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Honeymoon Review

U Comedy 2 hrs 2 mins Feb 23, 2018





Honeymoon Review & Rating


Hooneymoon, being the first movie of Premendu Bikash Chaki, is a rare kind of situational comedy. Based on Samaresh Basu's short story, which has already been adapted before in Soumitra, Aparna, Utpal Dutt starrer Chhutir Phadey, Honeymoon is an impressive situational comedy. According to the critics, the movie does make the audience laugh. Except for some forced comic scene in between, the film's script manages some good fun moments thanks to Padmanava Dasgupta, the script and dialogue writer. 

Rating 3 from  indiatimes

The film begins with a scene between Geetin and his boss Pranesh Bhattacharya, which sets the ton...

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The movie revolves around Gitin and Jayati, a married couple, who couldn't manage to go out on Honeymoon due to Gitin's workaholic boss. Finally, Gitin manages to slip out of his boss's clutch and went on a trip in North Bengal with Jayati. But, sadly they get bumped into their boss. This leads to a comedy of error. The boss started to woo Jayati. The audience will be up for a twist at the end!

Verdict: The film is impressive as a comedy but hardly passes as a rom-com. With a solid performance delivered by Ranjit Mallick, Soham, and Subhasree, the film is worth a watch.

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Honeymoon Live Updates & Public Talk

Newcomer Adrit Roy, who's Noor Jahan released last week is all praises about Honeymoon.  The actor has mentioned that Honeymoon is comedy at its best. Adrit Roy also commented on the superb performances by Ranjit Mullick, Soham and Subhasree. Here's what he said:


Ravi Kinagi too joined the fun and shared his opinion about the film. The popular director mentioned that it is a comedy worth watching with the family. He has made an appeal to the people to hit the theatre in large numbers to watch this movie and make it a huge success. He also wished the Honeymoon team the best of all. Check out what he said:


Honeymoon Preview

What Honeymoon is about?

Honeymoon starring Soham and Subhasree is a romantic comedy. It revolves around Gitin and Jayati, a married couple who didn't get a chance to go to honeymoon because of Gitin's workaholic boss who won't approve him a leave. Finally, Gitin managed to take his wife on a honeymoon trip but problem chases him there as well. 

What to expect from Honeymoon movie?

A pure comedy

Based on Samaresh Basu's short story, Honeymoon has great potential to become a funfilled experience for the audience. The premise of the movie is promising and the trailer confirms it will be a laugh riot. The audience can look out for a light-hearted feel-good movie for full on entertainment.

Solid performance, great timing

With actors like Soham Chakraborty, Rudranil Ghosh, and Ranjit Mallick on board, the acting part should be impeccable. Much has been told about Soham and Rudranil's perfect comic timing. The expectation will be high for them.

The chemistry between the leads

Subharee and Soham's chemistry is another reason to watch the film. It is the third film in two years that these two got paired up opposite each other. Before this, their chemistry was praised in Amar Aponjon and Dekh Kamon Lage. No wonder the viewers will expect a firework between the lead pair. 

The debutant director 

Premendu Bikash Chaki is known for his camera work and cinematography. This is the first time he is directing a film. People who know him as a noted DOP will have expectation from hi as well.

Ranjit Mallick's comeback

After a long break, Ranjit Mallick is making a comeback in Honeymoon. Here he plays a workaholic boss of the protagonist. Breaking the image of a serious and honest man, he will play a comic character of an old man who falls for a much younger woman not knowing she is married to his subordinate. His role will be a thing to watch out.