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U Action, Family, Romance 2 hrs 11 mins Dec 22, 2017





Hello Review & Rating


Akhil Akkineni teamed up with Vikram K Kumar for a romantic love story and he has worked hard to score a super hit with this film. He has hit the gym to suit the role and he learned to perform intense action sequences and parkour-style stunts. Newcomer Kalyani Priyadarshan, daughter of filmmaker Priyadarshan and actress Lissy is making her debut with this film. Akkineni Nagarjuna who is bankrolling this project promoted the movie perfectly. The trailer for the film was very impressive and so was the music by Anup Rubens, thus creating a lot of positive buzz for the movie. So with so much positivity around the movie, will it provide the much needed hit for Akhil and continues the success streak of Vikram Kumar? Let's find out in Hello movie review below:
Seenu (Akhil) and Junnu (Kalyani) meet as children and Junnu likes the composing skills of Seenu. Just as they discover they are soulmates, they get separated. They meet each other after few years but they don't discover who they are as they are re-introduced as Avinash and Priya. The rest of the film is how they find the reality and overcome the obstacles.

Rating 3 from  chitramala

Director Vikram K Kumar has done a good job in writing this film and also translating it into vis...

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Akhil Akkineni has improved by leaps and bounds compared to his first film Akhil. He is at ease with his body language in the film and he seems to have become confident as an actor. He has put in a lot of efforts especially in the actions sequences which are one of the major highlights of the film. He has performed well in the sentimental scenes as well but his dialogue delivery needs to improve a bit. Kalyani Priyadarshan is a good find and performs superbly despite this film being her debut film. Her chemistry with Akhil Akkineni is a treat to watch and their pair looks superb. Ajay gets a meaty role once again (like in every Vikram Kumar movie) and he does justice to his role. Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishnan are perfect and they add a lot of value to the film. Their sentimental scenes with Akhil work big time and have been showcased perfectly.

Rating 3 from  teluguodu

The first half is racy and thrilling with death defying stunts, heartwarming tender romance betwe...

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As in every Vikram Kumar film, the technical team of this film too is brilliant. Cinematography by PS Vinod is superb as he showcases the film in a bright light. PS Vinod has worked as cinematographer for Nagarjuna's films like Manam, Soggade Chinni Nayana, and Oopiri and their successful combination works in this film as well. The sets designed by art director Rajeevan deserve a special mention. Editing by Prawin Pudi is crisp in the first half and is decent in the second half. He should've trimmed few scenes in the second half a bit to make the film better. Music by Anup Rubens is the best we have seen from in a long time and this is one of his career-best albums for sure. He does a fantastic job with the background score as well.

Rating 3 from  telugu360

First half is just decent and lays premise for the latter half. 35 out of the 55 minutes length f...

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Production values from Annapurna Studios banner are top class and Nagarjuna has once again proved that he knows how to bankroll the films. Every rupee spent by him can be seen on the screen as the film looks lavish. Coming to Vikram Kumar, he has done a fantastic job both as a writer and director. He writes a simple love story and tells it in the most beautiful manner possible. The way he dealt with the sentimental scenes and adoption scenes is simply superb. He makes sure that the tempo of the film never drops and uses the songs cleverly in the narration. This time he chooses a simple screenplay and keeps things simple so that every section of the audience can enjoy the film without any confusion.

Rating 3.5 from  pressks

This film is a youthful action thriller and has a mix of everything childhood romance, drama, fam...

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Verdict: Watch it for Akhil and Vikram's magic!

Hello Critic Reviews

Hello User Reviews

  • Arjun

    25 Dec 17 @ 7:31 PM

    Hello, is a Ok to watch movie for the weekend. However, the movie is a little slow in the second half. One thing that did not make sense was the love between two kids of age 10 & 8? Are you kidding? Comedy is not upto the mark and a few scenes could have been executed well. Songs are decent and heroine is ok ok. Vikram K Kumar did a good job with his direction. Akhil acting felt to be artificial at the start, eventually you gets used to his persona. Overall watch it only if you are really bored and not because MCA is not good..

