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Helicopter Eela Review

Drama Oct 12, 2018





Helicopter Eela Review & Rating


Helicopter Eela - Kajol and Riddhi Sen Shines In This Insipid Take On Helicopter Parenting

Kajol returns to the big screens as an overbearing mom in the relationship drama Helicopter Eela. She is certainly the biggest highlight of the film. But her and National Award-winning young actor Riddhi Sen's presence in the Pradeep Sarkar's directorial make for a memorable outing? We shall see with Helicopter Eela review. 

The movie starts with the scenes where Eela Raiturkar is preparing to go to college. There is nothing special about it. On the surface. But she is not a teenager or a general postgraduate. She has a college-going son who is about to complete his graduation himself. Why does she want to take studies again at that age? 

Before answering the question, the movie goes back to the 1990s when Baba Sehgal still ruling Indian music and Kajol was at the top of her game so is the life of Eela's in the film. There we meet Eela's songwriter boyfriend Arun (played by Tota Roy Chowdhury). As expected, he soon takes the relationship to the next step. For a reason that can only be described as strange (to use a mild term), one fine day the man decides to vanish, leaving Eela and their only child Vivaan to fend for themselves.

As the 1990s scenes roll on on the screen, we get a glimpse of some retro Hindi film music highlighted by Ruk Ruk Ruk Arre Baba Ruk, whose dummy version is belted out with elan by Eela. The remix becomes an instant hit and gives her an oh-so-brief limelight in the showbiz pantheon. The likes of Annu Malik, Ila Arun, and Shaan get to play themselves in their 1990s avatars. Alisha Chinai, the singer of the original Ruk Ruk Ruk, is cast as a successful crooner named Anita. But all this doesn't move the plot a bit than telling us that... Eela is an aspiring singer. 

The story suddenly shifts to the present in all boldness, I mean bold letters, we can see the relationship between Eela and her son. He is just like another teenager, but Kajol's mother role becomes a caricature. Her overflowing possessiveness doesn't just tire the young son but also makes us look at the exit gates. She gets on our nerves. If that mean the role is designed like that, we have to agree Kajol literally lived through the character of Eela. Else, it is some lame overacting from the diva. 

Riddhi Sen excelled in the emotional scenes but when it comes to comedy timing, he faltered at some places. The naturally talented actor is obviously at his best in two of the best scenes in the movie. The first one is when Arun (Eela's vanished son) returns. On the dinner table, the mother and son discuss if they really need Arun after all these days without uttering the obvious get out. A poignant moment in the film which gives a lump in the throats and thankfully Pradeep Sarkar handled the scene quite well. 

The second scene is when Eela makes her son talk to a distant relative, whom he hardly knows because his father has passed away. The moment which starts on a funny note ends up being one of the best scenes in the entire film. The way Vivaan and the boy connect over a phone call will move you. Riddhi Sen nailed it with his expressions and variations in his tone. 

Unfortunately, these are the only high points of the film. Pradeep Sarkar failed to bring the same intensity to the narration even in the climax which should have been the biggest highlight of the film. A film where the title character is a singer, Helicopter Eela comes up with some mediocre music in recent memory. They spent all their energy on getting the feel right for the 1990s scenes and the remix of Ruk Ruk Ruk song. The background score is a bit better. 

And the cameos from Mahesh Bhatt and the evergreen Amitabh Bachchan are an added bonus. Yes, they are few little worthy moments in the film to look out for. The cinematography is good in the sense that the college scenes in present are vivacious and the flashback scenes have a proper retro feel. 

But they are the only too few positives about a film which just stops short of being labeled a torturous watch. Seriously, Kajol needs to search for good scripts. The fans don't want her to waste herself in films like this which serve no purpose other than showing her for a couple of hours on the screen. The star and her fans deserve better. Better search for Kajol's latest videos than to go to the theatres to watch this film. Your choice. 

