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Howrah Bridge Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 9 mins Feb 3, 2018





Howrah Bridge Review & Rating

Rahul Ravindran who made his debut in Telugu with Andala Rakshasi slowly gained a good name among the young actors. Recently he was working on his directorial debut. Though he acted in a considerable number of films in Telugu, blockbuster success remained elusive to him. In the meantime, he acted in Tamil films and acted in the hit Telugu film Ala Ela? Rahul Ravindran placed his hopes for a big success on Howrah Bridge which promises to be a romantic entertainer.

Chandini Chowdary made herself a name with short films and became famous for her role in the popular short film, Madhuram. She made her feature film debut with Ketugadu as the main lead. Later she acted in Shamanthakamani directed by Sriram Aditya.

Howrah Bridge is the story of Arjun (Rahul Ravindran) and his journey of love. Arjun is working as an engineer in Kolkata. He thinks about his childhood sweetheart. He goes to his village one day, meets her, Sweety. But to his surprise, Sweety doesn't recognize him. After few trials and seeing his love for her, Sweety tells her maternal uncle (played by Ajay) who brought her up since childhood. Understanding their love, Sweety's uncle accepts for their marriage. But things don't go smoothly in movies, are they? Arjun, shocking Sweety and her uncle, doesn't accept her love and goes away. Sweety attempts suicide.

Why all of a sudden Arjun has left her? And who is Shwetha and what is her role in Arjun's behavior, and how the title of the story, Howrah Bridge, is justified can be known by watching the movie.

Rating 2 from  thehansindia

There is no sync between the title and the movie. The concept is good with a weak narration. Beca...

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Rahul Ravindran gave his best as Arjun and succeeded for the most part. He was at ease in both the romantic scenes and emotional scenes. Chandini Chowdary got a meaty role in this film. She has the chance to show histrionics, and she did well. She was beautiful on the screen. The chemistry between the lead pair is beautiful. Seerat Kapoor is below par when compared to them. Rao Ramesh is wasted in a seemingly unnecessary villain character. Posani and Madhu don't register with their performance. Ali and Vidyullekha Raman are indifferent.

Rating 3 from  newsfolo

Howrah Bridge, directed by Rewon Yadu and starring Chandini Chawdhary, Rahul Ravindran and Rao Ra...

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The story of the film is decent and the twists worked well. That's where all the good things ended. The screenplay is incoherent, narration boring and comedy silly. Even with top stars, a film requires proper narration. But the director disappoints here. And he failed to elicit required emotions from the actors.

Rating 2.25 from  123telugu

On the whole, Howrah Bridge is a good script gone wrong. Even though the story and premise of the...

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Music of the film is good and background score is a plus point for the film.  The cinematography is excellent and the effort is wasted because of the failure in an engaging narration. Editing could have been better. It is not to say that this film is a complete fail, the first half keeps the audience interested, and the interval scene makes them look forward to the second half. But the second half is a big let down. The climax is forced.

Verdict: Overall Howrah Bridge is a half-baked attempt with a decent story. If you don't expect much, you can give it a try at your leisure.

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  • Satya

    3 Feb 18 @ 4:56 PM

    Rahul Ravindran has been one of the most underutilised and underrated talents of Tollywood and as a movie lover I always had a soft corner for him. Chandini Chowdary, if might not be an exaggeration to say that she was the biggest star of Telugu short films. When these two team up for a movie, there is no reason to skip it. Frankly nothing about the movie Howrah Bridge seemed positive but had a go at it for the lovely actors Rahul and Chandini. Howrah Bridge has a very interesting and unique plot but the director falls flat during the execution. Sad part is even the presence of actors like Rao Ramesh can make this movie bearable. Music and other departments too failed to keep the viewers engaged. Chandini and Manali Rathore both looked beautiful and Chandini's performance was also good. Finally, Howrah Bridge ends up as one more average flick which can be watched leisurely on TV or any other streaming sites.

Howrah Bridge Preview

What is it about?

Howrah Bridge is an Indian Telugu language film directed by Revan Yadhu, and produced by Mandava Nageswara Rao, Nalli Kiran Kumar, and Srinivas Vaddepalli under the banner of EMVE Studios. Rahul Ravindran and Chandini Chowdary played the lead roles in this romantic drama. Shekhar Chandra scored the music for this film. The story of this film is: just like a bridge that connects people, Howrah Bridge too connects people and bind them in love strengthening the bonds of emotions and relationships.

What to expect?

The tag line of this Telugu film is Connecting Love.

  • Cast

Rahul Ravindran proved himself to be a talented actor. He had already proved himself to be a talented actor with films like Andala Rakshasi, Ala Ela, Tiger etc. Chandini Chowdary first made herself name with short films. She became a fan favorite with Phanindra Narsetty’s critically acclaimed and popular short film, Madhuram. Chandini made her feature film debut with the 2015 film, Ketugadu, where she played the female lead.

  • Story

Story of this film, Howrah Bridge promises to have depth. The films is about two lovers set against the backdrop of the titular Howrah Bridge. According to the sources, the theme of the film is bridging the gaps between people like Howrah Bridge connects two areas. As the tagline of the film explains, the Telugu film Howrah Bridge is all about the emotional bond between the lead characters.

  • Music

Shekhar Chandra composed and scored the background music of Howrah Bridge. As this is an emotional love story, music can be expected to play a huge role, and the songs of this film are getting good reviews

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