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Hippi Review

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Hippi Review & Rating

Hippi Review: A Trendy Film Gone Wrong 

The premise

There was a time when youthful entertainers ruled the roost in Tollywood so much so that even star and senior heroes ventured into the genre. But that phase had stories mostly concerning college love stories with mostly adults playing spoilsport. But now, youthful subjects all but have gone into oblivion. But as they say, the same genre has changed its form and returned as, modern day love stories. One such so-called modern-day love story is Hippi. 

Karthikeya Gummakonda who made himself a known face among the younger generation audience with RX 100 has returned to the fray with a trendy love story directed by T. N. Krishna. Noted television and Bollywood actress Digangana Suryavanshi joined hands with him. The movie which was advertised as a youthful entertainer with a difference has raked up some interest among the audience with the trailers and promos. Let’s see if the promise is fulfilled with Hippi review. 

The story 

Devadas aka Hippi is a present day youngster who is leading a comfortable life. As it should be the case with such boys, he’s in love with Sneha so much so that when he comes across her best friend and creatively named Amuktamalyada, he falls for her. He duly dumps his girl and pursuits Amuktamalyada. After several comic and romantic set pieces, she finally accepts his proposal. So much for best friends. 

​​​​​​Amuktamalyada comes up with a few conditions to which he agrees. But once they start to live together (live-in relationship), he starts to feel suffocated with her conditions. He feels like he had foregone his freedom. This obviously leads to friction. Meanwhile, Devadas is influenced by his boss Aravind. In due course, the lovers part ways. The rest of the story concerns if and how they reunite. 

The performances

Karthikeya is energetic in portraying his role. If it is right to associate the word hot to an actor, it will suit him in the film. Several scenes saw him remove his shirt. As for his performance he’s good in romantic scenes while found lacking in the histrionics department when it comes to emotional moments (which are few and far between in the film). 

But the undoubted show-stealer in the film is Digangana Suryavanshi. She is beautiful all right, but in performance she dominated the proceedings with aplomb. A new heartthrob for the youth and an excellent actress for the filmmakers. Jazba Singh is okayish in her role as Hippi’s first lover. JD. Chakravarthy eases into the role of Hippi’s boss. He is another highlight in the film but his characterisation is undercooked. Vennela Kishore shines in a few scenes as usual. 

Writing and Direction 

The narration of the film starts on a promising note but we get into the idea that the director has followed a set template within the first half an hour. The first half completed relatively smoothly with comedy, romance and a few thrills but it is in the second half the bore fest starts. Scene after scene, the narration falls into one pit after another. It picks up a bit towards the end but the climax turned out to be a big bummer. 

The crew

The music of the film is okayish. The background score is trendy. The cinematography is terrific. The visuals have a youthful vibrancy for the most part. The editing is pathetic in the second half. The production design is superb. The locations are excellent and suited the mood of the film. The production values are first rate. 


Hippi is a case of promising a lot and underdelivering. The too much of boldness in a few areas doesn’t help it’s cause either. Digangana Suryavanshi, Karthikeya’s craze and a few creatively executed scenes make the film bearable. You can give it a try on an idle day. For those who want true newness, better stay away.


  • Digangana Suryavanshi
  • Few good comedy and romantic scenes


  • Narration has taken a beating in the second half
  • Direction is uneven
  • Few BOLD scenes could have been avoided 

Pycker Rating: 1.75 out of 5

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Hippi User Reviews

  • Kondababu

    6 Jun 19 @ 7:51 PM

    Good youthful movie with excellent comedy scenes with venella kishore and double meaning dialogue are marvelous. 

    Better to go and watch movie 😊😊😊

    Without reading the reviews they tell what they like in movie

Hippi Preview

What is Hippi About?

Karthikeyan Gummakonda has created a lot of buzz post the sensational success of RX 100. He has become so known among the younger audience that noted Tamil producer Kalaipuli S. Thanu announced a bilingual with T. N. Krishna if Nuvvu Nenu Prema ( Sillunu Oru Kaadhal) dame. With a modern day setting and live-in relationship as one of the key plot points, Hippi is shaping up to be a commentary on the life styles of urban youth. Karthikeyan plays the role of a boxer. 

Hippi Promises

A youthful tale of romance

Paradise begins when you fall in love and it is Paradise lost when she loves you back!!! The hero as the narrator says in the opening of the trailer. It gives us an idea of how the movie Hippi is going to be. A fast track love with wild romance interspersed. A quick talk about live-in relationship, and even a few bold statements... All this points out to an explosive romance film. Karthikeya is fast becoming a care of address for Bold new age heroes. 

Karthikeya and Digangana

Talented actress Digangana Suryavanshi has made herself a name in television and then acted in the lead role in a couple of Bollywood films, the prominent being Jalebi. She joins hands with young star hero Karthikeya for this bilingual where they both play modern day kids who are more into personal freedom. Their chemistry worked out well, as it should be for the genre, in the trailers and the promos. This is going to be a bigger canvas for both of them if Hippi turns out to be a hit. 

T. N. Krishna and his team

Senior actor J. D. Chakravarthy who is known for his languid performance style plays a crucial role which has shades of a love guru. Vernell Kishore lends a hand in comedy. Now, coming to the director, his famous musical hit Nuvvu Nenu Prema is a romance film. Now, with Hippi he has entered the arena of the growing modern day youthful romances which are explosive in nature. A lot rides on the shoulders of T. N. Krishna. Nivas K. Prasanna’s music has a hip quality and R. D. Rajasekhar’s cinematography is vibrant from what little we have seen. 

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