Helicopter Eela Critic Reviews

Helicopter Eela User Reviews

  • G

    12 Oct 18 @ 4:40 PM

    Kajol should take care of the scripts she has been selecting. Though she did well and the talented Riddhi Sen did well, the movie is just bearable. 

  • G

    12 Oct 18 @ 4:40 PM

    Kajol should take care of the scripts she has been selecting. Though she did well and the talented Riddhi Sen did well, the movie is just bearable. 

Helicopter Eela Live Updates & Public Talk

Helicopter Eela based on the acclaimed Gujrati play, Beta Kaagdo, has hit the screens today. Kajol plays the title role and is said to have shown her acting master class in the role of an overbearing mother in the film. Riddhi Sen is one of the highly rated young actors in India and he played the role of her son. The movie opened to mixed to positive talk with the critics praising the performances of the lead actors and the basic concept of the story. Some say it is a film that mothers and son should watch it together. 

But there are negative comments on the lack of proper moments and the treatment of the subject is also found wanting. The film is about the relationship between a single mother and her 20-year-old son. Kajol is superb as the mother and the film is a good showcase of her acting prowess. But the film is said to be too messy till the interval. Despite this, the 1990s era scenes created the atmosphere in the right way. 

Keep watching for more Helicopter Eela public talk and live updates. 

Helicopter Eela Preview

What is Helicopter Eela about?

Helicopter Eela is about enjoying life to the fullest. Exactly that. It is the story of a single mother who has aspirations to be a singer. The woman, played by Kajol, also joins the college after a long gap of 20 years. She goes to the same college as her son where she is initially mistakenly addressed as a Madam. 

But because of her imposing personality and too much of love for her teenaged son, their relationship gets strained. She longs for her son when he leaves her but it was not her destiny. She is a fun loving person and a good singer. The film discusses the modern day parenting in a fun way with loads of humor. 

Kajol plays the eponymous role, Eela, in this film. National Award-winning young actor Riddhi Sen plays her son, Vidvaan. Helicopter Eela is the big screen translation of the acclaimed Gujrati play by Anand Gandhi. Noted filmmaker Pradeep Sarkar directs this heart-warming tale of Eela and her son. 

What to expect from Helicopter Eela?

Kajol all the way

Kajol was the top star of the 1990s. After becoming a mother, she is making selective appearances on the big screen. Now, in this film, she is playing the role of a woman who wants to pursue her studies after a gap of 22 years and goes with her son to the college. The film is as much about modern-day parenting as it is about the relationship between Eela and her son. Kajol appears to be in full form essaying the role of a fun loving woman. When it comes to emotions, she is second to none displaying her range. 

Helicopter Eela is the role that needs an actor of Kajol's stature while the role is what Kajol actually needs to appear on the big screen. Kajol becomes Eela and Eela becomes Kajol in this endearing film that will surely touch the hears of the audience. She and Riddhi are believable as mother and son. 

Riddhi Sen

Coming to the explosively talented Riddhi Sen plays the role of Kajol's son in Helicopter Eela. Riddhi Sen is a National Film Award winner. This film is his Bollywood debut. He will surely make you smile with his charm and acting skills. He is going to be an asset for this film alongside Kajol. He owns up the role he has played. He is one of the most highly rated young actors in India. 

Pradeep Sarkar direction

Pradeep Sarkar is one of the well-respected filmmakers in India. His directing portfolio includes films like Parineeta, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, and Mardaani. A varied body of work. His films are known for their sophisticated storytelling and he is adept at taking various literary works to the big screens like he did with Parineeta. Anand Gandhi's drama is in safe hands of Pradeep Sarkar in the form of Helicopter Eela. 

An Ajay Devgn production

Ajay Devgn joined hands with Pen India Limited to produce this film. Selecting a subject like this shows his tastefulness as a producer and with the support of Kajol's stardom, he surely is going to present us a high-quality film. Amit Trivedi and Raghav Sachar compose the background score for this film. Helicopter is one of the films to watch out for this weekend. 

Watch this space for Helicopter Eela review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!