make money, to attain name and fame among peers. But all these serious issues are used as the backdrop and the story is told with loads of comedy. After all, it is said that comedy is the byproduct of sorrow. 

The story

The movie can be treated as the antithesis of Happy Days which is a romanticized slice of life film. Here, nothing works for the four protagonists. They have no love life in the college, their marks as not above the average, and they wander aimlessly even after graduating. Arya, Chay, Banti, and Dhruv are such friends. 

Arya and Chay finally succeed in finding love in the form of Geetha (a reference to Sukumar's Arya?) and Ria respectively. But as is the case with most of the instant relationships these days, Chay breaks up with Ria, unfortunately. He meets with an accident. To add insult to injury, it comes to light that Chay has cancer. 

But as good friends do, all the other three guys stand by him and try to raise the money for his treatment. As their trials fail, they decide to brew beer on their own. It is their business. And the things take a drastic turn when they meet the frustrated IT professional played by Rahul Ramakrishna. How their lives are affected by the frustrated guy and in what way or if they save their friend's life form the rest of the story. 


Tejas Kankarla, Abhinav, Tej Kurapati, and Dinesh Tej who played the best buddies are refreshingly good in the movie. Rahul Ramakrishna is certainly the main attraction in the film and he did well. Priya Vadlamani who played Chay's lover is good in her role. Daksha Nagarkar is passable in her role. Rest of the cast did a fine job in their parts. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film is as old as it gets and numerous films that explored the youngsters who love to be bad have come in the past. The first half of the movie is predictable. But the pace of the film quickens in the second half. Once Rahul Ramakrishna enters the scene, every scene he appears in ticks. The director decided on the target audience before writing the story and he did his job well i. e. to cater to the younger generation of the audience. The screenplay is good in the second half while ht entire first half sets the story up and leads to the major twist in the tale. 

The crew

The music is already a hit with the audience and the songs are good. The background score is top-notch. Undiporaadhey song remains in the playlist of may for a long time to come. Its picturization is also done well. The cinematography is good. The editing is okayish. The production values are decent. 


Hushaaru like its title is a decent youthful entertainer which caters mostly to the target audience. The double entendres, too many scenes where the lead actors consume alcohol, and certain moments may off-put a certain section of the audience but this movie has its charms. With soulful music and excellent performances, Hushaaru remains a good film to watch this weekend. 


  • Comedy
  • Rahul Ramakrishna
  • Slick narration
  • Music


  • Too many alcohol glorification scenes
  • No proper story

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Hushaaru Critic Reviews

Hushaaru User Reviews

  • Balaji

    18 Mar 19 @ 10:07 AM

    very nice movie
  • Varikuppala Prashanth

    6 Jan 19 @ 7:35 PM

  • David Raj

    21 Dec 18 @ 4:15 PM

    osm movie friendship story

Hushaaru Live Updates & Public Talk

Hushaaru which is promoted as a youthful entertainer with a relevant point in the story has hit the screens today. Rahul Ramakrishna who plays the role of a frustrated IT employee and the story inspired by real-life incidents and the flowing music composed by the three music directors all pointed to a good movie. But what makes the audience take notice of the film is the comedy it promises with the trailer. The movie opened to highly positive reviews. As expected the movie catered to the youth and it delivered on the promise. 

Good performances by the lead cast, fun factor and highlight comedy scenes in regular intervals make this a breezy watch. Hushaaru, like the title itself, is really an energy-boosting watch. But there is no proper story in the film and the double meaning dialogues may off-put the family audience. But the director knows dams well who the target audience is. 

Keep watching for more Hushaaru public talk and live updates. 

Hushaaru Preview

What is Hushaaru About?

Hushaaru is the celebration of everything bad. It's about friendship. It's about the oddity, and it's about freedom and what not! The movie stars mostly newcomers Tejus Kancherla, Tej Kurapati, Dinesh Tej, Abhinav Medishetti, Daksha Nagarkar, Priya Vadlamani, Hemal Ingle, Ramya Pasupuleti alongside star comedy actor Rahul Ramakrishna. 

The movie is about four friends and their misadventures. Their relationship with Rahul Ramakrishna's character who is a frustrated techie makes the proceedings interesting. The movie is aimed at appealing to the younger generation. The free-spirited youngsters and how their life changes post-interaction with a frustrated soul is the core point of the story.

Hushaaru Promises

A no-holds-bar youthful entertainer

Hushaaru, as it promises, is a no-holds-bar youthful entertainer that caters to the younger audience. It is an out and out youth film directed by Sree Harsha Konuganti. The director made comedy the USP of the movie with lots of fun situations. But at the heart of the proceedings, there is an unbridled seriousness about the modern day lives. With an all-new cast, Hushaaru promises to be refreshing in terms of performances too. The way the friends comes up with the idea of producing beer in the trailer is simply hilarious. 

Rahul Ramakrishna and the other cast

Rahul Ramakrishna who shot to fame with Arjun Reddy is the star attraction for Hushaaru. Priya Vadlamani who impressed the critics with her performance in the role of a next-generation girl in the recently released Shubhalekhalu is another known name. The rest of the cast lead by the award-winning Rahul Ramakrishna form the core of the film. 

The team

The director is a newcomer but appears to be experienced in the nuances of filmmaking. Radhan and Sunny MR composed the major portion of the musical score of this movie. Hushaaru movie songs already caught up with the youngsters and the Friendship song appears to be a genuine hit. Lucky Media produced this movie on a shoestring budget but with good quality.

Watch this space for Hushaaru review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!