  • Akhil

    27 Dec 17 @ 8:25 PM

    Good movie. Action scenes are really amazing. But the movie is not near to reality and a little bit slow in second half

  • Jayanth Kumar Reddy

    22 Dec 17 @ 3:13 PM

    Boring movie

    Akhil acting very bad

    story good

    but performance , direction all are worst

    overall , my suggestion is do not watch the movie , worst movie

Hello Live Updates & Public Talk

Akhil Akkineni's Hello movie has hit the screens amidst decent buzz. There's been a lot of positive buzz around the movie as the trailer impressed the audience very much and the music by Anup Rubens has become a super hit. As the premieres begin in the USA, the audience are taking it to their Twitter accounts to post their opinions. Most of the initial Tweets are positive indicating that a super hit is on the cards for Akhil Akkineni. Check out the Tweets below.

As the noon shows in the Telugu states come to an end, the movie is getting positive reports from all areas. The movie is being praised for its simple story and decent performances from the lead cast. The screenplay by Vikram Kumar seems to have done the trick once again and the audience are loving it. The track featuring kids is said to be one of the major highlights of the film.

As the afternoon shows come to an end, Hello is getting a positive response from the Public. Akhil Akkineni's stunts and performances as Avinash is being loved by the audience. Emotional scenes from the movie are being said as the major asset of the film. See the latest Tweets from the Public below.

That's it for the public talk, Live updates and Tweet reviews of Hello Telugu movie.

Hello Preview

What Is It About?

Akhil Akkineni made his debut with Akhil in 2015 but the movie failed to reach the expectations Akkineni fans had. Though Akhil's performance and dances were appreciated the movie fared very badly at the box-office. He is looking to bounce back with Hello which is directed by the genius Vikram K Kumar. Hello has a newcomer Kalyani Priyadarshan as the female lead. Vikram who previously worked with Akhil's dad Nagarjuna for the classic Manam teamed up with him once again. Nagarjuna is producing the film and has taken extra care to provide the much-needed hit to his second son. Akhil has put in a lot of effort for this film's stunts and is promoting the film aggressively.

What To Expect?

  • Nice Screenplay

If we can remember the previous films of Vikram Kumar, screenplay plays a crucial role and is the major highlight of all his films. Coming to Hello, the storyline of hero and heroine getting separated during the childhood and meeting after few years seems simple but there seems to be an interesting twist which can make the screenplay interesting. As said by Nagarjuna, the story of the film happens in a single day from 10 AM to 5 PM, so it would be interesting to see how Vikram Kumar has written the screenplay. 

  • Good Technical Values

Nagarjuna seems to have spent lots of amount for this film as the film looks quite lavish. The production values of Annapurna Studios banner have always been good and as it is Akhil's we can expect even better production values from them. PS Vinod handled the cinematography of the film and the visuals from the teaser are superb. He gave superb visuals for Manam as well and we can expect similar kind of bright and rich visuals from him. Prawin Pudi is improving as an editor with each film and the way he edited the trailer itself is so impressive. His crisp editing can definitely make the screenplay even better. Rajeevan who worked as art director of the film has designed superb sets and his art direction is going to bring a lot more value to the film.

  • Good Performances & Music

Apart from Akhil Akkineni who is just one film old, Hello boasts of some terrific actors like Jagapathi Babu, Ramya Krishnan, Ajay, and others. All these are powerful performers and excel in their roles when given a scope for performance. On the other hand, Akhil also impressed with his performance in his first film. His role seems to be written well and with a director who extracts good performances from his actors, Akhil must have given a good performance. Music plays a crucial role in Vikram Kumar's films and Hello looks no different as the songs from the film are superb. Anup Rubens' background score in the trailer is too good and we can expect the same in the movie as well.