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Happy Wedding (Telugu) Review

U Family, Romance Jul 28, 2018





Happy Wedding (Telugu) Review & Rating


Happy Wedding Review: A Confused Tale Of A Confused Girl

The premise

Leave aside a mega heroine tag, what's left of Niharika Konidela? A bit of confidence, a bit more clarity on what she wants, and the ability to stay afloat in the competition. Or so it seems. She made herself a name with the web series titled in an Acha Telugu way... Muddapappu Avakai. Her debut film didn't go as planned and the character she played was mature beyond her age. 

Sumanth Ashwin, the son of once well-regarded producer in Tollywood, has nothing to show in his career when he looks back. But a new director, Lakshman Karya, united the unlikely pair and came up with a seemingly modern tale of two young lovers. And it is a family entertainer. Means, the end result is fixed and is a happy one no matter what the scenes go. UV Creations which has yet to taste a flop joins hands with Pocket Cinema to bring us the romantic family entertainer. Let's see if Niharika and Sumanth Ashwin score success with Happy Wedding review. 

What's in store?

Akshara and Anand are in love and bring the matter to their adults. Anand is a scriptwriter for ad films in Vijayawada. Their parents have no objection to the match and happily accept. They make arrangements for the wedding. But if things go in a rosy path, what's there to watch a film? So, a conflict comes in the form of Akshara's confusion. She gets irritated by every small thing and imagines a rift between them. 

When Anand fails to come and pick her up when she goes to Vijayawada and asks her to come to his office by hiring an auto. What a crime! What a crime! And more smaller issues like this add fuel to the gap between them. To add more intrigue, Akshara's former lover comes to her and asks for her hand apologizing for his past behavior. This is where the movie looks like a modern-day film instead of where the heroine drinks vodka. Will Akshara's confusion cease and the pair reunites and the marriage goes without any hiccups form the rest of the story. 

Terrific performances

Niharika suited to the character damn well. Her performance as a confused girl is very natural and the way she shows variations based on the situation marks her as an actress with potential. But her characterization is not as good as her performance. For heaven's sake, when will the makers come out of the mindset that progressive and modern-day girls drink and smoke? Isn't there any other way to show her maturity? The confusion angle might have moved the story forward but it killed the essence of Akshara's character. 

Sumanth Ashwin is good in another half-baked role. His makeover and body language suited the character well. But when will he learn to give different expressions to different scenes instead of a solo expression to every scene? But his screen presence is very good and his role is likable. 

Senior actor Naresh once again proved why he is very highly rated among the Telugu actors. What a performance he delivered! Be it the comic scenes in combination with Anand or the serious and responsible parent in the latter part of the story, Naresh formed the backbone of the film alongside Murali Sharma. 

Talking about Murali Sharma, it seems 2018 belongs to him with Naresh as both of them received very well written characters in multiple films. As the father of a daughter who is confused about her future married life, he did give such a performance that it can be termed as one of his best. Pavitra Lokesh, Tulasi, and Annapurna are no strangers to such characters and they showed their experience. 

Director's confusion

The director has come up with a seemingly modern story and a realistic narration. The movie begins with a bang and slowly drifts away without an aim. A single thread, lack of proper entertainment, and no proper romance between the lead pair (he wanted to make a family entertainer or a romance?) make the second half a tedious affair. But the dialogues and the earlier part of the film are handled with a deft touch. He has a future. Only he has to choose the way he wants to travel. 

The crew

The music by Shakthikanth Karthik is decent. Background score by Thaman is excellent. It lifted otherwise ordinary scenes to the next level. The cinematography is good in parts. In some scenes, the visuals look lavish to the point of being artificial and in other areas, it feels like an extended short film. Editing is quite ordinary but the best thing is there are no jerks. Production values are decent. 


On a whole, what could have been a reference film for how to handle a new age romance film turned out to be a passable flick for the superb performances. You can give it a try if you can bear with the short film like scenes and seemingly unending preachy dialogues. Else, it is a pretty ordinary film that won't do justice to the acting talent it boasts of. 

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  • Sai Likhi

    19 Aug 18 @ 10:37 PM

  • Abhi

    28 Jul 18 @ 8:30 PM

    good movie

  • Satya

    28 Jul 18 @ 2:27 PM

Happy Wedding (Telugu) Live Updates & Public Talk

The first heroine from the Mega Camp, Niharika Konidela comes back with a family and romantic comedy titled Happy Wedding. Her co-star in this movie is Sumanth Ashwin. It is produced by the successful UV Creations in conjunction with Pocket Cinema. The movie created a lot of buzz with its interesting trailer and that Niharika stars in this movie by Lakshman Karya garnered the audience curiosity for Happy Wedding. UV Creations' 100% success record also adds to the positive sentiment before its release for this movie. With the early morning shows are underway and the matinees are getting ready, the movie is getting a decent response from the audience. 

Watch this space for more public talk and analysis of Happy Wedding. 

Happy Wedding (Telugu) Preview

What is Happy Wedding (Telugu) about?

Happy Wedding a romantic comedy that deals with the story of a couple of modern-day youngsters who are about to be married and the clash of the personalities. Mega heroine Niharika Konidela comes up with this romantic comedy as her second movie after the disappointment of her debut venture Oka Manasu. The successful UV Creations bankrolls this romantic drama. 

Happy Wedding is the story of Akshara and Anand who are about to be married. Their elders make arrangements for their wedding and things go for a smooth ride initially. But unfortunately, the couple splits up before the marriage takes place because of certain misunderstandings. 

What to expect from Happy Wedding?

Interesting romantic comedy

The story of the movie revolves around the about to be married couple Anand and Akshara and the clashes of their personalities which lead to their separation. Akshara comes across as a happy go lucky girl who drinks and is seemingly not ashamed of it. She even says to her man that she mistakenly drank Vodka instead of whiskey. Niharika who won the hearts of the audience with her web series Mudda Pappu Avakaay is known for her spontaneity. 

Coming to Sumanth Ashwin, he had previously acted in quite a number of movies as the lead man including the romance and comedy movies. He is good at acting and can make the characters he play believable. He played the role of a Vijayawada guy in Happy Wedding who claims that the guys from the city are quite romantic. 

Strong supporting cast

Naresh who is regarded as one of the best actors in Telugu played the role of hero's father. When it comes to comedy, his potential knows no bounds. There seem to be a few good scenes between him and the hero. Murali Sharma who is riding on the acclaim he received for his role in the recently released Vijetha plays the role of heroines father. Pavitra Lokesh and senior actress Tulasi have important supporting roles in the movie. Senior actress Annapoorna has a good role. 

UV Creations track record

All the eyes are currently on UV Creations these days. The production house is bankrolling Saaho with Prabhas. Now coming to their track record, they have delivered continuous hit since their inception with Mirchi. Even this year, they scored a big hit with Bhaagamathie. They produce good quality movies with different subject matters. With Happy Wedding, they promise a very good romantic drama not to be missed this week. 

Watch this space for Happy Wedding review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!